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Found 9 results

  1. Why It Took So Long For Me to Upload The Doomsday Project 4-Episode Finale Of SatAM Clip From My "#LIVE: Topics On My Mind For 9-28-2020 (Sonic The Hedgehog/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic )" livestream In this clip, I discuss why it took me so long to upload this onto YouTube. Comments are Welcomed #Rally4Sally #SonicSatAM #TheDoomsdayProject #SonicTheDoomsdayProject #SonicTheHedgehog #SallyAcorn #YouTube #DICEntertainment #4KUHD #4K #UHD
  2. (link removed - BL) This is the Doomsday Project Saga/Movie (final 4 eps. of SatAM, Edited together as a feature film) The only title card to appear after the intro is the Doomsday Project title card. Folks have been asking to try and share this with everyone, since I put together myself back in April of 2011. So finally (and hopefully) You can now all enjoy it, and see what I mean, when I said that this could have worked as a movie finale for the series back in 1994 around the Holiday timeframe. (Copyright © ℗®™ DIC Entertainment , SEGA Of America, ABC Television Networks. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE! I do not own Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM). It is owned by SEGA. No copyright infringement is intended.) #TheDoomsdayProject #SonicSatAM #Rally4Sally #FanMade #FanEdit #SegaOfAmerica #DICEnterainment #SonicTheHedgehog #SallyAcorn #BunnieRabbot
  3. Hello there !I am a long time Sonic fan, who also likes to write Fanfiction. After the recent Sonic Movie came out, I decided to write my own version of the events that would take place after this film (i.e. a sequel), and so wrote two stories that follow up on the events of the film. I take things back in a very game-centric direction, with some elements from other sonic universes as references/cameos, and the characters being a little older than in the games. Anyway, I put these here for anyone who is interested to enjoy, and I would love any feedback a reader would care to give. Anyway, thank you for your time. First story, Sonic Returns: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13510404/1/Sonic-Returns Second story/followup, Sonic Triumphant https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13519924/1/Sonic-Triumphant
  4. Hello people, we are Art and Mizuki. A long time ago I used to visit Sonic forums everyday, but the time passed a lot of things happened and I never logged in any forum again... until today. So, to star our first day here we decided to post some of our fanarts. The digital is from my wife, Mizuki. The traditional is mine. I hope you guys enjoy it! -- If you like it, follow us in our deviants and instagram: - Art Deviant: @lobolong - Mizuki Deviant: @MizukiXLong - Instagram Long Couple: @long_couple
  5. https://youtu.be/AxitlwL7AUU Guys, I’m new on this forum and don’t know a lot 😅 Please, tell me do you support Sonic’s artist here? My name is Julia Blakita, I’m from Ukraine 🇺🇦 I have a YouTube channel near 3 years and I decided create some art for the Sonic Fans! If I doing everything good, please tell me and subscribe to my channel! I so so appreciate your attention and support ❤️
  6. Hey Sonic Stadium community! I feel like a lot of people are talking about the redesign for the movie and how it was a great call to listen to everyone about how bad it was. Me and my sketch team made a mockumentary about what happened to the actor playing the old Sonic. I would love if you guys could take a peek and let me know what you think! What Happened to the Rejected Sonic the Hedgehog? https://youtu.be/gmEWoGaTYPQ
  7. Here is my pitch for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. First off the cast would be Ben Schwartz(Sonic), Jim Carrey(Robotnik), James Marsden(Donut-lord),Tom Holland(Tails),Dwayne Johnson(Knuckles),Mark Hamill(Metal Sonic). I know it sounds crazy but Mark Hamill can make a great scary robot voice(he voiced chucky). Now to the good stuff... the story. The film begins with Sonic and Tom(Donut-lord) playing around and just being best buds for 15-20 minutes. Then they go to Sonic drive-thru and eat some chili dogs which are now sonic's favorite food. Then on their way home Tails flies into their windshield. Then he informs Sonic this: Robotnik found a chaos emerald and used it to build an army. He then built metal sonic using the quill he possesses from the 1st film. Metal Sonic went to the angels island and wiped out all echidnas in search of the master emerald but couldn't find it. While Robotnik wiped out Tails' extremely advanced civilization for another chaos emerald and finds it(Tails survives though). Tails then opens a portal to the Ice Cap where after facing some cave gimmicks they bump into a tribe of penguins who are dangerous and carry a chaos emerald. They(Tom,Sonic,Tails) then have a little snowboard battle sonic ultimately wins and gets the gem. They then travel to the casino night where after some pinball gimmicks find a group of crabs who possess a chaos emerald. Sonic gambles himself so Tails can have it. However the crabs accidentally make sonic explode with energy, knocking themselves out. They are then ambushed by Metal Sonic who after losing dares them to go to the angels island and stop him from getting the master emerald. They then go there and because Sonic remembers it as his home he names it Green Hill. They then bump into Knuckles in which both have tensions between each other. This begins a massive fight with Knuckles. Just when Knuckles begins to win Metal comes and beats Knuckles up stealing the master emerald.Sonic decides that they need to fight Robotnik himself. He then makes Tom go home and he teams up with Knuckles. The trio then go to the mushroom world and prepare to fight Eggman only for metal sonic to drag sonic under the mushrooms where a massive trap was made just for Sonic The Stardust Speedway. Metal and Sonic then race with Sonic winning. At the top knuckles is being defeated so Tails goes to the bottom and when sonic can't get to the top he carries him up by flying for the first time. Then the trio use teamwork to defeat Eggman who is using The Big Arms vehicle. They manage to knock it down and eggman falls in the Stardust Speedway. Just when they think they have defeated him he escapes through a portal with the 2 chaos emeralds and the master emerald. The Sonic heroes now have 2 chaos emeralds and pledge to stop eggman. In a mid-credits scene Agent Stone enters a secret military base called G.U.N. he finds a large case and twists a chaos emerald near it opening the case. The screen flashes to a screen that says Ultimate Life Form. Agent Stone then says I need you to find robotnik. The film then ends. length: 2 hours and 20 minutes rating:PG(most likely, although there is lots of science fiction action) budget:$170-190 million estimated box office:$550-750 million
  8. So, I was wondering, with the success of the Sonic movie, do you think that SEGA will try to incorporate some of the movie's story lines and characters portrayals into their games? For me personally, I don't want this to happen. Part of the reason why I enjoyed the movie so much was because it was a different take on Sonic's character and if the games try to incorporate that into their story lines, then it might cause the games to go downhill because the movie is still relatively new and who knows if the movie franchise will ever become the cinematic universe Juggernaut that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is. Also, while the games tend to be a bit flimsy when it comes to portraying Sonic and his friends, I still like the universe they have set up for the character. They just need to improve on the writing and characterizations of the characters. Trying to make the games like the movie doesn't guarantee it automatic success if it's not written well.
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