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Found 10 results

  1. Sonic and Amy Squad back at it with another sonic mania only this time Amy plays and reacts to Amy Mania which is a modded version of Sonic Mania Plus. Enjoy. [Link Removed]
  2. When I was growing up, I always thought of Knuckles as being the serious, solemn character who is slightly naive in certain places. It was an interpretation that has stuck with for years until someone posted a few posts that challenged this view of the character. I am aware that Knuckles was something of a trickster in Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble but I had no idea that he was supposed to be a joke character. Someone pointed out that one of the rival fights in Sonic the Fighters was played up as a joke as opposed to a serious rival fight. I never thought Knuckles as a "joke character" but I had not considered that Knuckles was not as "serious" as he pretended to be. To be honest, I was somewhat shocked that Knuckles was treated as a joke in those games as I always assumed that Knuckles was a somewhat serious character but I was wrong about him. What do you do you think about this? Was Knuckles ever a serious character? Did this revelation Knuckles was a joke change your view of the character? And what does that this revelation mean for Knuckles appearances in other Sonic media?
  3. Hey folks I managed to get my hands on the Sonic Mania Introduction Manual. This was an item that was only given out during conventions like the 2017 Comic Con Panel or PAX West. It was never sold anywhere else and is only obtainable by second hand sellers. Of course that means scalpers gonna scalp and the prices for the manuals, that were given away for free might I add, were ridiculously high. The prices ranged above 100 dollars or more. I think I share the same sentiment that Matt Manheimer, formerly of Tails Channel, had about this during the time it was happening: https://twitter.com/mattmannheimer/status/889942792751001602 https://archive.vn/idYMC I always wanted to see the contents inside this manual clearly as I was only able to see it through video or camera pictures. I specifically wanted to see the little writings the Mania staff wrote. I assumed when it first released that someone would scan this and I could see it that way. Three years later and it still hadn’t been scanned. I couldn’t believe that no one who had this manual ever even bothered to try and scan this. Admittedly, I feel I was a part of the problem since I did have it as well for over a year (and a half I think?) and never got around to scanning it myself. One day after my usual search for a sale I finally found one at a reasonable price. I immediately swooped in and bought it. I would like to give special thanks to the ebay user who sold it for just 15 dollars. I would give proper credit but unfortunately I don’t have the exact username anymore and it doesn’t appear in my purchase history either for some reason. All I have is their actual name which was on the cardboard postcard it was sent in. I’ll just say that their first name was Alli. So thank you very much Alli! The manual itself was in a clear plastic sleeve and there was this cute little hamburger sticker where Alli wrote their thanks on it. I thought I would share this too: Enough of the personal story though. I scanned the images at 600dpi and then exported them as PNG images. I have uploaded the whole manual over at archive.org. One version has the pages individually: https://archive.org/details/sonicmania-intromanual-paged/mode/2up The other has the pages together: https://archive.org/details/sonicmania-intromanual/mode/2up If you want the raw images at the highest resolution then there is a zip file download in the gray box where it says DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Click on the link that says GENERIC RAW BOOK ZIP. The separated page version is 341MB. The full version is 332MB. I will also provide PDF links for both: https://ia601502.us.archive.org/4/items/sonicmania-intromanual-paged/sonicmania-intromanual-paged.pdf https://ia801400.us.archive.org/30/items/sonicmania-intromanual/sonicmania-intromanual.pdf If any of you think you can do a better job at scaling, cropping, or just editing it in any other way than I could (which I’m sure any of you can since I’m not that proficient with image editing) than I also have a zipped file folder containing the uncropped versions of these scans: http://www.mediafire.com/file/te9md7mh5eri5kj/sonicmania-intromanual-uncropped.zip/file Here’s a sample of what the uncropped version of the manual will look like if you try. The white space is from the scanner: (The preview image has to be reduced due to file size limitations for this forum so it’s not the actual size) Scanning it was a tedious process of scanning a page and reviewing if they came out very clean because at times there would be very noticeable spots of dirt or small hair on the pages which would frustrate me to try again. I would wipe the scanner so many times just so I made sure nothing would get caught in it but no matter what there would always be a piece scattered here and there so I would just choose the cleanest scan with the least spots to be a part of the final manual scan. This is one of the reasons why it took me this long to scan the entire thing in the first place. As the one who scanned this I can honestly admit that I don’t think I did a great job in scanning it since I had to sacrifice some of the pages edges getting cut but I was tired of it not being anywhere online so I just did the best I could do with this. Now here's some bonus stuff involving the manual According to Aaron Webber the manual went through over 20 revisions before finalizing. He also showed the old B&W printout they ran around for approval: https://archive.vn/eiUxx Simon Thomley (AKA Stealth), one of the developers of Sonic Mania, signed a manual and left it at a Target on the edge of Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA http://archive.vn/E74cQ The video quality is not that great so I decided to transcribe what he had written on it the best I can. So if you're curious here's what the manual says from the way I can see it: "Hello, Sonic fan! I'm sorry that Mania Plus is currently not available here. If you were lucky enough to find this first please take it as a consolation prize! Thank you for playing. Simon "Stealth" Thomley" Here's a Youtube version in case the tweet gets deleted: He left another at a Best Buy http://archive.vn/aIDB0 During E3 2018 a sign for Sonic Mania Plus was right near a hand sanitizing station so the Mania developers (which include Christian Whitehead, Simon Thomley, Brad Flick, Hunter Bridges, and Tom Fry) made a joke about it https://archive.vn/ZQPi4 This made them sign a manual with encouraging messages to sanitize http://archive.vn/lCd31 Here's the image itself: Well that's all the bonus stuff I could find I hope you enjoyed.
  4. Though I'm sure many have noticed it by this point, I thought it really clever that there are subtle changes in the second loop of the music for Flying Battery in Mania, and I found myself wondering if all of the music in the game is the same way - do they all play slightly differently on the second loop? Try as I might I couldn't determine if that was true for a lot of them, and it affects how long I would want the .mp3s in my personal music collection to be since, of course, I'd want to hear everything. Can anyone confirm and identify if, and for which tracks, this occurs? Thank you!
  5. So, a certain status update around here as well as a tweet thread (that I can't find right now) got me thinking about this. About ten years ago, this site lost it's collective hivemind when "Classic" Sonic popped into focus alongside "Modern" Sonic to announce the celebration of Sonic's 20th Anniversary. Sonic fans cried. No, literally, some of you posted about how emotional this made y'all. No shame in it, my jaw dropped too! Ten years later, we've gotten Sonic Mania and a whole smorgasbord of Classic-esque fangames and proofs of concept to toy around in, and the argument has arisen that the Classic Sonic universe (in terms of gameplay and world-building) is effectively tapped out. What exactly does this mean? It may depend on who you ask, but the main argument I've heard is that aside from new levels and perhaps reintroducing classic era characters, there's not much more that can be done for a new game that wouldn't involve pushing that branch of the series beyond the tenants of "Classic Sonic", whatever those tenants are. Given this perspective, what else can be done with Classic Sonic either as a character, a game or a story? At what point are we pushing things too far? Sonic Mania is generally seen as a true classic era game in spirit, yet you'll find no shortage of complaints over the reuse of old stages or the choice to stick to pixel graphics. Is a 3D modelled side-scroller in the vain of New Super Mario Bros or Donkey Kong Country Returns acceptable or not? Can we never return to Green Hill, or do we have to have some kind of callback in each game? Was the addition of the drop-dash good (yes) or did it change the formula in a negative way (no), or should we give Classic Sonic a homing attack to shake things up (NO)? Y'know, before Generations dropped and people were clamoring for Classic Sonic to return, it was in a very specific context: SONIC 4. That was really it. People had a conviction that if Sonic was going back to his 2D roots in the context of being the fourth game in the "classic" saga, he ought to resemble that design. But even then, that mindset wasn't universal. There were just as many fans telling other fans to shut up about Classic Sonic, that it was just an older design. Maybe an alt skin would've been fine, but no need to pander to such a small subset of a fandom, right? Obviously, history proved differently and the reintroduction of the retro Sonic design won fans over pretty hard for Sonic Generations, and we saw the little blue booger in everything from merchandise to mobile games and eventually in Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces (to the chagrin of literally everyone). For a while, the Sonic Advance saga was effectively seen as the continuation of the classic 2D series. Advance 1 was certainly of the 16-bit Sonic mold, but what happened was it slowly evolved into Sonic Rush as the high-speed gameplay was overemphasized, then brought into 3D with Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels in a marriage of the inevitable conclusion of speed-emphasis 2D Sonic (Advance 2, Rush) and speed-emphasis 3D Sonic (Sonic 06 mach speed areas, Secret Rings, etc). The point in bringing this up is to emphasize that going back to the Classic series with Sonic 4 was sort of a novelty to capitalize on the nostalgic side-scroller trend going on in the late 2000s with New Super Mario Bros, Megaman 9 and the like. The desire for Classic Sonic may have been based off of association; Sonic 4 had the generic Sonic design, and along with it we had poor physics, uninspired level design, gaudy and phoned-in graphics and just... an overall subpar experience. I guess Classic Sonic was sort of seen as a beacon of hope to pick apart what was going on with Sonic at the time? I felt that. Thing is, the design of Sonic shouldn't have had any bearing on gameplay. There's nothing inherently wrong with the Modern Sonic design; it's all association, which is subjective. Again, Sonic Advance was hitting many of the right targets for a genuine retro Sonic experience, and that featured green-eyed lanky leg Sonic. Sonic Mania could have easily featured Modern Sonic and still play the exact same and be just as objectively good... but it wouldn't have been as loved without that pudgy, adorably smarmy git. With that all said...... ..... I don't think "Classic Sonic" needs to be anything more than an alternate skin at this point. There's talk about the unnecessary division of the franchise and while a part of me is fine with there being a separate "universe" of just Classic Sonic themed worlds, levels, characters and gameplay, I don't know if that's what's best for the franchise moving forward. The real issues aren't about the design of Sonic but the way the games are crafted, the gameplay, the level design, the worldbuilding: nothing about Classic Sonic as a design or character is going to inherently make the game better or worse. Turning Classic Sonic into a separate entity may have been one of the worst well-intentioned mistakes that SEGA has made, and I can't believe I'm saying that ten years after praising the Good Lord for the existence of our black-eyed baby bouncing blue boy. So is Classic Sonic tapped out? It depends on how you frame it. The design? That's probably an irrelevant factor, but if we're talking core gameplay alterations, we probably can't do much more. It's not impossible, but if we're going to stretch things out any farther, why bother arbitrarily sticking to the vague notion of "Classic Sonic"? ...at this point I've typed Classic Sonic so much my fingers are faster at typing that than my own name. Yikes. Anyway, wrappin' this up. What are your thoughts here? Is there anything more that can be done with that Classic Sonic universe, or should he be relegated to merch and cameos? I'm wanting to collect everyone's thoughts here and stew it over for something later, potentially.
  6. The speechless classic Sonic styled animated series 'Sonic Mania Adventures' has had 6 short 2-3 minute episodes so far that you can watch online. But is there potential for a complete TV series out of this formula similar to SATAM, Sonic X, Sonic Boom, etc?
  7. I remember how a long time ago, I heard once from another forum I frequent that Sonic 2 was a polarizing game due to introduction of the spindash. I had Sonic 2 when I was a kid but I had no idea that many fans hated the spindash. I never thought much of the mechanic or even how the mechanic supposedly 'breaks' the game, I just never saw it as anything to fret over. What are fair criticisms of the spindash mechanic and it is place in the series?
  8. An update for Sonic Mania was available for a brief moment of time for PS4 users. Even though it's no longer available to be downloaded, players are still able to play the game and look at all of the new features and changes to menus, stages, and boss battles that may or may not be part of the coming "Plus" DLC. Here are a collection of images, gifs, and videos that show changes added in the 1.04 update so far. If you want to wait and find out about any of these changes when they're officially announced, this is your spoiler warning. Also, this post is the only post in the topic to use a Spoiler Tag. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Currently known Changes All features in No Save Mode are now available for Regular Save Files. The Time Limit can now be turned to off
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