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Found 3 results

  1. Its been over requested and annoying, Don't get me wrong i do like SA 1-2 but can't you ask something else? thats all i gotta say.... yeah
  2. Discuss anything about Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)'s development, ideas, demos, betas, anything to do with its development and production. Post articles, videos, news, etc related to the game's development if you wish. The game started out in 2005 as Project SONIC THE HEDGEHOG when SEGA showcased a "Behind Closed Doors" demonstration at TGS 2005, which showed how Sonic could fare on the XBOX 360, and a teaser for Sonic's all-new adventure. The game was supposed to take Sonic in a realistic direction, and bring Sonic "back to his roots", which in other words, emulating the Sonic Adventure-styled gameplay. The TGS 2005 demo had many features that brought promise to the public, and Sonic fans alike, such as a day & night system, Sonic Adventure-styled running animation, spammable homing attack, RPG-styled gameplay, like gathering the more rings make you go faster, a BEARABLE realistic Sonic model and the action gauge was supposed to limit gem's powers. A "Rainbow Gem" found in the game's data would have allowed you to go Super Sonic in-game. Other features would have included Metal Sonic in the story, and as a playable character and several character stories instead of an amigo system. The E3 2006 demo brought more promise, showcasing Sonic's new abilities. It would be safe to say that the game was the most hyped Sonic game of all-time. When we got the demo released on XBLA in September of 2006, most of the features were still holding up. But unexpectedly, when the game was released in late November of 2006, these features were either not to be seen anywhere, or buggy/broken. Ever since, it is considered by most to be one of Sonic's worst moments in his history, and one of the worst games ever created, promising too much, and not delivering. Here are some beta footage of the game from TGS 2005 and E3 2006 demos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y_jxuiklRs&feature=related
  3. Firstly, I apologize sincerely. I'm certain this has been covered many times before, but I've finally found a way to express my thoughts on it and I just need to get it out of my system. So, here goes. Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are outdated, they happened in the past. Everything you know about them, everything you remember about them is also outdated. Sadly, the people who worked on those two games no longer work for Sonic Team. But neither I nor Sonic Team have officially stated that there won't be an Adventure 3, so it's still a possibility. Now, as I said, the previous Adventure titles are outdated. If you're expecting Sonic Adventure 3 to be like Adventure and Adventure 2, you're only going to end up disappointed when you play it BECAUSE There were specific differences between Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 that made them unique in the sense that... There are two of them, but they're almost completely different from each other. Sonic Adventure had hub worlds that you could freely move back and forth from, and within those hub worlds you'd find the levels. Sonic Adventure 2 had levels that were designed to fit the different characters you would play as. Now... What would Sonic Adventure 3 do? That's the question that Sonic Team will probably NOT be asking themselves if and when they make the game, but rather they will try to make it like the previous two. The Sonic series has come too far for an Adventure 3 to work, so if it does come out and if it DOESN'T turn out the way you want it to, remember that it was you who asked for it, Sonic Team only delivered it how they think it would appeal. The only way it would work is by taking EVERYTHING that both games had in common and then adding something new that doesn't strongly impact the way you progress through the game (Werehog did exactly that, which is one of the reasons why many people dislike Unleashed overall - it forced you to do something different against your will. Mario on the other hand has HIS differences made into a spinoff title, you've never ridden a Kart in a main Mario series title). There are only two adventure titles, so that's not much to follow up from. Chao Gardens, other characters playable, upgrades - it would all have to be there in order for Adventure 3 to successfully be itself. I'm not saying Sonic Adventure 3 is an impossibility, but I can almost promise you that it won't be what it's meant to be. P.S. It's no good getting upset at me for comparing Sonic to Mario. I believe Sonic's original intention was to counter Mario's popularity in the first place.
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