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Found 3 results

  1. Q: Do you personally think upcoming Sonic games should be developed by Sega or Sonic Team, or a third-party developer? Reply to this thread with your answers!
  2. Just making a new topic here so we can discuss the two games separately as they're completely different beasts. So it's story revolves around Lyric kidnapping everyone, and then keeping ahold of Amy in particular because she's the one who know about the titular crystal. And in her place we have Sticks to play as. Not sure I'm really happy about that. Amy getting kidnapped is the last thing I'd have expected of this new version on her. Why not Sticks instead? She's the native to this new world. Surely something could have been written in to make her the kidnapped party because she knows the history, while Amy is key to saving her because she also has knowledge as she's an archaeologist. I'm hardly going to say that Sticks' gameplay looks like it's a fun alternative, because standing still while slowly guiding that boomerang seems to be anything but engaging. And moving on to the gameplay, what the fuck is this? It's slow, it's clunky and it's made up purely of blocks. I don't know if a Sonic game has ever been this flat, which is weird because this apparently the more normal Sonic game of the two versions. I think it looks bloody awful. GameXplain seem to like it though. I'll wait to see more. At the very least this one has a run button to counter the dreadfully slow pace, and none of the button mashing *ahem* I mean none of the combat of the Wii U Game. Anyway, let's talk.
  3. He's BACK. For better or for worse. Some of the crew behind the Sonic franchise will be making an appearance at the SXSW event, just as they did last year. This time they've promised reveals on both of the upcoming Sonic games. GUESTS Mike Pollock Roger Craig Smith Takashi Iizuka DATES AND TIMES March 16th(tomorrow!) 5:00PM – 6:00PM CST 10:00PM - 11:00PM GMT (feel free to tell me if I fucked up the time conversion) A live stream will be held over at the Sonic Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/tssznews at the same time. SSMB's gonna have it's own stream over at MOTOBUG when the time comes, so you can watch it with the community.
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