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Found 1 result

  1. Eh up. So, April the 1st has finally reached us, or at least it has in the UK. And you know what that means... y-yes, it's, yes, it's April Fools, thanks for noticing. But you know what it also means... yes, it's now time for a certain topic to begin for real. But first, a little flashback. *swirly flashback sounds* I asked you - the people of the Sonic Stadium - to provide questions for the purpose of this very topic, and now it's my job to point a dramatic finger at them and choose which ones to utilise for said topic as I see fit. ...*spooky jazz hands*... The topic works in a very simple manner. I ask a new Sonidom-related question each day within the days of April, and you must... well, answer. (See, told you, very simple.) Some questions will be very traditional, other questions will be less so. And in the case of some questions, there will even be a little rule or two, because... because. Hohohoho. Also, there are indeed badges for your participation, each badge given for a select total number of days in which you have made a contribution post at any point, so no one leaves empty handed. (Unless you only posted once or something, in which case, shit out of luck man, sorry.) And so, without wasting more time, let us begin... ~~~The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog~~~ ... ... *half-hearted cheering* That's better, thank you. I suppose it would only be appropriate to start with a more "me" question, so I'll kick things off by asking you this... Question #1: What are your favourite Badniks? *Not actually a Badnik. Badniks, Badniks, Badniks. To this day, they're my favourite evil minions in all of media. Not just because they were created by Dr. Robotnik, and not just because they happen to be robots (I tend to prefer robots and machines as opposed to things like zombies and demons), but also because they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be mammals. They can be fishes. They can be birds. They can be inanimate objects. They can even be completely and utterly abstract... anything can be made to fit the Badnik mould. All those other Eggman robots are cool and all - we all like a bit of Egg Pawn and E-Series - but Badniks will always be the top dogs for me personally. So out of the incredibly wide selection of cocaine-eyed automations to choose from, which ones are your favourites, and what is it about the Badniks in question that make you like them the most? Is it the design? The attack strategy? The colour scheme? Any reason is welcome, no matter how major or minor. Crusher's Thoughts: My own favourite Badnik is, of course, all of them. Because what did you think I was going to say. So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~
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