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Found 3 results

  1. Since we've been reset all the way back to August, we might as well start setting up the topics we're missing. So, here's the Sonic Runners Thread - 2.0 For those not in the loop, Sonic Runners is a Sonic Team developed mobile game for iOS and Android. It features environments taken from Lost World, original compositions, and fun, fast-paced gameplay. Discuss it here! Gameplay, courtesy of DarkspinesSonic's Youtube channel: Oh, and links: Google Play (US): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sega.sonicrunners App Store (US): https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/id953019873?mt=8
  2. The last topic died... So originally the idea was to try and unlock Amy Rose, why do this? Well two main reasons. 1: I want more characters. 2: Speed characters are currently the best for all the stages, so having two levelled up is the best strategy for points when the game turns to random mode. Here is what we know so far. How to get a referral You need to link your game to your Facebook account. You then need to 'invite friends' from the options screen. They need to download, install and play Sonic Runners. When they start the game and get past the tutorial, they will be prompted to link their Facebook profile. If they do this, they can then accept your referral. Questions Q: If someone has been playing this game, linked to Facebook, can they still be a referral? A: Yes. Q: I don't care about Amy, why else should I do this? A: Each referral also gets you 20 red rings, even if the dummy facebook account is delete, the rings are never taken away. Q: I was someone's referral, can I delete the Facebook app and be another? A: No, the game ID will still record it. The problems You need 10 friends to play the game. The process to play through to the Facebook link takes around 10min. When a player accepts a Runners invite, even if they delete their facebook app, the game will not allow them to be referred again. There is no way to check how many referrals you have done. The Facebook Restriction Facebook itself has a number of restrictions in place which makes this process even harder. Facebook will delete any accounts which do not appear to be genuine/have been updated after X length of time... so you can't stockpile 10 accounts then do the process at once. A single computer cannot create X number of accounts per day (usually 2 or 3). A single computer cannot create X number of accounts per day even if they use a proxi. A single computer cannot create X number of accounts per day even if hey use a different network. Possible strategies The Legit way: You do it legit, 10 friends, 10 referrals, happy days. Cons: Potentially you would never do it, unless you have 10 very nice friends who are into Sonic. 10 men, 10 accounts: You get 10 people who want Amy, every day or two days they all make 1 Facebook account, they then play using those accounts. 1 player in the 10 then gets referrals for all those accounts. Cons: Process will take a VERY long time, looking at weeks. Relies heavily on the team sticking together, ideally all must be online to do this at the same time. Need to hope Facebook allows for account creation for all 10 without any problems. Solo boosting: You do it Solo, but instead of trying to get real people, you create your own Facebook multi's and use them. Cons: Takes a very long time. You cannot stockpile Facebook accounts, you'll be looking at 2 referrals per 2 days if you are lucky. Unknowns Currently, there is a big unknown which I'm not sure about which could potentially destroy the solo boosting method If the dummy Facebook account isn't used or doesn't appear to be genuine after X number of days, Facebook deletes it. The concern: The game recognises that account has been deleted and takes it away from your referral total, meaning a solo boosting method would be impossible unless you paid for facebook accounts or had someone helping you by supplying accounts to use.
  3. I will eventually update for the best after discussion. Right now this is based off world rankings. Score (story mode) Most popular combo (currently) Shahra + Erazor Djinn Im expecting dark queen to overtake pretty soon Score (timed mode) Most popular buddy combo Team chaotix + rc turtle + rc tornado 2 Rsr/ring grinding Most popular buddy combo Rc battle cruiser + king arthur Boss showdowns I have no idea. But i expect caliburn, rc moon mech, king arthur? and possibly halloween chao on the list.
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