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Found 24 results

  1. So, this is just a hypothetical question, but what do you think will happen if SEGA just up and decided to not make anymore Sonic the Hedgehog games? Like, they will still allow the movies, the TV shows, the merchandising and the comic books to still run, but what if they decided to stop making the games altogether? Will the franchise take a nosedive, despite the fact that the movies, cartoons and comics are still running or can the franchise still survive without the games?
  2. So, I was seeing some complaints on Twitter about how some Sonic fans were being aggressive with other fans when expressing their opinions on the franchise and how there were some fans that were encouraging fans to be more courteous with other fans when expressing their opinions. So, I wanted to ask you guys, how do you feel about talking about Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter? For me personally, I'm not that surprised that there are some discourse on Twitter about Sonic the Hedgehog. Twitter in general is infamous for starting up drama between users because of their policy regarding just using 100 words or less and it can be a headache talking about anything on Twitter without some drama stirring up. So, I just tend to stick to forum boards like Sonic Stadium, YouTube and my blogs to talk fully about Sonic the Hedgehog so that way I can get my full thoughts about the series without worrying about shortening my sentences to explain my points. So, whenever I do talk about Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter, I either just retweet some posts I really liked or I respond to Sonic fans who are pretty nice.
  3. Sonic tries out his new shoes, which look very similar to Amy's... PC Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper Calendar
  4. Similar to his contemporaries, Sonic has explored some other genres other than usual platform games. While Sonic has been in most genres before, there are some genres that Sonic has yet to explore. What are those genres? And how do you think they could work with the Sonic universe?
  5. There are number of talented artists that work on Sonic Media, such as the comics. Every once and while they will post art they've done of the blue blur and his friends/foes either for fun, for commissions, and for holidays. This topic is to showcase their amazing work and ideas. Please be sure to name the Artist along with the artwork when you post. This amazing line art was done by Tracy Yardley, which shows Sonic, Cream, & Cheese traveling through the Leaf Forest Zone from Sonic Advance 2.
  6. https://www.deviantart.com/ningemtitan/art/Zine-Sakurai-s-Super-Smashing-Scoops-905892818 May I take your order?
  7. A new Sonic the Hedgehog themed cake is available at Tesco. It’s just a standard celebration cake but comes with unique Ueakawa stickers on the ribbon and some art on the back. Has anyone picked it up yet?
  8. I'm pretty sure those who have been lurking around Sonic Retro have heard of this.. but I wanted to share this with all of you. Sonic The Hedgehog Megamix, or just Sonic Megamix for short is a hack of the original Sonic The Hedgehog game. The game was created by a team of hackers known as Team Megamix, and is their first, and probably most popular project. The hack was created for the Sega Genesis, but recently was moved to the Sega CD. But there are many distinguishing features that make it differ than other hacks out there. There are five characters you can play as. Sonic The Hedgehog, Mighty The Armadillo, Shadow The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles The Echidna. Each character has their own type of gameplay, and highly differentiate from each other. Sonic: Gameplay is made up on the classic formula of high-speed action, and the usual platforming elements. Mighty: Based mostly on the ability to switch types of shield while playing. which can be a very useful thing if you want to protect yourself. Shadow: His gameplay is similar to that of Sonic's but is based more on exploration. And his ability to do constant speed boosts. Tails: Based on exploration like Shadow, but due to his ability to fly, his stages can be certainly easy in most open areas. Knuckles: His stages are based on his brute power, and can go through different shortcuts that other's cannot. ------------ In the Options' menu, you can choose which character you want. And even play around with the sound test. And choose which type of game you want. Here are the game options. Classic: Play through the original stages of Sonic 1, with remixed music, and other new experiences. The title page is that of Sonic's 1 title page also. Normal: Play through the all-new Megamix experience, with new interface, stages, music, enemies, and others. New stages include Sunny Shores Zone, Dark Fortress Zone, Starry Night Zone, Misty Maze Zone, and others! ------------- In the preferences menu, you can change things such as being able to turn on or off the spike bug, speed cap, in-game music, or type of gameplay with each of your character. Megamix: Gives your characters all-new abilities. Sonic and Shadow can both use the homing attack, the light speed dash, light speed attack. Sonic's "Super-Peel-Out" move from Sonic CD makes a return, and Shadow can use his Chaos powers, and make speed boosts. Mighty's shield abilities are activated in this mode too. Tails can use his special "tails attack" from Sonic Adventure. While Knuckles does not have any new abilities. Classic: You can jump and spin dash. That's it. Except for Tails and Knuckles, since Tails can fly, and Knuckles can glide. ------------------------- As the formula follows from all the Genesis games, if you collect six Chaos Emeralds from completing six special stages and nabbing the emeralds. Your character can transform into its own super form. In a super form, you get updated or brand-new abilities for your character. Super Sonic: Can dash at speeds seen never before, and even has the ability to fly in the air. Super Mighty: Able to generate his own shields, and can make an explosion that kills all enemies on the screen. Super Shadow: Can perform Chaos Blast, which easily kills all enemies on screen, and perform Chaos Control, which allows him to teleport. Super Tails: Sadly does not have his flicky army of death, but to make up for it, has a "super tails attack" which allows him to attack enemies with his tails at a much wider range. Knuckles does not have a super form at this moment. -------------- STAGES: Sunny Shores Zone Dark Fortress Zone City Outskirts Zone Misty Maze Zone Starry Night Zone Metallic Base Zone The Final Fight ----------- If you want to learn even more info of this game and yet download it? Click on this link! http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Megamix Don't have a Genesis emulator? Get Gens or Fusion here! GENS: http://segaretro.org/Gens FUSION: http://segaretro.org/Fusion If highly recommend you get this game. It's a highly enjoyable game, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed with it. What do think of Sonic Megamix from the impressions of this thread? :3
  9. I see so much hate for sonic around the internet that im starting to feel ashamed to be a sonic fan, I keep telling myself to ignore it, but it's just everywhere, what if there is a reason everyone hates sonic, are we wrong for liking sonic? Is it ok that sonic is my primery frenchise?
  10. Tired of googling "SSMB ______" just to see whether someone's posted a topic about a certain game or concept that you'd like to talk about with fans? Tired of sifting through the forum topic history just to find a certain post you or someone else might or might not have made on a certain something you've been stewing over in your overstimulated head? Stop! You've reached your one-stop destination for everything that comes to your mind as far as Sonic Game Ideas run!! Welcome to the hub where you can feel free to share your wishes, ideas, dreams, concepts and ambitions for future games in the Sonic Franchise be they game mechanics, characters, games, genres or what have you! Have fun!! ______________________________________________________________ Blaze the Cat's 3D Gameplay (specific to individual Adventure style storylines and the like) If Blaze were to be properly featured in a Next Gen Game, I'd like her gameplay to be somewhat parkour-centric with a slight focus on speed. Everyone is essentially lumped into one carbon copy gameplay mechanic more often than not latley, but I stick to the Adventure series and the like's method of defining how those individual characters actually play. I like a bit of variety in Sonic gameplay as long as it isn't something as painfully against the grain as Big's fishing levels were. SA2 had a pretty great sense of innovation as far as really fleshing out and establishing diverse characters while still maintaining the fun. The only setback I saw out of that was in the mech levels, but I think that was mostly because of the gaming in and of itself in addition to the fact that people wanted to play as Tails himself rather than the fact that mechs in general were being used. Getting back to Blaze, I think the material for helping defining her as a character even capable of holding her own game is already there. SEGA I think does a pretty great job at setting in stone, even at the base level, what these characters are capable of and what they do even if we don't see it brought to life as much in the actual gameplay. in the opening of Silver's 06, we see Silver shoot off in a green comet. Afterwards, we don't see Blaze jump up and follow Human Torch style. We see her bound from building top to building top and she's soon out of sight. Looking back at it, I thought that was a very charming touch and it only reinforces the ideas surrounding her signature gameplay that I already have. I'd like to see Blaze with a reasonably quick play speed, but a fairly grand and wide open level at least as far as aesthetics go. When playing other games, styles and features that stand out to me in this right are those of Mirror's Edge and Infamous: Second Son. As far as Mirror's Edge goes, the entire aesthetic and appeal of that game is one that I would attribute almost directly to Blaze character at least as far as a game or gameplay would go. The slightly abstract appeal, the strong-yet-gentle soundtrack, the level setup...it all goes to enhance the depth of that specific character. As far as the latter of these two inspirations goes, I think the appeal is a bit more obvious (if not understandable) in the use of the elements to further oneself in the levels particularly and perhaps primarily in the use of fire. As agile and platform-able as Blaze is, her primary and chief feature are her flames. Those same flames that caused her so much grief in her childhood are actually her greatest feature in this right. Her potential and abilities with this part of her character I think have been largely underdeveloped and underused. The flame boost is cool, but is that really all there is? Understandably, the gameplay style didn't really help facilitate any incorporation further than that, but I think that's a problem. Outside of Rush and its affiliates, I think that part of her character should be taken advantage of. Meld together the capabilities and mechanic of Second Son with the level-run style of Mirror's Edge's psuedo-open world layout and I think you'd have a good idea of the gameplay style I'm talking about. If it's still a bit unclear, then to put it in the most crude and unrefined manner: take the kid from Second Son and stick him in Mirror's Edge or rather, take the the game Second Son and trade the level layouts out for Mirror's Edge's. I assume it would work the same as if I just said "Have a 3rd person perspecive Faith play 80% like Deslin (Second Son Main Character) 20% like herself and 60% faster. Bundle all of that up and soak it for a week in good old Sonic style gameplay and you've got the general gist. There are ways to really capitalize on her extreme speed and individual character traits and make her really stand out on her own without deviating ridiculously far from the "female Sonic" dynamic, of course if that's still a concern, even if the only way to define that is "playing like Sonic".
  11. The Hedgehog is a short film about video game obsession that I directed. What do people make of the film? https://vimeo.com/117371025
  12. Have you noticed the strange surge of Sonic fanfic's lately? And the strange boost on http://www.asianfanfics.com/?,... Maybe this means that Fans are either getting really creative, or the more the merrier, and as for this asian fanfics.com, deal, It's nice to see someone is supporting the "Blue blur" on there.
  13. I saw this comment on the video and it speaks so much truth: Obviously I just watched it for fun and whatifs and subconciously filled in the blanks left there for obvious reasons, but even that turned out more involving than the what we got in the actual games.
  14. Hey ppl! So recently I got my hands on sonic advance for the first time, and as soon as I started playing, I noticed something: http://sonicfandude1.deviantart.com/art/test-467271551?ga_submit_new=10%253A1405086359 compare with: (time 0:24) as you might notice, sonic happens to do the same somersault-skid thing that he does in sonic advance just a cool little detail I caught
  15. Obviously we've seen that Robotnik will be returning as the classic villain, but as the show progresses in 2014, or even the game which is still unfinished (and I know has already established at least one new villain), who else would you like to see be a villain with a large impact on the show/game. For me, I really wanna see a Metal Sonic comeback!! I mean they've even remade games to include the character for the new and old sonic players alike. Though there are many new options, as a classic sonic fan, I would like to see some classic characters….
  16. Here's an interesting one. Shogakukan's Sonic the Hedgehog began life in 1992 in the eponymous magazine, a publication for young students. Written by Kenji Terada and drawn by Sango Norimoto, the manga starred Nicky: a kindhearted, cowardly hedgehog who transformed into the cocky, hot-blooded Sonic a la Jekyll and Hyde to thwart Dr. Eggman's villainous schemes. Though the book focused primarily on Sonic's escapades with sidekick Tails, Nicky had a sizable supporting cast made up of his family members Paulie and Brenda (pop and mom respectively) and little sister Anita, his best buddy Little John, and his girlfriend, the debuting Amy. Other than these facts (along with the additional tidbit of there being six issues, or one for each elementary grade), very little is known about the manga. It has never been reprinted since its publication, and as such only a scant few people have access to any issues. It's another unsolved mystery for fans of Sonic, but what's there provides us with an opportune look into one of the more removed takes on the franchise. Any thoughts or information?
  17. Hello,everyone! I could not find the best place to put this but here goes. Let me introduce myself. I'm the producer/director of this project. We are working on 2D animated Sonic fan film, titled Sonic Origins. It is an origin story of Sonic and how how he came to be. It takes place before the events of the first game. Read here about the talent behind this Fan film! : http://sonicoriginsdev.blogspot.com/2014/03/hello.html The main cast in the animated fan film:(Character concept art by Henri Loitere) We are currently looking for more artist and animators! This is all volunteer work ...but the people who helped out/worked on the film will get a free DVD copy of the film,this is if our future fundraiser is successful. Note: WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR VOICE ACTORS. NOT UNTIL THE SCRIPT IS FINALIZED. ONCE THIS IS DONE WE POST VOICE AUDITIONS IN OTHER FORUM,NOT HERE ON SSMB. So if your interested and want to be apart of something big/awesome! Here's what we are looking for: Character artist for final character designs (going for a disney-ish meets anime style) Background artists (for concept art only) Storyboard artist (Note script is still in the works so it will be while before you can do anything) ANIMATORS AND VFX ANIMATORS!!!! We really need more animators on our team! Again it will be awhile before we can you you. Thank you so much for reading! For more concept art check out my studio's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/shyartstudio and our development blog for updates and progress of the project: http://sonicoriginsdev.blogspot.com/
  18. Hi, I need to answer following quiz question which seems related to this game but don't get much help from Google. Can anyone answer this please? Who first visited these zones in 1991? Green Hill Marble Spring Yard Labyrinth Star Light Scrap Brain
  19. ...

    Sonic GDK

    I'm sure all of you have probably not heard of this. But Sonic GDK is a engine that allows you to make your own Sonic The Hedgehog games. GDK stands for Game Development Kit. The engine compared to others, such as Sonic Freerunner, and Blitz has higher standards, graphics, and a higher consistency and framerate. You can do anything with the engine, add rings, power ups, badniks, character models from Sonic games, and design your own fan made levels. You can also construct 2.5D, and 3D sections in your level, similar to the gameplay of Unleashed's day stages, Colors, and Modern Sonic's gameplay in Generations. Sonic also has all the same moves from the games, including the spin dash, boost, stomp, jump, homing attack, and all the others. Super Sonic can also be used in the engine through a specific code in the code inserter of the engine. These are some levels made with SonicGDK, demonstrating it's power. If you want to learn more info about Sonic GDK, and download the engine. Click here: http://info.sonicret...64&oldid=177106 What do you guys think of this engine? Is it well made, does it need tweaks? Can it have the potential to make a great Sonic fan game?
  20. Hey everybody it's applegreen with a new Sonic remix. (which is actually not-so-new) It's the Cyber Track Zone from Sonic Advance 3! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO7UEMrM_vM Well it's definetly not the kind of music I usually listen to and, as you might've heard in the last remix that I've posted, not actually the kind of thing I usually like to do. But I like the Game, the Stage, and the Song is actually pretty fuckin' catchy... THIS ONE HAZ BONGOZZZ!!! Thanks for listening. May your apples be green! Did I just wrote that? AW MAH GAWD I'M SO ORIGINAL!!!
  21. Wow, it's....been a really long time since I've been here, lol. I'm not 100% sure if this goes here or not. I swear last time I was here there was an advertising board but I couldn't find that and this seems to be the closest place. So! I don't know how many of you are familiar with Tumblr or even have one but, I've made a blog to post headcanons about the series. The WHOLE series. Including games, comics, cartoons, anything that has ever had Sonic featured in it that you have a headcanon for, we want it. For those who may not know, a headcanon is something you believe to be true about the series that can neither be confirmed or denied by the present canon. The way it works, you send your short headcanons here. Any headcanons I receive through there get made into an image, such as the ones currently on the blog. You do not need a Tumblr for that, although if you want to follow us you'll need one. Longer headcanons or ones you don't want put on an image go here. I generally just queue any I get through here regardless of length, but it's meant to be for long headcanons (like the one about Chaos Emeralds, for instance). We're presently fresh out of submissions and I can't post anything unless I have headcanons to put there. So if anyone here has some, go and submit them! Have fun =D.
  22. Ever since the "dark ages" that Sonic has been through, from 2005-2009, starting with Shadow The Hedgehog, and considered by most to end with Sonic and The Black Knight, the hedgehog we all know and love has finally been getting back up on his feet with games, such as Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations which have caused many fans of the franchise to regain trust in Sonic. Up to this point, Sonic has been also getting a small resurge of popularity, as recently, he was in a Progressive commercial. What do you see in Sonic's future? What do you expect? What do you want to happen?
  23. Okay, what is this fuss about Sonic's design? I'm aware that a topic exists for this before, but I had to get off my chest on this one. I mean, you got the "classic" Sonic fans who hate the modern design and want nothing more then a complete remake of the Genesis trilogy, and even if that were to happen, they would still find something to moan about (Just look at Sonic Generations, SEGA gave them the "classic" Sonic game that they wanted for years, but now they're whining over the fact that "classic" Sonic is mute and doesn't have a voice as opposed to his modern counterpart). Then there are the "modern" Sonic fans, who are not familiar with the classic games as they are with the modern ones. And seriously, "Porcupine Man"? That's one of the most screwed-up things that unpleasant classic fans call modern Sonic, and I wish they'd stop that and start respecting others' views. Besides, SEGA is making Sonic Generations where you get to play both versions of Sonic, so you should be happy about that. I may like the modern Sonic games, but I also like the classic games, too. I don't go around whining over what is supposed to be the creator's choice. Sonic is SEGA's character, not mine. I am only a fan of the series, nothing more. All I ask you is to feel the same way, fellow Sonic fans. It's not hard. Personally, I think Sonic has just gotten better with age. However, just because I like the modern design the best does not mean I hate the classic design. I appreciate both designs. Besides, if you waste your time away whining over a character design like it's a real person, then you have issues. Designs evolve with time as well, they need to, or otherwise they get old. I doubt that Sonic would have gotten all the popularity if he has keeping his old design and never updating it. I don't know what the big deal is. He's still blue, he still runs at high speeds, and he is still a hedgehog. Character design does not affect the quality of gameplay. Both designs are the same Sonic the Hedgehog that we all love and recognize, so if you can't stand one of them, then how can you be a Sonic fan? Love Sonic for who he is, not fight over his design.
  24. http://www.sonicstad...hings%E2%80%9D/ I don't know what to think about this. I enjoyed Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, so I'd like to see more of that, and Sonic and co were a nice fit to SEGA Superstars Tennis and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. I think Sonic would work well exploring other genres, but I think some he may be better kept well clear of. Either way, it's nice to see Mike Hayes appreciates imagination and would seemingly like to see Sonic explore more genres.
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