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Found 8 results

  1. Sonic's a popular, character-driven franchise, and popular character-driven franchises tend to do well in video-games, comics, books, TV shows and films. Sonic the Hedgehog has had 2 major, somehow actual, successful theatrical releases as well as a direct to video anime movie. A lot of digital ink has been spilled on how we'd change certain aspects of them, but one thing I'd like the Sonic Stadium forums to do today is to start from scratch. How would YOU make a Sonic movie? Assuming money isn't an issue, assuming SEGA and whichever production and publishing companies have already given you the go-ahead to come up with an idea and assuming you had unlimited connections, how would you do it? Who would appear in the movie, what would the plot be, would it be just like the games, an adaptation of an existing subset of the franchise, or something completely original? This is the place to share ideas, give feedback and just have a fun discussion about the merits of Sonic as a film overall! --- For me, I'd want to re-imagine the origin mythos of the main cast from the Modern branch of the series. In this make-believe and non-canon reality I just came up with, I'm going to presume the Modern series is completely separate from Classic, and that the original trilogy + CD is only applicable to the Classic branch. That means before Sonic Adventure, we don't know how Sonic and Tails met beyond a vague flashback, how Knuckles and Amy got roped into things, how long Sonic and Eggman have been fighting each other, Metal Sonic's creation, how much parallel there is between this timeline and the Classic one, etc. Basically, an origin story for Modern Sonic assuming Classic and Modern are truly separate realities. Medium: more detailed but game-accurate CG animation. Imagine the Sonic characters in the actual Sonic movie if their designs were closer to the games. No live action, so that means Eggman would also be CG. Setting: Earth, as interpreted in Sonic Unleashed, but mainly focused on what we're going to call the "Islands of Mobius," spanning South, Westside and Angel Islands as well as some new ones? Theme: Friendship. In this canon, Sonic is a loner. He doesn't want to be slowed down by anyone: his self-driven purpose is to explore the world and do whatever he likes. He's not a particularly altruistic person, but for some reason he finds himself unable to resist helping people in trouble and immediately running away before they have a chance to even thank him. This changes through a series of circumstances that has him befriending some life-long allies that shape him into the character we know and love today. Plot: The major story beats I'd incorporate would be establishing Sonic and Eggman's conflict as a long-standing one, cover how Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Tails meet in greater detail, the "Eggman tricks Knuckles into fighting Sonic" story and end with the takedown of the Death Egg. Starting off with a short prologue with a montage of the events of the first Sonic game (with a Modern era flair) showing how Sonic and Eggman are enemies, Sonic's abilities and personality. At the end of the montage, Sonic has reached Eggman's base and sees that he has 7 multicolored gems plugged into a machine with schematics of a giant egg-shaped spaceship on a monitor: the Death Egg. Without thinking, Sonic dashes into it and ends up causing the emeralds to scatter across the ocean and lose their power, landing on several islands. A furious Eggman then dispatches his fancy E-Robo series badniks to pursue the emeralds to re-energize them while he continues work on the Death Egg, as well as another secret project. This sets up the main inciting incident: collect and revive the Chaos Emeralds. As Sonic hops from island to island on his biplane, the Tornado, he meets Tails, a lonely fox who had gotten to one of the Emeralds first and has already done research and experiments on it. When Sonic learns that Tails is bullied often for his two tails and nerdy interests, he reluctantly agrees to let him tag along. On another island, they meet Amy, a hedgehog who was under attack by one of the E-Robo badniks and immediately takes a liking to Sonic after he rescues her. While Amy doesn't get the opportunity to tag along, she finds various ways of trailing after Sonic and Tails, getting herself in and out of jams and will end up helping the main duo often unbeknownst to them. The final island is a floating island: Angel Island, where Eggman has already "warned" the island's guardian, Knuckles, of Sonic's arrival. They fight until Amy, who had been unseen until this point, breaks up the fight and calms everyone down. Eggman uses the tension to steal the Chaos Emeralds they've collected and retreats to his now functional Death Egg. This would be the lowest point in the film where "all is lost." Knuckles then reveals that there's a special 8th Emerald called the "Master Emerald" that can nullify the Chaos Emeralds, but removing it from it's spot for too long would cause his island to fall to the surface, crashing into the ocean and causing mass chaos; they all have to be quick in stopping Eggman. After they arrive on the Death Egg with Master Emerald in tow, Eggman unleashes his secret weapon: Metal Sonic, who initially gets the better of the 4 heroes, kidnaps Amy as bait for Sonic and the two have a race to the core of the Death Egg. Meanwhile, Tails and Knuckles are left to find their own way to the core. At the core, we see the null Emeralds being charged in one of Eggman's machines, to no effect. Here we have the final showdown between Sonic and Metal and Eggman's defacto giant Death Egg Robot, and Eggman reveals that he has captured his friends. If Sonic deals the final blow against Metal and the Death Egg, he'll send his friends into the cold vacuum of space. The theme of Sonic learning about friendship swells here and he surrenders, and is himself instead sent into space: except Eggman forgot that the Chaos Emeralds were with him. Sonic's sacrifice for his friends (positive feelings) is what gets the Chaos Emeralds to work again and Sonic transforms into Super Sonic to take on a Master Emerald energized Super Metal Sonic. Sonic narrowly defeats them and activates a form of Chaos Control that sends everyone back to Earth and uses his remaining energy to destroy the Death Egg with Eggman's fate unknown. The film ends with Sonic returning to Angel Island and reunites with his friends for a celebration, scatters the Emeralds and he, Amy and Tails fly off on the Tornado. Post credits: Eggman and Metal crash into one of the ruined temples on Angel Island where he uncovers a stone tablet with an icon of Knuckles' tribe, as well as the Master Emerald... with a legendary creature hidden within... Other fun things throughout the movie: You could have Big the Cat and Froggy making cameos in the background, have some of the islands resemble locations from other games like Knuckles Chaotix or Sonic 3D Blast, toss in references to the usual fun stuff like chili dogs, often quoted lines, other SEGA games and more, so long as it doesn't distract from the plot. It's about Sonic learning to trust people and how his acts of heroism inspire his friends to do great things themselves. --- And that's my contribution! I hope that inspires some of y'all to come up with your own ideas! Have fun!
  2. Some new information.: Source: https://movie-robotnik-positivity.tumblr.com/post/685350833431429120/while-not-as-relevant-i-have-a-few-more-tidbits When asked about Amy, and if she could appear in the sequel, the duo couldn’t answer it properly due to a non-disclosure agreement, but said that things are “in the works”. In regards to Jim Carrey possibly retiring from acting, the duo was hopeful to bring him back for the third film, but said that it was mainly up to Carrey. Miller was careful not to comment on specific plotlines for the third film, but concluded it was “not revealing”, given Shadow’s introduction to the movie franchise, that there are plans to incorporate elements from Sonic Adventure 2 and the Shadow the Hedgehog spin-off game in the film. Nothing can be said about Shadow’s voice actor, but the idea of aiming for a famous Hollywood actor to voice the hedgehog was not ruled off. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is currently on what is called the “Blue Sky phase” of scriptwriting, where every idea of what the movie could be is being proposed, and the staff streamlines it into what the movie should be. The producers are aware of the fans’ desire to get Crush 40 to appear in a Sonic film. Even though the movie planning is early, Casey did not rule off the idea of getting the band in the next film. Miller: “In each new Sonic movie, as long as the people got the appetite for them, we’ll keep adding yet another person from the game universe.” The current plan is to get the third movie released in 2024.
  3. According to multiple early reviews, the original Sonic the Manhog design.. Is in the new Rescue Rangers movie! Both Variety & Empire reviews claim that he's in there and even has dialogue! Quick tweet pics if you just want the soundbites... But here are the full reviews with the line of dialogue included. No pics yet, or even hints as to who is voicing him. https://variety.com/2022/film/reviews/chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-1235268985/ https://www.empireonline.com/movies/reviews/chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers/
  4. While the Sonic movies have been unexpectedly huge hits, given what seemed like a perfect storm going against them, one thing seems to be really hated: Sonic floss-dancing. Many people online just refer to this as the "Fortnite Dance", despite it not originating in that game, and to be fair, it's likely that game that made it popular, so Sonic is flossing as a shoutout to its fandom. People are calling this a naked attempt to jump on a bandwagon, because that's exactly what it is...but as someone who’s been here since 1991, I'm left to ponder when exactly Sonic doing this became a problem, and why. Sonic was created to jump on trends, becoming a version of cool that took shape in the late 1980s with things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bill & Ted, but really went into overdrive in the 1990s. Some may assume that this was solely a product of American marketing, and that's likely somewhat true in terms of English phrases like "Way past cool", "Dude with a 'tude", and "Aww yeah, this is happening", but from the top down in Japan, the idea had always been to make a refined cool mascot that made SEGA seem like it was on the cutting edge. Naoto Oshima copied Michael Jackson's shoes for Sonic, his movement and most iconic stages took obvious inspiration from extreme sports moves, and an early commercial for Sonic had him moon-walking and breakdancing atop a Rols-Royce driven by someone who looked like Vanilla Ice. Sonic played guitar in his cartoons. Sonic not only embodied the 1990s version of cool, he might be the most responsible entity for codifying it. For a while, mouthy and in-your-face animal mascots became the big thing that marketers banked on. Most, though, became either underwhelming, as with Radical Rex, or annoying, as with Bubsy and Gex, and even within the 1990s this fad was already being savagely mocked, in places like The Simpsons. Meanwhile, Sonic entered his first dark age in the Saturn era, and by the time he got his second wind on the SEGA Dreamcast, it was probably already too late. Then months later, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle exploded onto the Nintendo Gamecube, and I think this may have been the moment the mass-perception of Sonic changed. Undeniably, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was many fans' first Sonic game. I could write a whole separate essay about how it was the perfect game to present to Nintendo players as Sonic's first impression (albeit probably accidentally), but for the moment, let's examine legions of gamers from a different era, on a different console, by a different company, starting up the Hero story and getting absolutely dumbfounded by the sight of Sonic leaping off a helicopter thousands of feet in the air, twirling down on a makeshift snowboard while flashing a cocky grin. It's the gloriously ridiculous epitome of the 1990s 'tude Sonic had always embodied, but now it was being experienced by an audience who hadn't experienced that archetype being saturated and burnt out. So if Sonic in the early 1990s had been a totally radical character, Sonic in the early 2000s was more-or-less the totally radical character. Sonic to the new generation of fans had his trademark personality but now it also felt unique. That this character had been originally designed to pander to what was already rather popular was a lost detail. To these people, Sonic was just Sonic, and to see Sonic pandering to newer trends would feel like sacrilege. And to be fair, it really did. It would take only a few years before SEGA went all in on new fads with Shadow the Hedgehog, and even to those fans whose only experience of Sonic was a mere handful of games made within a few years, it was obvious just how inappropriate that game was to the series. Then 06 dawned and failed to correct course. Of course, 2000s era fans, many of which had been Team Nintendo in the Console Wars, were not the only Sonic fans; those people who had become fans of the series on the Genesis were still around and many were none-too-happy with where the series had gone on the Dreamcast. For those early third-party years, much of Sonic fan discussion consisted of debates between Genesis Sonic fans and Dreamcast/Gamecube Sonic fans, and whose version of Sonic was better, but by the time the next Dark Age rolled in, every Sonic fan had reason to feel betrayed. In a few short years, the Sonic franchise had gone from one of the most impressive success stories of trying hard to be cool, to one of the most laughable failures of trying hard to be cool, but in the process a lot of people have come to see trying hard to be cool as a bug in this franchise, as opposed to a feature. So now, there are lots and lots of people who cringe every time the Sonic Twitter account tweets out a meme, and of course, the rage at floss-dancing follows suit; all with no apparent awareness that this sort of pop-culture pandering is what Sonic was created to do. Interestingly enough, the movies arguably provide a canon explanation for why Sonic is like this. He spent a decade isolated, wanting to forge social connections but thinking it would be too dangerous, and so he latched onto those bits of culture he could glean from TV and perceive from afar. The result is Sonic came to value things that others might find frivolous, but not at the expense of also having more sound values where it really counts. Now with all that said, some of the references Sonic makes in those films are going to get dated. Some of them maybe were dated even when he said them there. There are jokes that will get people scratching their heads, or maybe cringing for their overexposure. But seriously, flossing is peoples' biggest complaint here?! It's a dance! Sonic kept breakdancing right into the 2000s, as a victory celebration and sometimes even as a means of combat, and people accepted it, but the moment he floss-danced, that crossed some invisible line? I for one don't see what the fuss is about. Might breakdancing have more lasting appeal than floss-dancing? Maybe; it certainly takes more talent and athleticism to do. But to make such a stink about what particular dance Sonic is doing ignores that 1) Desire to move in almost any sort of way is one Sonic's most enduring character traits. 2) Dance fads don't age as badly as many other things. There may well come a day when flossing ceases to be popular, and fades into obscurity. But do you think future audiences will care? I don't. Their interpretation will simply be that Sonic's dancing; no irritation that they don't recognize the dance step. Also, have you actually tried floss-dancing? I have, and it's actually kind of fun! Am I part of the problem in many people's opinions for saying that? Well, too bad, and again, please grow some introspection, because merely by being here on a board posting positive opinions of Sonic, we are part of a problem in many people's opinions.
  5. https://www.polygon.com/interviews/22828388/sonic-2-trailer-interview-knuckles-idris-elba Seems like the man really wants to give the best Knuckles he can give.
  6. Since 2021 is wrapping up soon, what did you guys think about Sonic's 30th anniversary? Did you think this was a good year for Sonic the Hedgehog or do you think that there were some things that they could have done better? For me, I thought that this was a pretty decent anniversary for Sonic the Hedgehog. The highest point was definitely the Sonic Symphony, which I loved and the Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps cartoon was really good. Also, the fact that we got the trailer for the Sonic movie sequel was so exciting to me! And finally, Sonic shows back up in the Macy Day Parade! Now, the downsides of this anniversary was of course, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and how SEGA poorly handled that game (even if they are working on patches to fix everything). Also, regarding Sonic Frontiers, even though I'm still excited for the game, I wished that they released some gameplay footage of the game while they were showing off the trailer. It's a shame that the games themselves still get the short end of the stick regarding this series, but let's hope that Sonic Frontiers is the Sonic game that turns things around for Sonic the Hedgehog on the gaming side of things.
  7. IT's FINALLY HAPPENING!! Sony Pictures has just issued a press release confirming that a Sonic CGI movie is in the works! Here it is: I'm pretty excited for this, especially since Marza is doing the animation. They're the division of SOJ responsible for Night of the Werehog, so I'm sure they'll do a great job. I can't say I'm sold on the live-action hybrid idea, though - humans don't usually "fit" in the Sonic universe unless they're generic townspeople - the last thing we need is a live-action Chris Thorndyke. But, anything that'll bring Sonic back into the public eye (and result in more toys for me to collect) is good news for me! And one movie per year? Sign me up!
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