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Found 12 results

  1. Just shamelessly cross-posting this from the news side of the site, because why not? It's my house and I can do what I like. :3 https://www.sonicstadium.org/2022/06/iizuka-reveals-hopes-of-using-sonic-frontiers-work-towards-future-sonic-adventure-sequel/ During the IGN Sonic Frontiers interview, towards the end (video is linked in the story above), he mentions how he would like to continue the Sonic Adventure series... but this time it's sounding a little more serious than his 'hopes and dreams' sentiments in previous interviews. I can hear it now... the sound of a million Sonic Adventure 3 fans storming over that hill. Prepare yourself. I'm getting to the bunker! 👀
  2. By now it's no secret to most people here that after the back-to-back wipeouts that were Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06, Sonic Team decided to burn off a lot of what had characterized the Adventure era, with some of the Classic era being caught in the crossfire. While they would continue to experiment with ways to pad out the games--an unfortunate necessity when your character moves so much faster than most others--and some things, like more in-depth combat, stuck around a bit longer, in many other aspects, like Eggman being a genuinely scary threat and other characters than Sonic being playable in the main games, the Adventure era was dead. Many have alleged that Sonic Forces was Sonic Team attempting to return to the Adventure formula, and I say "alleged" because none have provided any links to them saying that was the case. Unless someone makes an argument, I'm going to assume they're trying to make sense of it coming out shortly after fans pleaded for another Adventure-like game; as if when some people see two dots they are tempted to draw lines between them. Whatever is the case, it clearly did not end up like another Adventure game. But instead of debating over whether Sonic Team was trying to return to that style of game, let's imagine an alternate timeline wherein they never left. Let's add the assumption that Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 were still in that timeline more-or-less the same games as in this one, with the possible exception of 06 being better enough that it didn't scare them away from the formula. I think this would have given SEGA a lot more to work with by the time they decided to do Sonic Forces, and as a result, it, too, would have turned out much better. To explain why, I think it's important to consider why Forces was not good, and while the game does have some mechanical issues, it's bigger problems are conceptual. Not that the idea of Robotnik conquering the world and Sonic joining a resistance against him is innately bad; it was well-received by many fans when it was used as the premise of a cartoon and it's also been fairly well-received when revived by Ian Flynn in the IDW series. But the decision to make this another boost formula game made Sonic Team unwilling to include gameplay that fit that plot. For starters, what do you expect from a plot about freedom fighters taking on a dictator with so much more military power than they have? Lots of fighting, and fighting so intense that every victory the rebels get feels like it was only just achieved, maybe at great cost. But because Sonic Team didn't want to compromise the breezy integrity of the Boost games, what we got was just more instances of Modern Sonic effortlessly boosting his way through lines of enemies, and even when you're not him, that same philosophy of utterly weak enemies still applies with the rookie's flamethrower or Classic Sonic's rolling. This gameplay isn't just inappropriate for the vibe the scenario warranted; it's actually a gaping plothole that a genius smart enough to build an army of robots and then command them to conquer the world just clusters them close together to make it easier to take down a whole bunch at once. If Eggman had it all his own way he would have managed to build robots that don't go down in one hit, but once he learned they did, he at least should have tried to compensate by spreading them out so while their opponents are destroying one, another is shooting them from a safer position. But no; we got utter pushovers of mooks and a worthless brigade of Death Egg Robots that do nothing but dance around in the background. But in the Adventure era, at least post-Dreamcast, Sonic Team wasn't afraid to incorporate more involved combat. Enemies had actual lifebars, they actually impeded the players, forcing them to fight, and in some cases defeating enemies was specifically the goal. As it happens, the impetus for me making this thread was considering how pathetically out-of-it Sonic Team would have to be to want to make another Sonic game reminiscent of Shadow the Hedgehog instead of finally letting Tails and Knuckles back in as playable characters, but on thinking that, it dawned on me that even more pathetic is how Shadow the Hedgehog did it so much better. Not that Shadow did it great, by any means. I consider its combat loads better than Sonic Heroes for its relative lack of moves that throw you off a cliff alone, but still, task a company with incorporating guns into a series whose first game actually tried and rejected projectiles since they would get in the way of speed-centric gameplay, and it's no surprise that the results would leave something to be desired. The way they structured the game also didn't often let the gunplay be as fun as might have been, and that's largely because of how they had to fit into the framework of multiple missions and a morality system often based on whom you choose to attack. So we got a lot of dull search-and-destroy missions where finding enemies was usually more difficult than fighting them once found, whereas what makes better gun games fun is having almost overwhelming enemies come to you and tasking you with just surviving. Then of course, there was the absurdity of seeing Shadow use guns; it felt like it didn't fit for the supposed Ultimate Lifeform (or at least one of several) who already had Chaos Sphere to pick up guns; as if the only reason he was doing it was because guns were "cool" at the time. However, perhaps the missing ingredient was guerilla warfare all along. Let's work backwards from last point by putting the Rookie from Sonic Forces in the role Shadow had. If Shadow using guns inevitably looks forced because he's already an innately powerful living weapon, with someone who is just a random, physically unremarkable civie who was forced into a conflict against a far more powerful enemy, picking up a gun and blazing away for dear life makes complete sense. A plot about guerilla warfare is also that Goldilocks zone where the combination of running fast and wielding guns can form good gameplay, because instead of dull search-and-destroy missions you could get exciting hit-and-run missions. Instead of the difficulty being from finding where the Hell what you're supposed to destroy even is, you could be told exactly where but then be tasked with weaving/shooting your way through the many enemies on the way, and instead of winning the moment you destroy your target, you could also be required to get back out alive, which would likely entail more running and more gunning. Now let's go into another aspect of the Adventure era, and unlike the more involved combat, this one was there for its entirety: Multiple playable characters. The reason the "Freedom Fighters" plot worked so much better in animated and pictorial panel (often incorrectly called "comic") form is it could heavily involve characters other than Sonic. If the focus was only ever on Sonic doing his thing running through and past things at high speed, you'd never really develop an empathy for anyone else, nor an appreciation for how much threat Robotnik's goons posed, but by giving more of the Freedom Fighters fleshed-out personalities, and abilities that were useful in their own ways, you came to appreciate them as a team who were all in this together. Even the ones who seemed mostly useless at least gave you some appreciation for what the stronger ones had to protect. At the time DIC explored that concept and then Archie continued it, the Sonic games weren't really in the right shape to match it; they still focused on playable characters who were built to go fast, and as such it would be hard to include the likes of Bunny and Sally in them; let alone what Rotor could possibly have done. But Sonic Adventure completely changed this. Suddenly, it was completely viable to have other playable characters with other specialties, like being strong, wielding firearms, tracking things down and building machines. It didn't always work and sometimes whether or not it "worked" depended on how well it fit in with what people expected a Sonic game to be. When Sonic is so marketed around being fast that he'll visibly get impatient if made to stand still, putting in a character like Big the Cat will obviously breed resentment. On the other hand, other characters can seem gratuitous when you put them in a game like Sonic Heroes. While it's not automatically worse from their being in, that playing all of them through all of the same levels was required to beat the game gave them an association with monotony. Also, given that SH was marked as being more like Classic Sonic, except in 3D and with team play, they could have conveyed the entire gameplay formula of that game with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, since they all had precedent for being fast, whereas while making Big the Cat run fast definitely makes him more fun, it also is so absurd that it begs the question of why he is even in the game. But had they not rejected all of the other playable characters and then approached Forces with the willingness to include them, they actually would be meeting the expectations that plot set. If they followed through with that plot's implications and made enemies tougher, we've already explained why the Rookie would be more fun, but let's look at another possibility that fits because the enemies are mostly robots: Sally Acorn or at least a character who could hack like her. On the assumption that we'd have already increased the game's emphasis on combat and instead of just speed, what if a character's gameplay involved hacking into a robot and remote-controlling it? We've seen this concept explored with positive results in the likes of Space Station Silicon Valley and Super Mario Odyssey, so it could be equally neat here. So would that make our alternate universe version of Sonic Forces everyone's cup of tea? Of course not. But if we've learned any harsh lesson over three decades of Sonic, it's that nothing involving Sonic is going to be everyone's cup of tea. Alas, this is because what from the get-go has always been Sonic's most exciting aspect, its speed, also makes it untenable to make a feature-length game unless some means of padding the experience out was used, and Sonic Team explored many means and many have their fans but also their haters. Alas, many in society also just flat-out hate Sonic, and sometimes this isn't even because they dislike Sonic's gameplay but just because hating Sonic is "cool", or at least it was until the movies became huge hits. So I say it's high time Sonic Team stops trying to make that elusive game that absolutely nobody will hate, because that's impossible, except maybe if the game is so unremarkable that nobody can muster so strong an emotion as hate. Perhaps lately, that has been exactly SEGA's actual strategy; keep Sonic running on fumes with releases that are never ambitious enough to crash and burn as spectacularly as the last few Adventure games did. But dammit, if only they just fixed that formula instead of replacing it, I maintain that Sonic Forces could have been something really special.
  3. When I was growing up, I always thought of Knuckles as being the serious, solemn character who is slightly naive in certain places. It was an interpretation that has stuck with for years until someone posted a few posts that challenged this view of the character. I am aware that Knuckles was something of a trickster in Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble but I had no idea that he was supposed to be a joke character. Someone pointed out that one of the rival fights in Sonic the Fighters was played up as a joke as opposed to a serious rival fight. I never thought Knuckles as a "joke character" but I had not considered that Knuckles was not as "serious" as he pretended to be. To be honest, I was somewhat shocked that Knuckles was treated as a joke in those games as I always assumed that Knuckles was a somewhat serious character but I was wrong about him. What do you do you think about this? Was Knuckles ever a serious character? Did this revelation Knuckles was a joke change your view of the character? And what does that this revelation mean for Knuckles appearances in other Sonic media?
  4. Spritesheet is WIP. Hands - Turbo Thunderbolt's NeoSA base, shoes - my friend's hack of S2. Also some old stuff: Sonic X-treme badnick (or boss, can't remember) Funny, old WIP ModGen sheet of Eggman doesn't list me as co-creator. Not Sonic-related, but, well, loda.rockfortefc doesn't exist anymore, and it seems there is no interest in creating Rockman & Forte FC.
  5. Who at SEGA do we think would be best suited to handling an open world Sonic? Here are some potential candidates: Morio Kishimoto Production history (sourced from SegaRetro): gonna be honest with you, I'm not really a fan of Kishimoto's stuff but clearly someone at SEGA is in love with him because he keeps coming back Hiroshi Miyamoto Production history: I have no idea what Miyamoto is doing nowadays or if he even works at SEGA anymore but I like Generations and he would be my top choice. Yoshihisa Hashimoto Production history: This one's a bit of a shot in the dark because Hashimoto moved over to Square Enix and now he no longer works in the game industry. But hey if he ever wanted to make a big comeback maybe Sonic would be the best place to do it. Unleashed has been getting a lot of love lately in the fandom so I think many would welcome his return. Sachiko Kawamura Production History: You might be thinking this is a weird one to include since she's never actually directed a game before, but Kawamura was a key part of the chao garden in SA2 and goddamn if this is what it takes to get a new chao garden then make her direct a game! Takashi Iizuka we all know this guy. Senior game designer for Sonic 3&K and director of the Adventure games. Now a series producer, he hasn't actually worked in the gamedev side of things for a long time. Love him or hate him I think it would be really interesting to see him direct a game again. Maybe we could get a return to the Adventure gameplay formula out of it. Well that's all I got. Who would you want to direct a Sonic game? Any of these? Maybe NONE of these?? Maybe someone who's never worked on Sonic before? Please share your thoughts.
  6. Sonic Adventure is a wild ride of new and returning themed Zone ideas. As the idea of a “Remake” started echoing louder and louder during our current Sonic Games News drought, I decided to look back at the levels themselves and jam out to the OST, and see what’s good and what might be...too chaotic to return. NOTES: 1. All entries in this opening post are Levels, Hubs, & Bosses that originate from Sonic Adventure. This includes: All 11 Single Player Levels All Sub Games Holiday DLC A brief look at the Chao Gardens & Races Few things added in DX: Director’s Cut Sonic Shuffle’s icy hot take on Emerald Coast Sonic Generations’ Classic & Boost remixes of Emerald Coast & Speed Highway, plus Modern Sonic’s rematch against Perfect Chaos A brief look at the Roller Coaster Bobsled Dream Event from Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games 2. Even though Sonic Pinball Party takes place in Casinopolis, I’ll talk about that game another time. 3. If you know a remixed Sonic Adventure Level/Hub from a Sonic fan game that fits Note #1, feel free to talk about it in the topic. 4. Pictures, fonts, and other cool graphics will be added shortly. Also, all Acts, Minigames, & Bosses are separated by Spoiler Tags to make loading this topic easier on the site. Sonic Adventure: Station Square Sonic Adventure: Sonic VS Chaos Zero Sonic Adventure: Emerald Coast Sonic Adventure: Station Square Chao Garden Sonic Adventure: Chao Stadium & Chao Races Sonic Adventure: Mystic Ruins Sonic Adventure: Mystic Ruins Chao Garden Sonic Adventure: Mystic Ruins (Past) Sonic Adventure: Sonic & Tails VS Egg Hornet Sonic Adventure: Windy Valley Sonic Adventure: Casinopolis Sonic Adventure: Knuckles VS Chaos 2 Sonic Adventure: Ice Cap Sonic Adventure: Sonic & Tails VS Knuckles Sonic Adventure: Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles VS Chaos 4 Sonic Adventure: Sky Chase 1 Sonic Adventure: Sand Hill Sonic Adventure: Twinkle Park Sonic Adventure: Twinkle Circuit Sonic Adventure: Speed Highway Sonic Adventure: Tails VS Egg Walker Sonic Adventure: Red Mountain Sonic Adventure: Sky Chase 2 Sonic Adventure: Egg Carrier Sonic Adventure: Egg Carrier Chao Garden Sonic Adventure: Sky Deck Sonic Adventure: Hedgehog Hammer Sonic Adventure: Hot Shelter Sonic Adventure: Sonic & Tails VS E-102 Gamma Sonic Adventure: Big, Sonic, & Knuckles VS Chaos 6 Sonic Adventure: Amy VS ZERO Sonic Adventure: Lost World Sonic Adventure: Final Egg Sonic Adventure: E-102 Gamma VS E-101 Beta Sonic Adventure: E-102 Gamma VS E-101 Beta Mk 2 Sonic Adventure: Sonic VS Egg Viper Sonic Adventure: Super Sonic VS Perfect Chaos Sonic Shuffle: Emerald Coast Sonic Generations 3DS: Emerald Coast Sonic Generations HD: Speed Highway Sonic Generations HD: Modern Sonic VS Perfect Chaos Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games: Roller Coaster Bobsled Dream Event Zone Discussion Questions 1. What is your number 1 Favorite/the BEST level in Sonic Adventure? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites? 2. What is your least favorite/the WORST level in Sonic Adventure? Or you can’t pick one, what are your bottom least favorites? 3. What are your favorite Level Music Tracks from Sonic Adventure? 4. Is there any level in Sonic Adventure that you would want to see revisited, for plot reasons, in a future game? (Example: Return to the Egg Carrier, which is still in the ocean) 5. Were you happy to see Emerald Coast & Speed Highway in Sonic Generations? Remake Discussion Questions 1. Should any characters get upgrades or recent additions added to their movesets? (Example: Sonic having the Drop Dash or all characters having the ability to Grind on Rails) 2. Should all characters keep their unique playstyles or should they all play similar to Sonic? 3. Should the game stick to just the original 6 characters or should there be new additions to the roster? 4. Should new or scrapped levels and ideas be added to the game? If so, which ones? 5. Should the Act Structure stay the same (Where Mission C is the regular goal, Mission B requires getting 50 Rings, and Mission A is a Time Trial) or should they change it ? 6. Is there any Level or Minigame that could use a major overhaul? 7. What is one or multiple things, not mentioned above, that you’d love to see in a Sonic Adventure remake? Next Zone Topic: Vote on the Zones I talk about next! Fighter Battle Zones (Levels from Sonic Fighting Games) Drift Rider Zones (Levels from Sonic Racing Games) Mystic Cave Zones (Cave Levels in Sonic Games) Gimmick Mountain Zones (Mountain Levels in Sonic Games) (Insert your own idea here)
  7. Orengefox over at Sonic Retro found something amazing and decided to share it with all of us, thought you guys should get in on this too. Without further ado... What do you guys think of this find?
  8. I know we may have had Sonic Generations and Sonic adventure 1 and 2 hd, but what if sega did something more? franchises like fable and halo have been remaking their greatest games with great success, so WHAT IF sega remade Sonic adventure 1 and 2 on the hedgehog engine? (engine used since sonic unleashed) The gameplay could still stay true to the adventure games while delivering improved voice overs and beutifully rendered levels, we could even see the return of Ryan Drummand or Jason Grithith to do the voices rather than the current cast because let's be honest, the voice acting in the adventure games was not exactly the BEST voice work in the series (although I understand if you liked it) So what do you think? Could we potentially see sega pull off a "Sonic Aniversary" kind of game in the next few years? I know it's a long shot but it's just and idea I'd like some feedback on
  9. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/top-10-gt-countdown/727456 Gametrailers recently uploaded a video. GT had a top 10 countdown to the worst blockbusters released. Beating ET, Sonic landed number 1. Sonic 06, Adventure 2, Unleashed, and Mario & Sonic were all mentioned.
  10. Hi guys^^. This is the topic I wanted to create a long time ago. It's not based on the "themes of the adventure era" topic but has some similar intersecting things. Now, time to explain myself. There's something that has been bothering me for quite a while. I tend to notice that recent Sonic games rely too much on the past. I'm not quite talking about Sonic 4 and all that rehashed stuff, but about other aspects of the franchise, the first of them being - The STAGES Pretty much all the iconic locations or those that have some role in the overall story are either from Classic games (Green Hill, Ice Cap, Angel Island, Hidden Palace, Sky Sanctuary, Death Egg) or from the adventure era (Station Square, Mystic Ruins, Lost World, Egg Carrier, Master Emerald Altar, Metal Harbor, The Ark). These are the locations that appeared either more than once due to their importance to the story or are just iconic levels from the past. I can't remember a single stage from newer games that is equally important to the universe. And that's because the games now don't really have the LORE anymore and that brings me to the next point being - The LORE The lore was created and established in the Classic games and games before Sonic the hedgehog 2006, but then it just kinda died. Again, every important location is either from the Classic games or from the Adventure era, but it's not only the stages. It's the events as well. - The whole Death Egg saga (That has some kind of connections between Classic games and Sonic adventure). That was in the Classic games. - The story of the Knuckles'/Tikal's tribe and the story of Chaos - Sonic adventure, Sonic Chronicles - The whole Ark saga. Now this is just as huge as the Death Egg saga if not even more huge. - Sonic adventure 2, Sonic battle, Sonic heroes (Shadow being the connection), Shadow the hedgehog - The events connected with Emerl - Sonic battle, Sonic advance 3, Sonic chronicles(I know it's not canon but still..) - The whole Blaze story. - Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure. These games told us pretty much everything we know about Blaze. Again, I can't remember a single part of the modern lore (if there IS lore now), that could have such big influence on the further development of the universe. Every single event happened in S06 was erased from time, every single event from Unleashed was forgotten in the next game, in Colors there was actually no back story like in Sa/Sa2/Shth/Sbattle etc.. and generations is just one giant plot hole, a giant dump of past events that either don't have any connections with other games or even contradict each other (Blaze) But that's not everything. - VOCAL CHARACTER THEMES This is something that I just hate now. Every time they use a character song, it's either a song from Sonic adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 or Shadow the hedgehog, in other words, from games of the past. There hasn't been ANY new character theme from 2006. Yes, those themes are amazing and it's good to not forget about them, but back in times of the Adventure era EVERY new game had new character themes and it was freaking awesome! And some characters don't even have a character vocal theme yet (Blaze, Cream). I understand that it's due to "Sonic only" crap and because they are not playable and don't have any major importance to the story, but it sucks as well. And why not create a new character theme for Dr. Eggman? That music from S06 is not a vocal theme and again, it's from the game of the past. A lot of vocal themes are not even relevant anymore, because the characters had their development and those themes don't really fit them now. - RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN CHARACTERS AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT This was established in the Adventure era as well. And while there was some major character development, they just screwed most of it like Tails being more independent (Sa, Sa2) or Knuckles not being stupid gullible guy. (Sa, Sa2), Amy not being a stalker bitch. There also were some hints towards relashioship between Knuckles and Rouge but they decided to pretty much forget about that. Now all relashionships between characters are just EXACTLY the same. There is no development in friendship between Shadow and Rouge, there is no development of Knuckles as a guardian of the M.E. etc. I think half of these problems are there because of the "Sonic only" shit, but the other half... To me it looks like the universe is stagnant. Every game has (almost) no connections to the next and that lead to the point that there are no events that are important to the development of the whole Sonic world, there is (almost) no character development and in some cases the characters even degraded, Iconic locations are all from the past, vocal character themes are also all from the past. While I think they are making big progress with the gameplay and style of the series, I'm pretty sure they just said "screw that" to everything else that made the Sonic Universe so interesting, rich and lively. I hope all this makes sense. I might make some mistakes or maybe not made myself clear enough, because it's a bit hard to make a post like that with so many thoughts in engslish. WOW, THAT was THE post xD Now, what do you guys think about all that?
  11. My latest fan art, based on one of my favourite levels from Sonic Adventure. Link due to the fact that it's quite large: http://cuddlesnowy.deviantart.com/#/d4d4b5s Let me know what you think! Also, why is nearly all the other fanart based on this level on the internet about Sonic and Amy pairings?
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