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Found 21 results

  1. SONIC 2022 MEGATHREAD It has been four years since the last mainline Sonic the Hedgehog game, so it's fair to say that everyone is absolutely chomping at the bit to learn more about what's next for the franchise. Sonic Team and SEGA have kept uncharacteristically tight-lipped about what they have planned for the next mainline title, due for release in 2022, as they have hinted at a complete shake-up of the traditional 3D Sonic platforming formula. While we currently don't know anything really, about what's to come, one thing is certain - we're going to spend an awful lot of time talking about it until we do. ---------- About This Topic: This Megathread is the home for all general discussion surrounding the upcoming Sonic 2022 game (potentially called 'Sonic Frontiers'). Substantial NEWSWORTHY information about this game should be broken out into a brand new topic within this forum. "New news, new topic". This covers things like new trailers with fresh information, new screenshot drops showcasing previously-unseen elements, newsworthy comments from game producers/developers about the game, etc. Newsworthy information can also be discussed in this Megathread, in the context of supporting further general discussion. If you wish to comment directly about any given news on the game, please post a reply in the news topic itself. When creating a new topic based on news, please include the original sources of the information, along with sufficient contextual information written by yourself supporting the news (i.e. don't just post a link in a topic with no further information and call it a day). Rumour and speculation can be discussed here, but please do not treat any such information - including anything from people who claim to be insiders - as fact until there is substantial evidence supporting the information from multiple trusted sources. Please be civil at ALL TIMES, especially when discussing rumours/speculation. Treat others as you would like to be treated. ---------- What We Know: Not an awful lot at this time, annoyingly. SEGA revealed the existence of the 2022 Sonic game by way of teaser trailer during its Sonic Central livestream in May 2021. No further trailers, gameplay or other details have been officially released since. The game will be published on all modern game consoles as well as PC, at an as-yet unspecified release date in 2022. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/05/mysterious-new-sonic-title-teased-for-2022/ Besides Sonic running along a glade emitting some rather strange energy, we were treated to a strange symbol which has been the centre of much discussion over the last few months: Besides this, a lot of the information we have to go on come from various rumours and hints from the game's producers. Shortly after the initial teaser trailer, there were whispers that the game would be titled 'Sonic Rangers' and include open world gameplay. SEGA also accidentally called the game 'Sonic Rangers' in a press release, which was retracted. Whoops. Since then, a trademark filing has uncovered the name 'Sonic Frontiers', suggesting that this could be the final name of the game. For what it's worth we interviewed Takashi Iizuka back in June and, while he didn't reveal any real details, he said that Sonic Team is hoping to "lay the foundation for future Sonic titles" using the format established in this new game. What's Next: I for one am not entirely sure. There are plenty of unverified accounts online who claim to have played early versions of the game, and they have shared information on what the gameplay loop for this new game could be. Of course, it's all speculation so should be treated with a huge pinch of salt - but it's fun to think about what a next-generation Sonic the Hedgehog title could look like, whether it's open world or not. Quick Information: Title: Sonic 2022 (possibly 'Sonic Frontiers') Release Date: 2022 (TBC) Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
  2. Just shamelessly cross-posting this from the news side of the site, because why not? It's my house and I can do what I like. :3 https://www.sonicstadium.org/2022/06/iizuka-reveals-hopes-of-using-sonic-frontiers-work-towards-future-sonic-adventure-sequel/ During the IGN Sonic Frontiers interview, towards the end (video is linked in the story above), he mentions how he would like to continue the Sonic Adventure series... but this time it's sounding a little more serious than his 'hopes and dreams' sentiments in previous interviews. I can hear it now... the sound of a million Sonic Adventure 3 fans storming over that hill. Prepare yourself. I'm getting to the bunker! 👀
  3. Summary coming soon. Test Text: Sonic Origins is coming before this game. But Sonic 3 already came before it.
  4. Like the past couple of games, Sonic Frontiers is getting an animated short. This one takes place before the start of the game. The only thing we know so far is that Knuckles makes an appearance
  5. I'm a bit surprised nobody made a topic yet. This will be premiering 12 PM EST, just like the last two videos IGN released, and on the same time as the Sonic Central. Pick wisely, fellow members. The quote above is from the video's description. Now, I might be reading into things, but to me this implies a few things. 1. What we've been seeing either wasn't early footage, or was only slightly earlier (the recent screenshots and this thumbnail honestly implies this too.) 2. The game still has a fair amount of technical issues that need to be ironed out. 3. There'll either be crunch, or the game has been pushed back to a later date (I hope it's a delay) Regardless of my concerns, I hope what we see will end up looking solid.
  6. IGN continues their Sonic Frontiers coverage with another video showcasing Sonic's combat abilities. The video will once again play at Noon EST tomorrow, the same as with the exploration video.
  7. It should be coming up soon. How do you all feel? Hope you don't mind me making this, but I felt it should be its own topic, as the other topic I felt was about the teaser. So here is a separate thread to post impressions on when this comes out if that is okay.
  8. I have been seeing a lot of debate on how the Switch version of Sonic Frontiers should be handled, and I am worried about that as well, because the only current gen console I own is the Nintendo Switch, and a decent PC that can play Sonic Generations at 60 fps, 720p, low settings (shadows, and reflections), FXAA, and Vsinc. So for many others that don't have PC, or any other console than a Switch, then we are definitely worried as drastic changes might be imminent compared to the other versions. Or will all of this worrying go away if a cloud version is announced? What do you think will happen? And is there some hope? FH8dIMBakAEcfhO.jfif
  9. Localization options for Sonic Frontiers were announced. Congratulations to Portuguese and Russian fans! As Russian speaker, I'm pretty sure that this is the first official translation of the game in Russian language.
  10. During the official podcast, it got confirmed that the entire(?) voice cast is back, Cindy Robinson is returning as Amy and Amy IS the voice in the trailer.
  11. Brave new world. Coming holiday 2022.
  12. New news, new thread, right? Let's collect the latest bout of leaks in one place. Original Source This is what the OP has to say: Obviously, we now know that Frontiers is set on the Starfall Islands. That makes this pretty convincing. OP then goes on to post a few images of slides that they were shown, specifically for Concept E, Concept K and some prospective titles. Now there are a few things to note with this. First of all, this survey dates back at least as far as November 2019, which is a year and half before the game was first officially teased and three years before it's actually set to be released. Absolutely anything and everything could have changed between then and now, and between now and the final release. Secondly, the first credible leaks I believe were posted in 2020. (Would someone clarify that for me, please?) It's likely at this time that Sonic Team was deep into developing the engine and general framework for Frontiers, but it was still very much on the drawing board. The final scope of the project hadn't been decided upon. The purpose of these surveys and focus groups it a gather ideas and get a feel for what game the audience want. Concept K sounds almost nothing like the game as we know it to be today. Either they were really lost and didn't know what sort of game they were making, or it was a fake concept design to throw people off the scent. We don't get a huge amount of new information here, but everything in Concept E is likely the real deal.
  13. I doubt this is actually anything, but I figured I'd share it anyway to see if anyone happens to notice a pattern. The trailer ends with a bunch of shifting letters that eventually form "Frontiers" and "Holiday 2022". This is the order they appear as best as I am able to discern with freeze-framing. I've bolded the letters that don't form the words. Frontiers: FC FX FRE FRZ FRU FRQ FROE FROZ FROU FROP FRONK FRONF FRONB FRONW FRONTA FRONTV FRONTQ FRONTL FRONTIW FRONTIS FRONTIN FRONTII FRONTIE FRONTIEF FRONTIEA FRONTIEV FRONTIER FRONTIERH FRONTIERC FRONTIERX FRONTIERS KRONTIERS PRONTIERS URONTIERS SONTIERS XONTIERS CONTIERS HONTIERS PNTIERS UNTIERS ZNTIERS FNTIERS PTIERS UTIERS ETIERS VIERS AIERS GIERS LIERS LERS QERS VERS ERS HRS NRS SRS RS VS AS FS S X C H Holiday 2022: V P J HE HY HS HO HOX HOR HOM HOLX HOLR HOLL HOLIU HOLIO HOLII HOLID HOLIDN HOLIDH HOLIDB HOLIDAN HOLIDAH HOLIDAB HOLIDAY 9 HOLIDAY 3 HOLIDAY 7 HOLIDAY 2 HOLIDAY 24 HOLIDAY 28 HOLIDAY 22 HOLIDAY 208 HOLIDAY 202 HOLIDAY 206 HOLIDAY 2020 HOLIDAY 2024 HOLIDAY 2028 HOLIDAY 2022 I don't expect anything to come out of this, it may very well just be entirely arbitrary, but if anyone wants to take a crack at finding meaning in this, enjoy some points of data to work with!
  14. Who at SEGA do we think would be best suited to handling an open world Sonic? Here are some potential candidates: Morio Kishimoto Production history (sourced from SegaRetro): gonna be honest with you, I'm not really a fan of Kishimoto's stuff but clearly someone at SEGA is in love with him because he keeps coming back Hiroshi Miyamoto Production history: I have no idea what Miyamoto is doing nowadays or if he even works at SEGA anymore but I like Generations and he would be my top choice. Yoshihisa Hashimoto Production history: This one's a bit of a shot in the dark because Hashimoto moved over to Square Enix and now he no longer works in the game industry. But hey if he ever wanted to make a big comeback maybe Sonic would be the best place to do it. Unleashed has been getting a lot of love lately in the fandom so I think many would welcome his return. Sachiko Kawamura Production History: You might be thinking this is a weird one to include since she's never actually directed a game before, but Kawamura was a key part of the chao garden in SA2 and goddamn if this is what it takes to get a new chao garden then make her direct a game! Takashi Iizuka we all know this guy. Senior game designer for Sonic 3&K and director of the Adventure games. Now a series producer, he hasn't actually worked in the gamedev side of things for a long time. Love him or hate him I think it would be really interesting to see him direct a game again. Maybe we could get a return to the Adventure gameplay formula out of it. Well that's all I got. Who would you want to direct a Sonic game? Any of these? Maybe NONE of these?? Maybe someone who's never worked on Sonic before? Please share your thoughts.
  15. https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1467977297609179137?s=20https://twhttps://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1467977297609179137?s=20itter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1467977297609179137?s=20 https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1467977999832158208?s=20
  16. Well well, looks like we're ever closer to the official reveal of the new Sonic game Sega teased earlier this year if this trademark is anything to go by. Indeed, Sega has trademarked Sonic Frontiers both in English and Japanese back on October 22nd (you're getting slow, fandom!), and this has happened a few times before. In the past, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World for example had their trademarks registered and "leaked" not long before each were announced back in the day. Via Gematsu / SSMB
  17. Do you guys remember about how we all laughed at "Sonic Frontiers" leaks? Well, SEGA officially registered trademark for "Sonic Frontiers" in Japan
  18. An untitled Sonic Game was teased at the end of today's Sonic Central I'll post a better trailer once the Official YouTube updates.
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