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Found 12 results

  1. They also fixed the exploding the first jelly bean rocket on Sweet Mountain to actually... explode jelly beans instead of nothing. I've also heard this patch caused the music to go into mono apparently... one step forward, and another back.
  2. VisionaryofSUPER

    MT | Sonic Colours Ultimate

    Well, since it's out and all. I guess I felt it'd be appropriate for people to document their experiences with the game and all. Sonic Colours Ultimate recently released as the "definitive" remaster of the original Sonic Colours, for all consoles beyond the PC. The release has been met with a lot of contention and mixed opinions on the state of the actual product itself due to... a variety of issues/glitches/audio bugs/poor performance etc, while still technically functioning enough to get good reviews during the immediate release. And as of now, SEGA are on their way to patch the game... Welp. I bought the game on Switch, just because I wanted to. So far, the experience has been really fun to me. Since my TV is pretty small as is, a lot of the sloppier details don't stick out to me as much. I haven't encountered any major graphical glitches so far (aside from the Egg Sattlelite's thrusters breaking) so I'll count myself lucky. More annoying has been the constant amount of audio bugs all over the place with the wisps especially, losing their musical tracks, honestly annoying. The new menus are finicky and really cheap to look at too, such as how lame the rival rush pop up looks. When it comes to the good. Yeah, it's Sonic Colours, a game I've always had a fondness for, and this remaster hasn't really tarnished that experience for me. It's fun to go through the levels at such brisk pace and relive a time when it really felt like Sonic was taking a bold step back into prevalence again. Of course, it's also still Colors; filler levels and all that bog down the pace of the game. (I just beat the first three worlds so far, and am in the middle of S-ranking them.) When it comes to the new stuff. I do admit I really like the Rainbow homing attack, it does add an extra layer to levels that were stingy with the boost. Though I wish the devs chose a less grating noise when you land it. The Rival rush is just a good ol' time attack, and that is fun in its own right. Wish it was in more than one world per world, but whatevs. The Jade Wisp is also really fun, and I can appreciate that it makes use of a lot of the empty space areas in Colour's 2D sections. While it's sloppy on the visual front (it's really clear the levels weren't supposed to account you being in these segments, so there's a lot of pop in) I do think mechanically, it adds some pretty neat depth to the 2D segments when it comes to that Star Ring hunting. *Sigh* A lot of these new additions aren't bad ideas, but if only there was just a bit more polish on this product. Oh well. Hope the patches address some of the polish part, though I'm not super hopeful. So, how has your experience been with the game so far?
  3. SEGA announced today that Sonic Colors Ultimate OST "Recolors" is getting a physical release; which is made up of remixes and remasters of Colors original OST as well as new music for the Metal Sonic Rival Rush mode. This release (which is already available for pre-order) will feature two discs with the following tracks: I'm pleased the remixed music is getting a physical release. I really like some of the remixes we've heard.
  4. Reviews are starting to drop for Sonic Colours Ultimate: Currently sitting at 77 for PS4 based on 18 reviews: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/sonic-colors-ultimate Here's some of the review scores: According to this IGN review the first 3 acts of each world play the remixed music and the last 3 acts plays the music from the original 2010 soundtrack. You can't choose which version you want to listen to for each act: Edit 1: Also here's TSS review with a score of 7 Edit 2: The TSS review has been updated with the following information regarding the games music: Edit 3: (2/9) Metacritic score is currently 76 based on 31 reviews of the PS4 version. Switch score is 80..but that's only had one review so far. Edit 4: (7/9) With today being the official release of the physical version more reviews have been added to Metacritic: The switch version's had 5 reviews and currently sits at 65 Xbox's had 4 reviews and sits at 75 PS4's had 46 reviews and is holding steady at 76 Meanwhile the PC Epic release hasn't had any reviews so far.... Opencritic has a score of 74
  5. It looks like Sonic Colors Ultimate is getting more than just a web series: Sonic’s Japanese Twitter account has released a three page web comic! At the moment, the comic is only available in Japanese, but Kazuyuki Hoshino has confirmed that an English translation will be released soon. This web comic is considered “episode 1,” so there will be more. We’ll be sure to update this post with the English translation when it becomes available! Until then, check out the web comic below: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/08/sega-releases-sonic-colors-web-comic/
  6. Dreadknux

    Sonic Colours Ultimate (Early Access)

    If you're one of those kind of fans that loves to get things early, this will be the day you get to experience Sonic Colors Ultimate before anyone else! The game's official release date is September 7, but those who buy the special edition will get the Early Access starting today. CUUUUUUUUBE!
  7. Dreadknux

    Sonic Colours Ultimate

    The Colours feel so right! SEGA's remaster of the 2010 space-faring classic finally arrives on modern gaming platforms on this day. Book some time off work and go on a cosmic adventure with Sonic, Tails, Yacker and the rainbow of Wisps available to you. DRILL!
  8. As a heads up for folk buying physically, the game is delayed in most EMEA territories for the time being.
  9. Another Sonic cartoon will be made taking place in Sonic Colors. Edit: Adding Trailer
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