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  1. So, if a Sonic the Hedgehog game turns out to be bad for you, what do you do? Do you leave the franchise? Do you wait until another Sonic game comes out to give it another chance? Or do you just read the comics or watch the movies and TV shows to get your fill of Sonic the Hedgehog elsewhere? For me, whenever a Sonic game turns out to be bad, I just read the comics and watch the movies and TV shows to make up for my disappointment with the game. If another game does come out, then I usually set my expectations low so I don't get disappointed too easily if the game turns out to be bad. Although, I always do hope for the game to do better than the last bad game.
  2. Hello everyone! This thread is for posting and discussing episodes of my new Sonic replay/rewatch/reread podcast, Deep Dive Zone! Youtube Twitter Old (outdated) concepts/ideas post:
  3. So, this is just a hypothetical question, but what do you think will happen if SEGA just up and decided to not make anymore Sonic the Hedgehog games? Like, they will still allow the movies, the TV shows, the merchandising and the comic books to still run, but what if they decided to stop making the games altogether? Will the franchise take a nosedive, despite the fact that the movies, cartoons and comics are still running or can the franchise still survive without the games?
  4. Hey everyone! I'm Rabbitearsblog and in this thread, I talk about my personal thoughts about the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW comic book series as I read each issue / collection and give out my thoughts on each issue. Now, the reason why I wanted to make a separate thread about this is because I'm way behind in the IDW comics and I didn't want to slow down the main threads discussing this series with me just talking about the older issues, even though we are 40 issues in now. If you want to talk about the current issues from the IDW series, then check out the IDW Megathread. But now, let's get started! Sonic the Hedgehog IDW: Issue #1 *Originally, I was going to review each collection of the Sonic IDW series. But, I realized that in doing so, it would keep this thread dormant due to having to wait months just for a new collection to come out. So, I decided to review it issue by issue instead to keep the thread going. So, let's talk about my thoughts about the first issue of this series. Now, if there was a problem that I had with this issue, is that I felt that the world could have been developed a bit better. If this is a reboot of the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, then we need to know more about how things work in Sonic's world or heck, just give us a name for Sonic's world! For years now, SEGA has been pretty insistent on not really developing Sonic's world and it's painfully obvious in this comic book series. If you are new to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise or you never played "Sonic Forces," chances are you will be totally lost on what's going on in this issue and you will probably be wondering about how Dr. Eggman even took over the world in the first place. Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. Even though I wished that they developed Sonic's world a bit more, I found this issue to be a really fun read and I loved the fact that they managed to address some of the more controversial moments from "Sonic Forces" and fix them. So far, this is a pretty good start to IDW comics and I can't wait to dive into the second issue of this series!
  5. So, there's been a lot of talk lately about whether or not the Freedom Fighters from the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic books should come into the IDW comics. For those of you who don't know who the Freedom Fighters are, they were basically characters who came from the Sonic SATAM cartoon series that came out in the 1990s and they made their way into the Archie Comics in the 1990s. For me on the one hand, I honestly don't mind the IDW comics being in a separate universe and staying much more closely to the games. On the other hand, I grew up watching Sonic SATAM and reading the Archie Comics, so I do miss the Freedom Fighters themselves and maybe there is a way that they could come into the IDW comics without being too in your face with the readers. What do you think? Do you want to see the Freedom Fighters enter the IDW comics or are you okay with the Freedom Fighters not being in the IDW comics?
  6. So, there's been a lot of controversy lately about how the Sonic remasters are being handled. Like for example, there was the whole controversy with Sonic Colors Ultimate with some behind the scenes drama with Blind Squirrel and the game came out unfinished and now, we are having some drama with Sonic Origins, with even the people working on the game talking about how the game didn't come out the way that they pitched it to Sonic Team. So, what's exactly going on with the remasters of these games and why are they always coming out unfinished?
  7. So lately, it seems like SEGA has been marketing some of their games pretty badly, most notably, Sonic Frontiers. So, what do you think? Do you think that SEGA's marketing for their games has been terrible lately and that they need to improve their marketing strategies for their games? I think that SEGA's marketing has been a bit poor in regard to Sonic Frontiers. There's a lot of controversy surrounding Sonic Frontiers online because of how SEGA marketed the game. First, they only showed a gameplay that was an early build of the game and they and IGN didn't mention this in the first gameplay and they didn't mention it until much later. Also, the marketing hasn't been explaining what the game is all about. Like, we still don't know what the actual story for Frontiers is or what other levels Sonic will be in in this game. There are ways that SEGA could have handled the marketing for Sonic Frontiers better like actually wait to have finished gameplay before sending it out to IGN or any other media outlet or just explain the full story of the game in the trailers, so that viewers will know exactly what they are getting into. An example of a trailer that I thought was done pretty well was the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie trailer where Paramount showed the viewers exactly what was going on with the movie and showed us some action pieces that looked pretty impressive. Now, I know that this is a movie example and not a video game example, but it still shows that SEGA could make a trailer enticing for viewers by just adding in better gameplay and showing the audience what the story is overall.
  8. So, SEGA had set up a few mandates for the IDW comics that had caused some controversy for the writers and the fans alike. Here are some of the mandates they have set up for the comics: Game characters cannot have relatives unless they were established in the game canon, i.e. Cream and her mother Game characters can not die. Sonic can't be shown getting too emotional (i.e;cry). Game characters cannot enter in a relationship. Amy must always be in love with just Sonic but they can't get together. Much like the post-reboot of the Archie comic, the words "Mobius" is banned—the planet is simply called "Sonic's World". Sonic must always win at the end. Characters and material from other licensed properties Sonic the Comic, Archie Sonic, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic SATAM, Sonic Underground, Sonic X and the Sonic Movie cannot be used. According to Ian Flynn, a specific incident involving Shadow's characterization when he's exposed to the Zombot infection was written in a specific way because of Sega mandating that he be written as an "overconfident asshole rival" character, similar to Vegeta. He later followed up with an explanation that out of every character, Shadow has the most mandates and notes attached to how he's portrayed. Sega has stated to Flynn that only male hedgehogs are allowed to go Super with the Chaos Emeralds. Sega says that Team Dark is no longer a thing. It has been stated that there is no money in Sonic's World, and that anything that alludes to money (such as Rings acting as currency) is strictly forbidden. Knuckles is not allowed to leave Angel Island unless he has a very good reason to. So, here are my thoughts on some of the mandates. Regarding the mandate about Sonic not getting too emotional, I can actually get by that since there are other ways that Sonic can still get emotional without crying, as the Metal Virus Arc has shown. Also, I'm okay with the characters not dying since you don't really need anybody to die to make the story more interesting. And in regards to not using characters from other licensed properties, I have a feeling that SEGA is slowly letting up on that mandate since Honey that Badger did show up in the IDW comics and they are planning on making a comic book series based off the movies. The only mandates I have issues with is how Shadow is being portrayed and that Team Dark is no longer a thing. I feel like these mandates are only slowing down Shadow's character and it's making it harder to write his character if there's nothing to back his character up with. So, I'm wondering if SEGA will eventually change some of these mandates, especially if they are getting in the way of the story telling for the comics? I have a feeling that they will eventually have to tone down the mandates for Shadow if they want the writers to include him into the stories.
  9. So, I was seeing some complaints on Twitter about how some Sonic fans were being aggressive with other fans when expressing their opinions on the franchise and how there were some fans that were encouraging fans to be more courteous with other fans when expressing their opinions. So, I wanted to ask you guys, how do you feel about talking about Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter? For me personally, I'm not that surprised that there are some discourse on Twitter about Sonic the Hedgehog. Twitter in general is infamous for starting up drama between users because of their policy regarding just using 100 words or less and it can be a headache talking about anything on Twitter without some drama stirring up. So, I just tend to stick to forum boards like Sonic Stadium, YouTube and my blogs to talk fully about Sonic the Hedgehog so that way I can get my full thoughts about the series without worrying about shortening my sentences to explain my points. So, whenever I do talk about Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter, I either just retweet some posts I really liked or I respond to Sonic fans who are pretty nice.
  10. I was wondering: when it comes to games like the Yakuza series, it seems like those games have a better production process than anything dealing with Sonic the Hedgehog. Is it because SEGA treat their other games much better when it comes to making the games and they felt that it's not worth it making the Sonic games in better shape since they will sell no matter what or is this just an issue relegated to Sonic Team alone?
  11. So, after seeing a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog games like Sonic Colors: Ultimate and the Sonic Boom series, getting rushed out into the market before they are completely finished, why does SEGA keep on rushing out the Sonic games when they could have just took their time with the games?
  12. Is it possible that Sega is gonna make Sonic Adventures 3 ? Or is just a Wishful thinking
  13. Just clocked this across the internet this morning, surprised nobody else saw it to post here as I've personally been waiting for a new Jet Set Radio for about a HUNDRED YEARS. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-19/sega-reboots-crazy-taxi-jet-set-radio-to-chase-fortnite-riches Big budget remakes sound great, but it also sounds like they're making some kind of Free-to-Play versions of these games in order to create new evergreen revenue streams (similar to how they've reworked Phantasy Star Online, I suppose). So, not sure how I feel about that... Having said that, I always thought it would be cool to see an always-online, persistent Jet Set Radio world where tagging gang wars could take place across Tokyo-to. Just depends on how well SEGA do with monetisation, developing content etc. Crazy Taxi is a bit of a harder sell, unless you have a scenario where multiple players are constantly fighting one another for customers and fares. I just hope that, whatever direction these games take, they maintain the heart and spirit of the classic SEGA games. That was one thing that they missed in PSO2 - as much as I quite like it, it really doesn't feel quite the same as the original Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast/Gamecube/Xbox. More... generic anime feel, which doesn't quite sit right with me. Anyway, what do we think about all this?
  14. It appears that some of the gaming journalists and critics seem to sprout out the same statements about Sonic that they made years ago like "Sonic had a rough transition into 3D" and sometimes you have to wonder if SEGA listening to these critics is only hindering the series. Now, I'm not saying that all gaming journalists and critics are bad and some of them do have good insight onto what makes a game work and what doesn't make a game work. But, if SEGA keeps on listening to the journalists who are constantly saying "Sonic was never good" or "Sonic had a rough transition to 3D" without any clear explanations about why a specific gameplay style doesn't work for them or why is this specific character or story is written that way, then that could harm SEGA more than it could help them.
  15. What are some mandates that SEGA has for the characters or for the stories that you don't agree with or you wish that they changed? While these mandates are mostly related to the IDW comics, here are a few mandates that SEGA did with the characters and stories that I don't agree with: Regarding Shadow's characterization, I don't like the fact that SEGA is basically saying that Shadow should always be edgy and moody and not be allowed to express that many emotions. This also extends somewhat to the other characters, like Sonic where they can't be portrayed beyond their main characterizations in the games. The whole "Chao should be known as "it" instead of calling them "him" or "her." This wouldn't be a problem if SEGA had actually done this in the first place and not just make that rule so recently. It just ended up confusing the fanbase about how the chao should be addressed in the series.
  16. Similar to his contemporaries, Sonic has explored some other genres other than usual platform games. While Sonic has been in most genres before, there are some genres that Sonic has yet to explore. What are those genres? And how do you think they could work with the Sonic universe?
  17. It was a game made by SEGA, and there was an anime based on it. Basically a rival of Pokemon, but with dinosaurs. Sega hasn't given it a new sequel after 2008, nor did they reference it anywhere, so this IP is good as dead. But I would say the show was cliche-loaded at best.
  18. Since 2021 is wrapping up soon, what did you guys think about Sonic's 30th anniversary? Did you think this was a good year for Sonic the Hedgehog or do you think that there were some things that they could have done better? For me, I thought that this was a pretty decent anniversary for Sonic the Hedgehog. The highest point was definitely the Sonic Symphony, which I loved and the Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps cartoon was really good. Also, the fact that we got the trailer for the Sonic movie sequel was so exciting to me! And finally, Sonic shows back up in the Macy Day Parade! Now, the downsides of this anniversary was of course, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and how SEGA poorly handled that game (even if they are working on patches to fix everything). Also, regarding Sonic Frontiers, even though I'm still excited for the game, I wished that they released some gameplay footage of the game while they were showing off the trailer. It's a shame that the games themselves still get the short end of the stick regarding this series, but let's hope that Sonic Frontiers is the Sonic game that turns things around for Sonic the Hedgehog on the gaming side of things.
  19. Spritesheet is WIP. Hands - Turbo Thunderbolt's NeoSA base, shoes - my friend's hack of S2. Also some old stuff: Sonic X-treme badnick (or boss, can't remember) Funny, old WIP ModGen sheet of Eggman doesn't list me as co-creator. Not Sonic-related, but, well, loda.rockfortefc doesn't exist anymore, and it seems there is no interest in creating Rockman & Forte FC.
  20. So, when I say about the Sonic games having better quality again, I mean like having better stories and most importantly, better gameplay again. For the past 10 years, most of the Sonic games haven't been in high quality (with the exceptions of Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania, to name a few) and most of the games either have really bad gameplay or the stories aren't that well written. So, do you think that we will get better Sonic games that focus on good storytelling and great gameplay again in the near future? Personally, I think we will eventually. It's just a matter of whether or not they change the team who's working on the titles or just get in some new people for Sonic Team who know how to develop games efficiently and some writers who can write really good stories. Also, I think that SEGA and Sonic Team really need to change their mindset from "let's just put out a random Sonic game out in the market, without bothering to see if it's any good" to "let's check these games out to make sure they are in good condition and then sell them to the market."
  21. Okay, just hear me out for a moment. With Team Sonic Racing seemingly having not done as well as expected and been subsequently abandoned, it looks like Sega might be done with the All Stars Racing series and its gameplay. But Sonic can't stay away from racing, Iizuka himself even considers it a major part of the games. Even if we get another installment, I think that once the All-Stars gameplay has been retired, Sega will go back to Riders. The game's been resurrected by it's competitive scene in recent years, and could potentially evolve into a significant esport. On top of that, now there are significant fangames and modding projects like Sonic RIders X and Tournament Edition. If the community for this keeps growing, Sega will likely see a demand for Riders and bring it back. It's not like they're opposed to bringing back older stuff considering Iizuka confirmed Adventure remakes/remasters and being considered if Colors Ultimate did well (it did). If they do eventually resurrect the Riders series, they'll likely try and balance things between casual and competitive like Smash Bros does.
  22. So, do you think that having good stories in the Sonic the Hedgehog games is just as important as having good gameplay? For me, I think having a good story is just as important as the gameplay. I mean sure, you can have a good game anyway, even if the story is not quite there, because the gameplay is really good. But, I always like it when the stories in the Sonic games were good because they made me relate more to the characters and their situations.
  23. So, in recent Sonic games, there has been some plot lines that the games established, but they never really went all the way with the plot line. What I mean by this is that whenever the Sonic games put the characters in a dangerous or traumatizing situation, either they find a way to make the character get out of the situation unharmed or there's no emotional weight to the scenes. Here are some games that I think that they could have gone a bit further with the plot line: Sonic Lost World: There's the scene where Tails was turned into a robot and instead of having a boss battle with Tails, instead Tails just overrides the commands and turns back to normal. I think that if they had a boss fight where Sonic is forced to fight Tails in his robot form, that not only would have made an interesting boss fight, but it would have been an emotional impact on the story since it would involve Sonic being forced to fight his best friend. Sonic Forces: There's the scene where Sonic was captured by Eggman and was "presumably" tortured. But, when we see Sonic, he acts like nothing has happened, despite being captured. I think that they should have shown us how being captured by Eggman had an effect on Sonic, as well as maybe show us that Sonic had blamed himself for Eggman taking over the world and how he couldn't protect the world from Eggman. That would have added more emotional weight to the story and made us take the story more seriously. What are some other examples you can think of?
  24. Now, I'm not saying that SEGA should stop making Sonic games (NO WAY! I want them to keep making Sonic games for as long as they can)! However, with the recent string of games they had over the years (Sonic Forces, Sonic Lost World, the Sonic Boom series) and with the controversy surrounding Sonic Colors Ultimate, do you think that SEGA needs to step back a bit from the Sonic series and start thinking about how they will approach this series in the near future or how they can improve this series? It seems like every time SEGA releases a Sonic game, bad things happen and we just don't know what's exactly going on with SEGA and Sonic Team in regards to this series.
  25. A new Sonic the Hedgehog themed cake is available at Tesco. It’s just a standard celebration cake but comes with unique Ueakawa stickers on the ribbon and some art on the back. Has anyone picked it up yet?
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