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Found 9 results

  1. I prefer the North American soundtrack of "Sonic CD" over the original JP/EU one. I just think the North American tracks better suit the surroundings than the JP/EU ones do. Take the Present and Good Future themes of Palmtree Panic for example: The North American version sounds exactly like a tropical paradise, whereas the JP/EU versions just sound like something that would play during the Kids' Choice Awards, what with the children cheering and game-show-esque tune. I prefer the NA version of Palmtree Panic's bad future as well. The North American one does a much better job at making the player feel like they've failed than the JP/EU version does. The original JP/EU version sounds more like something that would play at a dance party. The NA track sounds sad, creepy, and really tells you that you screwed up. The JP/EU track is just silly in comparison. Another good example would be the bad future of Collision Chaos. The North American version perfectly fits the atmosphere of this creepy, long-deserted casino. The eerie guitar riffs, those ghostly sounds, what's not to love? The JP/EU version is far too upbeat for the scenario. The NA track makes you feel guilty for not destroying those robot generators and getting yourself in this mess. The JP/EU one does anything but that. Before you point it out, I am aware that the JP/EU soundtrack is the original and that the North American soundtrack was only added when the game came to the USA and Canada. However, I still prefer the North American soundtrack over the original, because it does a far better job at fitting the stages and environment than the original soundtrack does. Even listening to the two soundtracks on their own without acknowledging them as Sonic soundtracks, I prefer listening to the North American soundtrack. I prefer it not only as a Sonic soundtrack, but as a soundtrack in general. It's so ambient and has irresistible rock sprinkled throughout most of the tunes to boot. Not that I have a problem with anyone who prefers the original JP/EU soundtrack. It's quite well known in the Sonic community that people generally prefer the JP/EU soundtrack over the NA one. I'm just one of the few people who disagrees with them.
  2. This was confirmed by the executive producer after one of the fans asked Ivo Gerscovich about Sonic Boom's fate over on the AMA.
  3. Hey All and welcome. I'm new to Sonic Stadium but I've been a Sonic fan since 2004. Again, I'm new to this forum so I must apologize beforehand if I'm violating any rules or terms of this forum. Over the years I've dedicated my time to collecting all the comics in 1 big Digital Collection, since trying to get them all physically in mint condition is nearly impossible. I've managed to rack up quite a collection, and now that it's gotten relatively big I want to be able to share it with everyone so all can have a chance to read the wonderful comic history of the blue blur. It's a shared Folder on my Google Drive that everyone has access to and I update it weekly with new issues that I find. As of right now there's around 25+ Series in it, but I've still got a ways to go. I have miniseries, specials, game tie-ins, digests, the new IDW series, etc. The comics are in .cbr & .cbz format, which can be read by any comic book app. you just need WinZip or RAR to open the zip files that contain the bigger collections of comics. I have a Group Chat on Instagram so I can message everyone at the same time when I add new comics to the collection. My instagram is [removed -staff] so if anyone's interested and or never got to read all the comics then be all means join me on instagram, or share your email and I'll grant ya access
  4. http://nintendoenthusiast.com/news/sega-detail-2014-support-13-3ds-4-wii-u-projects/ Hmm, I'm intrigued, 4 (hopefully big and grand) console installments, and for the 3DS some nice Hatsune action and quite the flow of company to boot! What do you make of this?
  5. If Shadow and Rouge appear, how could they be handled if G.U.N, Maria and Gerald Robotnik doesn't exist in Boom's canon, though they could easily write off Rouge as simply a thief or treasure hunter and not a secret agent but i don't see how they can have Shadow with out the Space Colony ARK and G.U.N unless they write him off as clone of Sonic or an alien(both of which would destroy his character imo). Any thoughts?
  6. What sonic character do you guys wanna see comeback? Plus why do you guys wanna see them comeback?
  7. I finally finished a Sonic Boom Fan Comic I've been working on since last Novemver, in 2014. This is a fan comic where Sonic and friends get trapped in each other's bodies, because of Eggman's new invention. You can find the full comic on deviantart. Just click on the following link. http://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/51993595/Changed-Our-Minds I hope you all enjoy this comic, I worked on it for more than half a year, and I had a lot of fun making it. I tried not going too far out of the feel of Sonic Boom, but I did add a little more emotion to it, than the actual tv series. It still has a lot of humor, just like the show. I got his done just in time for Sonic's 24th birthday, so Happy Birthday Sonic!
  8. well.. since the Hiatus rumours were confirmed last weekend... i guess we can make a "review" or analize the best and stronger momments and episodes from this series; and the worse if you feel like it, from the 26 episodes until now..... and also as a way to dealing with the first summer Hiatus... heheh -.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-. at least for me... i'm gonna talk about some of the Best facts about this series so far.... in my opinion.. those facts i guess the series showed its sthreght...in general.. if you wish, you can talk about certain episodes and to be more specific by yourself.. first: Sonic and Tails brotherhood! in various oportunities we just noticed Sonic and Tails interacting together like bros once more, apart from AOSTH or SatAM and in some Sonic games (like Colors) but its been a while since we don't see a brotherly hug between them! and just since the first episode! "Sidekick" when i first saw this....it remnided me a certain fan film related to Sonic and Tails' first met.. https://youtu.be/9C1ryUfXnR4?t=1513 remember? maybe because it was the first episode.. so it needed to catch the atention.. but still this really made to catch my attention and my wish to see more..(even if the next first episodes weren't as good as the first one) though not only on this ep we can see Sonic and Tails' friendship.. but this one as the first one was pretty nice...just as an example.. Secondly: Sonic's faces and reactions.. i'm one of those people who loves this Sonic's multiple expressions.. all those cute and hilarious faces.. are one of the things i really enjoy from this Series.. even when its a bad episode.. like "Don't Judge me" .. only Sonic's reactions worth it.. here a little show off about what i'm talking about WAIT! put this music first XD https://youtu.be/4Diu2N8TGKA?t=41 now go on well i'll admit it. not only on this episode.. there is a bunch where Sonic's faces are priceless Thirdly didly: and the beeeeeeest from the best moments! are for the EGGMAN! (he's got a maaaster plan~) absolutely.. some of the very best momments are dedicated to Eggman! at this show, this character.. has shown a charismatic attitude and very funny scenes for his own.. specially with Sonic.. go Eggy! ohh and also he has shown to be an exelent cook... but well... specially with Sonic.. because who would even though these two can act like frienemies in the canon media?..(apart from some scenes on Sonic X ) their scenes have been so cute and enjoyable the most of the times.. hehe such a good moments.. hehehe but.. at least for me.. one of the best moments its in "Sole Power" when Eggman says "Just because I"m your sworn enemy doesn't mean that we can't be friends!" hehe that's a few of good facts and talking personally very in general... that's why i think i'm missing some of them... so.. i invite you to discuss what was the Best and the Worse, the strong and the weak...facts and episodes from these 26 episodes so far..
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