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Found 16 results

  1. It's been a couple months since we formally opened our Community Events forum and I'm psyched about the turnout and participation for the ridiculously huge event we launched with it, the 30 Days of Sonic 2022. In hindsight, it was sheer madness of me to organise and manage something of that scale on my own, but it was 100% worth it. We got some great discussions going, some awesome artwork drawn and some creative games playing too. We launched 30DOS 2022 with the new Achievements system back in June, and I promised a round of limited edition Badges for Sonic Stadium users who participated in the event. All of these Badges have now been given out to members - if you took part in any of the 30 days' worth of activities, give your Profile page a look to see your shiny new trinkets. I wanted to take some time to properly congratulate nine special Sonic Stadium users, who were dedicated enough to take part in EVERY DAY's activity. You've earned an extra-special, limited edition Badge just for that. Well done to the following users: @castell-neath @Dr. Mechano @Iko @Indigo Rush @JezMM @Nix @Ryannumber1gamer @Sonictrainer @WanderingBleats We'll plan some more special events for the future - although they may not all be from me! One of the things I want to encourage with this new forum is fellow SSMBers to get together and collaborate on special projects - so feel free to pitch to me or an SSMB mod any ideas you have for a fun event you want to host on the forum. It could be a collaborative art project, a music album, some sort of live quiz... we're open to suggestions! I have moved a few past events, that used to live on other forums, into this new Community Events forum to keep things organised, so feel free to browse those to see what we were all up to back in 2016 and beyond. I also wanted to quickly share a reminder that @Ryannumber1gamer will be hosting the next Community Event on the forum - the return of the long-running Sonic Musical Spectacular! The initial polling for music tracks has already taken place, but the resulting live music event that will follow is yet to take place - tune in this Sunday (1am UK time) to be part of the festivities! Here's the Calendar entry for it, feel free to give it a Follow to remind yourself. I'm excited to see how we can revitalise friendly community activity across the SSMB through initiatives like this, and Community Events is just one of the things we have. More new features are coming soon.
  2. The time has finally come! We'd like to formally re-introduce... The Sonic Stadium Achievements system! This has been in the making for many, many months. We actually delayed the launch a few times as we wanted to make sure that the system we introduced was fair, provided a realistic promotion curve and awarded things in the way we wanted to. And we will still be tweaking things as we go (see the Fine Print section below), as we soft-launch this new system and get to understand how people use and respond to it. So let me start by saying; BADGES ARE BACK! 💃 But, there is also much more to our new Achievements system. I'd like to introduce the whole thing to you here and give you the rundown of how it works and what to expect. Sonic Stadium Achievements: Overview Almost anything and everything you can do on The Sonic Stadium (well, the SSMB side of it, anyway) can be recognised and rewarded with points and/or badges. These rewards can be offered either through automatic rules that the Sonic Stadium staff set, or manually awarded by SSMB Mods and Admins (and in some cases, TSS Staff with certain conditional events). Automatic Rules-based rewards (like the ones above) are usually given for meeting certain milestone targets during your stay at The Sonic Stadium. For example, if you just registered an account with us and made your first post in a topic (and it gets approved), you will automatically earn a special badge. We can set rules for [making X number of posts], [giving X number of Reactions to another user's content]... even [return visits to The Sonic Stadium]. There will often be multiple tiers/levels to these kinds of Achievements, with circular basic-colour badges being more common and easier to unlock, and spiky/shinier badges being more rare (or require a bit more dedication to earn). Manual Rewards (like the badges seen above) will mostly be handed out for meeting unique conditions (i.e. during Community Events) that SSMB staff will track, or for qualitative instances such as rewarding the quality of a user's post in a topic. Badges associated with these kinds of Achievements will mostly be in a square format, and (with the exception of Limited Edition or Community Event badges) can be awarded multiple times. For example, the green badge above is awarded by Staff to a user that makes a post that they think counts as really great content - they will be able to award this directly to that user's post. That user will also be able to see a link to the content that earned them this badge, by checking their Badge list on their profile page. Progression In order to understand the Achievements system fully, it's best to think of it as four major pillars of progression: Achievement Rules, which are custom conditions set by us that you meet in order to earn... 👇 Achievements, which will consist of EITHER or BOTH of the below, depending on the Achievement: Badges, which are cool little tokens that are forever saved to your account Points, which contribute to your account levelling up in... 👇 Rank, which is a visual representation of your journey in the Sonic Community. Badges alone do not count towards your Rank progression. Only Points do. So, having lots of Badges on your account will not necessarily mean you will shoot up in Rank, unless many of those Badges also have a Points value assigned to them. Not all Achievements will include a Points reward. Some will reward only Points (i.e. make a post in a topic and you earn X points towards your next rank), some will reward only Badges. Only Achievements that reward Badges will be listed on your profile page for you to track. With this first iteration of the Sonic Stadium Achievements system, we're offering 16 Ranks that start at the level of 'Chao' and run up the Sonic character leaderboard... all the way to Hyper Sonic at the very top. These Rank Badges were created for TSS by the amazing @Zaysho - be sure to give them all the love in the world for making these incredibly expressive renditions of the Sonic crew! You can check your progress at any time by going to your Profile page and clicking the 'Recent Badges' link above the main content area on the right hand side. This will also detail your Badge collection in full. A reminder of your current Rank status (and the Points needed to level up) can be found in the User Dropdown menu (or User Menu Drawer on mobile), as well as on Profile hovercards (when hovering your mouse over a member's username). Can I See The Achievement List? At the moment, we are still deciding exactly how much we share of the Achievements/Rules list. There are a few reasons for this: There are loads and loads of Rules in our system already, and the potential for many more to come - it would be too long and tedious a list to tell you every little thing you'd get points for (some of them are incredibly boring, like earning X Points per Topic post and Y Points for every Reaction)... it's also one of the reasons why only Badge-related Achievements are tracked on your Profile We want people to be surprised by cool Achievements they earn as they organically use the SSMB and explore different areas of the site. At this early stage, we'd rather not spoil all the different badges you could potentially get Revealing the list could lead to members abusing the system in an attempt to earn as many Badges and Points as they could, in order to artificially boost their Rank. We want this to be a fairly-run system that rewards good behaviour. We may change our mind on this at any time and share the list in full if we feel that it would be beneficial to do so. It would depend on whether we could engineer the system so that having the membership know the Achievements List doesn't negatively impact the content or activity on this site. During this soft-launch we will be keeping things pretty conservative as a result, but we will of course take on board feedback about this. Having said that, we're not against sharing some of the Achievements you can earn through using the site. Here are some examples of Badges: First Steps: Made your first Post on SSMB Conversation Starter: Made your first Topic on SSMB (this is achievable once your account leaves 'Newbie' status and enters the 'Sonic Community' usergroup) Reacting Well: Give 5 Reactions to other users' content Great Content: Manual Badge. Awarded to a user if staff determine it is... well, great content. Helping Hand: Manual Badge. Awarded to a user if their content has been recognised as helpful to others. A Decade Dedicated: Been a member of the Sonic Community for ten years. There are many more to find and unlock, so we hope you have fun discovering all that the Achievements system has to offer! Classic SSMB Badges As you might remember, we used to have a Badge/Award system before on SSMB - you might be wondering what has happened to all of that? Well, even though the Sonic Stadium Achievements is a brand new system, we were able to migrate all of the old SSMB Awards into it. That means, if you were ever awarded an SSMB Badge in the past, you'll find it sitting right there in your profile right now. They'll be labelled 'Classic Awards' and will have no Points value attached to them, but you can rest easy knowing that your epic run through the SSMB Heroes Academy will forever be immortalised. What About Reputation? The Reputation system has been used as a sort of crude 'Ranking' mechanic for many years now, and to be honest I'm kind of impressed that we were able to use it in this way. However, with the advent of this new Achievements system, the Rep system will be pretty much redundant. At this time, no changes will be made to it, but logically it doesn't really make sense to have two 'ranking' like systems, so at some point it may be revised to become a little closer to its original intended purpose - to offer users a one-look view of how trustworthy/helpful a user is to the SSMB community. If we do anything radical to Reputation, we will find a way to honour people's progression there into this new Achievements system. And we will of course announce any changes we plan in advance. But for now, it's just kinda staying as it is. Fine Print While all of this is very cool and exciting, I want to point out that we are soft-launching this new system with the objective of making tweaks and changes to the Badges and number of Points offered as we go. This means that there may be some small turbulence every so often as we reset or alter the system in order to rebalance things. The reason for doing this? We want it to be fun, accessible yet challenging (but not too much) to earn Points and level up in Rank, and while we've made every effort to plot things out in a way we think works, we simply have no idea how easy it might be for some of you to reach the Hyper Sonic rank until we set this whole thing live. This iteration of SSMB has a directory of members spanning the last 10-12 years, and most Achievements work retroactively - so that means there's a LOT of potential content that various power users of the forum can be credited for. We will be keeping an eye at the average Ranking and progression of the entire userbase over the course of the next week or two, and will tweak things up or down if we feel that people are either levelling up too fast, or in fact finding it too difficult to rank up (i.e. if certain Ranks provide too steep a curve in relation to the user journey we want to set out with this system). So, rebalancing can go either up or down. Please bear with us while we get this right. To my knowledge, if we rebalance things, it should not affect the Badges you have earned - only Points and Ranks - but we'll keep tweaking until we feel we have it perfect. And you're more than welcome to offer feedback to the system either in here or via our Feedback Forum! Your help and interaction is vital in making our Achievements system a success. So I hope you're as excited about this journey as I am! Enjoy! Happy Badge Collecting! NOTE: In order for the new Achievements system to account for all members’ past activity, we need to recalibrate it. This might take a long while, as there is 12+ years of content on this forum for the system to comb over. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to access and view all of your Achievements and Badges!
  3. I'm very proud to announce that, as part of The Sonic Stadium's celebrations of Sonic the Hedgehog's 31st Anniversary, we will be bringing back a community favourite event from the dead. Introducing the 30 Days of Sonic 2022! The "30 Days of Sonic" was a community event that began on The Sonic Stadium way back in the early 2010s. The premise is simple - every day, a new discussion topic or activity was revealed for the Sonic Community to participate in, with account incentives and rewards for those that took the time to play a part. This year, we will be running a number of simple but varied activities every day, from June 1 - June 30 inclusive. There will be a different kind of activity for each day of the week. Here's what you can expect: --------- Mondays (starting June 6): Music Track of the Week Every week we will ask you what your favourite Sonic music track is, based on a particular theme or category. We will share an example of our favourite song from said theme to kick off the conversation! Tuesdays (starting June 7): Fan Game Favourites On Tuesdays, we will kick off a discussion about Fan Games and Game Hacks! This is an incredibly creative part of the Sonic community, and we wanted to give these fans some love. Wednesdays (starting June 1): Question of the Week The focus on Wednesdays is what this forum is all about - discussion! We kick off a particular topic with a question that asks you to dig deep within your heart (and memories) to share your thoughts, opinions and more! Thursdays (starting June 2): Comic Panel of the Week Whether it's IDW, Archie, Fleetway or the many manga that have existed in the world, Sonic has featured in comic form for a long time. Each week, we ask you to share your favourite panel (or moment) from a favourite comic series based on a particular theme. Fridays (starting June 3): Poll of the Week Time for some Friday Fun! On Fridays, we hold a poll to truly get to the bottom of some of the most interesting questions in the history of Sonic the Hedgehog. Honest. Saturdays (starting June 4): Game Challenge of the Week Weekends are for gaming! And what better game to play on your time off than Sonic? Every week we pose a simple but interesting challenge for Sonic gamers to accomplish. All the games featured are easily available on all modern consoles, and all you need to prove your completion is a snapshot taken from your chosen console's built-in screenshot feature. Sundays (starting June 5): Fan Art Challenge This is where all you creative artists can show the rest of the community What You're Made Of! On Sundays, post your completed piece of fan art (drawn/developed specifically for The Sonic Stadium's 30 Days of Sonic event) into the relevant Fan Art Challenge topic. Each week there is a different theme/prompt for you to work with - feel free to get creative! To give you the maximum amount of time to work on your projects, we are sharing the prompts ahead of time: Week 1 (to share on Sunday June 5): "Fist Bump" Week 2 (to share on Sunday June 12): "Custom Badniks" Week 3 (to share on Sunday June 19): "Heroic" Week 4 (to share on Sunday June 26): "Party" ALL JUNE: Sonic Stadium Banner Art Challenge We're bringing this back as part of 30 Days of Sonic 2022! We will give you dimensions and specs for our Sonic Stadium character banner (seen at the top of every page you browse on SSMB), and your job is to use your fan art skills to develop a new banner that will appear on the site's rotation. You have all of June to do this, so feel free to do this whenever you have the time. Contributing banners will be added to the random rotation cycle of the SSMB's Default "Stadium" theme. --------- Each day's activity will be contained in its own forum topic on SSMB, and we will open up a brand new forum dedicated to both the 30 Days of Sonic 2022 event as well as any future events we host. It's called the 'Community Events' forum, and we will also allow fellow Sonic community members to pitch their own collaborative events to help bring the online Sonic community together! In the past, it has brought wonderful things such as the Sonic Stadium Music Album back in 2011-2013. Finally... I mentioned that we used to host events like these on SSMB in the past, with member rewards and incentives for those that took part. Well, we couldn't rightly bring back something like 30 Days of Sonic without doing something similar. So, while we're not yet ready to share full details, I can say that in the near future we are also bringing back BADGES and other member incentives to The Sonic Stadium. A selection of badges you can earn during the event. Check the information topic for more badges and details. For those that take part in 30 Days of Sonic, we will be developing Limited Edition exclusive event badges. So be sure to keep an eye on the Community Events forum, take part in each topic, and when we're ready to relaunch our new Badges system we will be able to reward your account with a special little icon proving you took part in something special for Sonic's 31st Anniversary. The general overview of Badges on offer: Special Badge for taking part in the First Day of 30 Days of Sonic 2022 Special Badge for taking part in the Second Day of 30 Days of Sonic 2022 Blue Badges - for taking part in Week 1 of a particular day's activity (except June 1 or 2) Bronze Badges - for taking part in Week 1 + 2 of a particular day's activity Silver Badges - for taking part in Weeks 1, 2 and 3 of a particular day's activity Gold Badges - for taking part in all Weeks of a particular day's activity Special Badge for taking part in EVERY day of 30 Days of Sonic 2022 Special Badge for contributing to the Sonic Stadium Banner Challenge I'll be creating a new topic in the Community Events forum outlining all of the above details so it's all in one easy-to-find place, later tonight. In the meantime, things will kick off in earnest on Wednesday June 1st! See you then!
  4. It's no use! With Sonic 2006 making a surprise return to the Sonic News headlines this week, we thought it was fitting to focus on bringing back this time-travelling hedgehog theme from yesteryear. Silver fans, rejoice as you will now be able to browse The Sonic Stadium using our remastered 'Kinetic Psycho' theme! Like all of our remastered site themes, Kinetic Psycho brings back classic character headers and colour schemes from The Sonic Stadium's past, but remixed to suit our new 2022 site design. As you can see, Silver the Hedgehog features prominently in the title banner, and while most of the site follows his trademark silver design, the navigation banner adopts the aura of the hero's special power as an accent colour. Switch to Dark mode and you'll notice that we draw on Silver's darker hues (mostly found around his eyes). We wanted to also make this particular theme feel a little different to Dr. Eggman's "Hard Boiled" dark mode, which is more grey in tone compared to this one. As with any other character theme on The Sonic Stadium, Kinetic Psycho is available to all users with a TSS Account. If you don't have one already, why the heck not!? Simply sign up for an account, then find the Theme Select option at the bottom of any page and select your favourite character. Enjoy!
  5. It's been a while since we did one of these, hasn't it? Due to various life events, work on restoring the classic SSMB themes that you all knew and loved took a bit of a back seat over the last few months. But today is the day that I can proudly announce that (almost) everyone's favourite colour scheme (and character) makes his glorious return to the Sonic community. I'm talking, of course, about Big the Cat. It's Catfish time, baby. Gracing your Sonic Stadium experience in the most regal purple, our 'Catfish' theme is perfect for those of you who want to browse your favourite Sonic the Hedgehog website in the most distinguished manner. As Big would have you know, in the screenshot above.. "Feels good!" Don't think we've forgotten about dark mode either! Catfish was one of the only SSMB themes we've ever made a dark mode theme for (way back in the day), so when the time came to redesign the entire forum we knew for sure we needed to include a decent dark mode for our Big the Cat theme. 'Catfish' is available for all users with a Sonic Stadium account - just log in, scroll down to the bottom of any page, click the 'Themes' link and select 'Catfish' from the dropdown menu. To toggle light and dark modes, click on the Sun/Moon icon on the navigation bar at the top of any page (on the left side for desktop, on the right side for mobile). Enjoy browsing with Big! More character themes to come! Let us know what you think of this 2022 remix of a purple classic, and which characters you'd like to see next!
  6. until
    The world's greatest Sonic the Hedgehog-themed radio is now back as a weekly show on The Sonic Stadium's Twitch channel! Tune in with GX for a selection of music tracks from SEGA's mascot franchise to kick-start your weekend. Love Sonic music? Love SEGASonic Radio! Catch the show via Twitch right here: https://twitch.com/sonicstadium Archives of every show will be made available on TSS' YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd0dcxHwgLsqLIZWxgxYCjyUz10CpFJ7P
  7. Hi everyone! I hope everyone's having a great 2022 so far! I know I promised a bunch of site updates and upgrades over the course of the year (that's still the plan by the way), but as you can see not an awful lot has been happening over the last month. Not even a new forum theme! What's going on then, Dread? Well, 'Dread' became 'Dad', is what. 😄 On 24 January I became a father to a wee handsome chap who we've named Jamie. And I've been on Cloud 9 ever since. 🥰 I don't usually share such personal news on TSS, but since this is a website that has been part of my life ever since I was 15 years old, I guess there's no place online that is actually more personal than this one. The community that we've built here on TSS and SSMB has been something I've always been incredibly proud of and personal to me, so I hope you'll allow me the indulgence of doing a bit of a 'Life Update' on here. 😅 This kid gonna be raised on Sonic Mania, that's for darn sure. As a result, site updates will be delayed as I get into the groove of being a dad. This shouldn't impact the news/forum moderation/streaming side of things too much, as GX, nuckles, Chris and the SSMB mod team have already been keeping things Business As Usual, but there may be some turbulence on those fronts as well during busy periods. Thanks for your understanding! View full story
  8. I know you guys must feel like things are going about a hundred miles an hour with the good ol' SSMB this past week, but it's all in aid of some urgent and very important maintenance upgrades that are long past due. After our forum reshuffle and the inclusion of a new feature, we're going to be spending some time working on some heavy upgrades and maintenance on the forum software. For you, this might mean the following potential effects: Member Maintenance: We will be going through our backlog of members to determine what sort of data can be culled in order to improve site performance. Don't worry, this will not impact any active SSMB account. We will only be looking at user accounts that either have suspicious historical activity, or who have not yet logged in/are stuck in the verification process (and have no record of post/login activity). What this potentially does mean, is that if you once registered an account with us and forgot about it before verifying (or you got stuck, gave up and registered again successfully) then that user data - including assigned email addresses and other user information - will be deleted. Major Theme Disruption/Rollbacks: We will be making some major upgrades to the forum software over the weekend. This might mean a significant amount of downtime, but more permanently this is likely to mean a temporary rollback of the current forum design to a default InvisionCommunity theme. This probably isn't what a lot of you want to hear (I have definitely noticed the confusion over the lack of the Sonical Dark theme - that honestly was an accident and not planned), but it's an absolutely necessary step for us to take before we can take the SSMB and TSS to the next step of its evolution. There might be more unforeseen issues that occur as well - so please bear with us as we do the necessary behind-the-scenes work to improve things for you all. As I've said about sixteen times already this week... 'Pardon our Dust'.
  9. The changes keep on coming, don't they? After our ongoing 'spring' cleaning of the Sonic discussion forums (which isn't finished, by the way - there's a lot of stuff to re-organise, at least a decade and a half's worth), we rolled out a new feature for the SSMB/TSS. It's called 'Our Picks', and allows site staff (and forum moderators) to highlight interesting and hot topics they see posted across the community. We are nothing without the incredible community that comes here and shares news, opinions and stories with one another. It's what separates TSS/SSMB from every other fansite, and we're going to be highlighting that dedication even more over the coming months. 'Our Picks' is part of that emphasis on you - the true blue Sonic fan! You can visit the Our Picks section here. There will also be an Our Picks widget set underneath the forum list on the SSMB homepage. Refer to it to catch up on the best topics and content across the entire Sonic community on a given day. As this feature evolves, we will also highlight fantastic material posted in our archives - from fantastic SSMB Community Events to snapshots of everyone's reactions to hot stories of yesteryear. We will also be looking to tie rewards into this system in the future, so those of you who share the hottest news the second it drops (remember, if you're posting in the Sonic discussion forums - New News = New Topic!) will be recognised for being a fantastic member of the Sonic the Hedgehog online community. Hope you find the Our Picks feature useful, and let us know what you think of these changes in the reply box below!
  10. Time for a site update! We want to prepare for the imminent re-blossoming of everyone's favourite Sonic community, so to do that we're mixing things up with our discussion boards. Over the next day or so, you might find the number of Sonic-specific discussion forums expand, and topics moved around (or even split up) to suit their new homes. We know that up until now, there has been three major Sonic forums, and they've all gotten a little bit stale and strange over the years as discussion about different Sonic media is merged and Megathreads rule over all. We want to invite a little more pep to the proceedings, by giving specific media their own breathing space and encouraging more exciting posting activity. What Forums Will Be Affected Sonic Fan Games Club Upcoming Sonic Games These two forums will be either removed/replaced or 'sunset' as we introduce new forums that will aim to be a more appropriate home. New Forums Incoming: 'Sonic Games' - This will be the new home of all chat related to official Sonic games. You will be free to chat about news on upcoming Sonic games, as well as discuss more openly about classic titles and talk about mobile games as well. Whatever you fancy. 'Sonic Comics' - A forum dedicated to all forms of official Sonic comic media. IDW will lead the show here we suspect, but discussions on Archie, Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, esoteric Japanese manga and more will be more than allowed. 'Sonic TV/Film' - Discuss the latest on the Hollywood Sonic movies, as well as things like Netflix's Sonic Prime and legacy cartoons such as AoSth, SatAM, Sonic Boom, Underground and more. 'Sonic Community' - This one is a little special, and is not the same as the already-existing 'Showcase' forum. The purpose of this forum is to discuss cool events, projects and works created by the broader Sonic community. It's not intended to be a place to share your own fan works or to promote YouTube channels; for example, discussions about the Sonic Amateur Games Expo and some of the games that exist in that show belongs in this forum, as do things like Sonic & Tails R. Some cool artwork you've done, or your own project, should go in Showcase. In the future, we will introduce SSMB community events that will belong in this forum too. 'Sonic Merchandise' - Merch is now a big part of the Sonic scene, and we want to open up a forum that will encourage discussion on all the latest to come from that side of the franchise. New LEGO products, Jakks Pacific toys, books, exclusive clothing lines, new music soundtracks... all belong here. You can continue to use the Marketplace forum to sell or trade items you own; this new forum is simply about discussing new merch news or sharing old bits of merch you may have in your collection. New Rule: New News, New Topic In order to justify the existence of these new forums, we want to introduce a new rule (or maybe relax an old one). In the past, we have insisted that multiple threads for the same project/product should not be allowed, and that any new developments for a game (for example) should remain in a single topic. This sub-rule doesn't make much sense in today's age of discussion and fan activity surrounding breaking news - nobody wants to go diving into a 60-page long topic just to catch up on news. But, we're not totally removing this rule. Instead, we are just relaxing the current situation and allowing for members to post new topics for the same game/movie/product if there is significant new news announced for it. For example, if SEGA releases a new trailer for Sonic Colours Ultimate and it unveils a new mode or something, that is worthy of a new topic. If Takashi Iizuka says something interesting about Sonic Colours Ultimate a day later, that too is worthy of a new topic. If SEGA releases a bunch of new screenshots for Sonic Colours Ultimate - new topic (or maybe this one can be relegated to a screenshots-specific megathread, we'll see). If IGN or Gamespot reviews Sonic Colours Ultimate on its own, this is not new topic worthy (although a 'Review Roundup' collecting a bunch of reviews from different outlets MIGHT be considered worthy of a new topic). As we're introducing this as a new sub-rule, specifics about what can be considered news and not-news may change and the sub-rule may be redefined over the course of the next few months, as we understand how the community responds to it. We trust you all to use your common sense and best judgement as to what should be considered a new topic (or news) - if it's something truly new that you find interesting, then it could well be worth posting a new topic about! Megathreads Still Have a Purpose All this is to say that Megathreads will not be going away, or killed off. There are still loads of uses for a Megathread for a particular game. What I would say is that Megathreads should be for general discussion about a game (your opinion on how it plays, questions about the game etc) while discussion within a news topics about a game should exclusively be about the news being presented in the original post. Megathreads can also be used to talk about news about a game as well... but general discussion about a game should not feature in a news topic. It might not be worth having a Megathread for some products (i.e. Sonic Movie), and it might be worth having a Megathread for a particular issue of a comic rather than the entire IDW Sonic line. But how Megathreads evolve around the concept of "new news, new topic" is up to you guys. We hope these changes will spark some insightful discussion, excited news chat and open talk about parts of the Sonic fanbase/franchise that we have not really touched before in any great detail. Let's make this a home for every kind of Sonic fan!
  11. Hey All, You probably don't know me, but I hang around the IRC 99.99% of the time. I go by Spinic. So I've noticed that http://media.sonicstadium.org/is down. I figured it was because of the recent downtime of the website and I've come to offer something. I possess a backup, not of everything, only the Music and Soundtracks section. It is fairly up to date. I'll be posting a screenshot of what I have. If you guys don't have it backed up somewhere I can upload it via ftp or something. Feel free to contact me here: petritrebs@me.com Thanks, Petri -Spinic from #sonicstadium
  12. Well, since this is probably the only place the post this.. might as well say something. I've created a little wiki about SSMB, though it is pretty empty right now, you can help contribute. Make anything related to this site's history, members, events, etc. Here's a link. I made this to wiki in order to get people familiar with oru community, and have a little bit of fun doing it. a.k.a boosting our egos dur -Sean So yeah, decide what you wanna do. (. .)
  13. http://sonicstadium.org/article/interview/...ce-of-dr-eggman Mike's a cool dude.
  14. Is this the most awesome April Fool's joke or what? (Besides the Conficker C virus, of course.) Welcome to the Sonic Stadium Stadium.
  15. Hey dudes, and welcome to the Sonic Stadium! This website is about everything Sonic! As you probably have guessed, this website has just been born, but it will soon expand. There's plenty of Super Sonic stuff on show here. Click on a link and you'll be taken there at Sonic speed! Most of these links have not been completed yet, and because of this there is not much point in putting the non-completed pages up at this time. But rest assured, once I am on my feet I will get everything online and ready! Little to discover at the moment, but hey, enjoy what's there (Yeah, like you will). Update soon. Well, welcome to my site, I hope you find it 'satisfactory' (Jeeves! Snooty!) and basically just have a good time. Forgive me for anything that has gone wrong, but it is my first site an' all. Spare Me! :). It's not long before Sonic Adventure 2 and I'm in the process of updating as we speak, so don't worry. A Sonic Shuffle page will be on its way, as well as (hopefully) a Neo Geo Pocket Colour SA page (I'm finding that game really groovy at the mo ^_^), as well as a few other pages, I assure you. I can't say much else, as I'll just be repeating myself. So, look around and have a good time on my site! Oh Damn... BTW, if you wish to know more information about anything Sonic among any of the categories, feel free to email me, the DreadKnuxster, and I will try to answer your mail to the best of my ability (unless I haven't a clue!). Also, any Sonic information that I may have missed or gotten wrong (usually the latter with my reputation ^_^), do not hesitate to correct me or fill me in on the details. I will try to get everything covered about Sonic and I usually will, but the human brain can only think and edit websites and surf the net and play Sonic games for so many hours in a day! Stay ICE, Dreadknux View full article
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