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Found 1 result

  1. Hello and welcome to the Sega 2014 plans topic! In this topic we talk about Sega and all the various things it looks like they've got planned for 2014/announced in 2014. In here we discuss Sega news which on its own, probably doesn't deserve its own topic but is still exciting and in time might build up to something more exciting. This topic is the train station, not the hype train itself. Say someone finds something which hints at a new game, but doesn't out rightly state it, then we'll probably talk about it here. First, let's just quickly go over a few things. Rumors: Very few people do this now, but just for SSMB housekeeping sake. Please do not post rumors. What is a rumour? Basically, something which has absolutely nothing to back it up. And no that dodgy email screenshot which shows no information or evidence doesn't make your rumour anything other than a rumour. To post a baseless rumour, you'll probably get this reaction... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9U_C_q6WcU Evidence: The foundation of every good/exciting bit of news, evidence can be anything, interviews, video, tweets from developers/people in the industry, (though be careful here), conferences and news events. etc etc. Basically, anything with a source that is easily traceable. Evidence is not: Wikipedia edits, fan Wikipedia edits, Random youtube video, random forum member X's random post of random things. Speculation: Speculation typically falls into two camps, the first is justified, the second is unjustified or as I like to call it 'going off on one.' First of all, justified speculation. This is when you find some evidence which has a clear source, only it doesn't out rightly say something, but suggests or hints at something. Now on its own it might be any manner of things, only over time more evidence may come up that deepens the speculation and gets us closer to the truth behind the item. E.g. Last year I found an interview with Segas licensing manager regarding the franchise... and I think it was Blue Blood noticed this line "In 2014 we're looking to expand Sonic into more licensing opportunities such as Books, comics, toys and television" The television bit was new information, but too vague to know for sure. Then we got that Dave Polksy rumour and things really got interesting... Then later in the year this was found... Suddenly, there's nearly enough to start a topic on its own. Unjustified Speculation or... going off on one however is something which can... get annoying more than anything. E.g. "Sonic is a new shade of blue in this image, that means Sonic will be a new shade of blue in the next game!" Pages later this is still being debated. This is going off on one. Yes there's some official evidence which shows Sonic as a different shade of blue... but there is nothing to support any wild theories about design change or anything else you might get from that. Misinformation & Hoaxing Hoaxing... You have a random photo of an unannounced game? You have a screenshot of an email conversation? You have a magazine scan? You have details of an unannounced game? Well you'd better be willing to cough up something other than 'I'm on an NDA' or able to provide something solid as to where this information came from. Misinformation is posting or manipulating o information to give a specific effect or convey a certain message which isn't accurate. e.g. "This game is full of microtransactions!" Ok... and how do they impact the game? Do they force/trick you into using them? Can you unlock everything without using them? Be wary when 'assuming.' As Mike Pollock once said on TSS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfvTwv5o1Qs P.S. Please use the report function if things get a tad too crazy, do not PM TSS staff. Important Dates to remember. London Toy Fair: January 21st http://www.btha.co.uk/toy-fair/ February 2nd: Hedgehog Day. *beware the sega blog!* New York Toy Fair: February 16th http://www2.toyassociation.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=tf_Home E3: June 10th http://www.e3expo.com Vegas Licensing Expo: June 17th http://www.licensingexpo.com/ Mi-Pr Christmas house: July 3rd http://www.mi-pr.co.uk San Diego Comic Con: July 24-27th http://www.comic-con.org/ Tokyo Game Show: September 18th P.P.S. Sometimes going off on one is hilarious... like last year when Aaron Webber went on a trip and tweeted photos of a Sonic Plush, and many of us were convinced they were clues to a new Sonic game... when it was actually scouting for Sonic Boom's location.
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