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Found 3 results

  1. Just announced on the Xbox 20th Anniversary stream. These three games have been backwards compatible on Xbox consoles for a while now, but FPS Boost is something a whole lot of us were asking for. It basically modifies the original game in such a way as to improve framerates beyond the original game's performance. For games like Sonic Generations, Unleashed and SART, which rely on speed (obviously), this is huge news. News story is here; more games have been given FPS Boost as well but the Sonic games are obviously the important ones for us here. 🙂 https://www.theverge.com/2021/11/15/22782755/microsoft-xbox-fps-boost-mode-37-new-games
  2. I thought I'd create this thread as I'm quite curious for the community's opinions on these two different version of the same game. There's the HD version on Xbox 360 and PS3, and the SD version (commonly referred to as Unwiished) on Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2. The two versions both have the same ideas of gameplay, but are different in execution. The HD version has better visuals, slightly narrower level paths, and uses better visuals. It also ran on SEGA's (at the time) new Hedgehog Engine. 'Unwiished' was created as the Wii couldn't handle the Hedgehog Engine and the gameplay that came with it in the HD version. SEGA outsourced the Wii version (a PS2 port was also created) to a different development team (I beleive it was Dimps?). This version was of course toned down technically, but was it any more or less fun than it's big HD brother? --------------------------------------------------- In my opinion, it's really hard to say. I really think that the HD version has great gameplay on the daytime levels, but the Werehog levels were very long, monotonous, and got tedious very quickly, not to mention breaking the flow of the game. There were also control issues all around, with the controls feeling stiff and a notable presence of input lag, at least on the 360 version. This version, unlike the SD version, had the Empire City and Mazuri stages, which were very strangely omitted from the SD version. The graphics in this version are breathtakingly gorgeous, with a Pixar-like art style and high fidelity for the time (though there were framerate problems). Now, the SD version, or Unwiished. Daytime stages were great in this too, boost was handled slightly differently (you get one burst of speed at a button press rather than how the HD version handled it), but there were control issues here too. However, they were the polar opposite of the HD version's control issues funnily enough. The Werehog stages were actually fun in this version, and a lot more interesting. Graphics are okay for a Wii game, but they just can't compare to Secret Rings, Black Knight, or Colours. Overall, I'm really stuck on what version I prefer, and I think I might like them both equally. What version do you prefer, and why?
  3. Today's topic, is one of my few unanswered questions. Why do people hate Sonic Unleashed so much? Well, it comes to the "professional" reviewers that had gotten the game in their hands. The most infamous of the reviews is Hilary Goldstein's review of the 360 version of Sonic Unleashed. His final verdict was a 4.5, which is lower than the score IGN gave SONIC '06. After that, many people, mostly Sonic fans were tricked to believe that is was a horrible game nobody should ever play. The main criticism from reviewers and fans alike was the Werehog. Well, yes, it was unfitting for a Sonic game, but it changed the pace well from the speedy daytime stages, and did a good job doing so. Sonic fans complain about useless reasons to criticize the Werehog, and say it ruins the whole game altogether. That's ridiculous. It's like to them they they instantly forgot about the daytime stages, which were amazing. I have no problem with the Werehog at all. It isn't even "slow and boring" as people make it out to be. The Werehog is pretty fast compared to similar brawlers like God of War. Which the Werehog did NOT copy. >_> Most elements, such as a the puzzle solving, and strechy arms mechanics came from Ristar, a game also made by Sega. So yes, you pretty much get my point on the Werehog, I like it, and I see no sense why its bashed so much. Yes, it could have been better, or replaced with Knuckles, because he's more fit for the brawling style. Imagine playing as Sonic only, watching him run through these stages for almost 7-8 hours, with no variety. SEGA only wanted to do something different to give some variety. Another thing on the daytime stages. They do not suck either. They showed some of the best of Sonic's gameplay in the Modern Era. I do agree that the boost was over-prioritized in the game, but it gave you a sense you were Sonic himself running through those stages, giving you a sense of speed and adrenaline. Glitches and bugs are nonexistent, and the controls are fine, I had NO control problems whatsoever, give credit to Hilary Failstein for getting people to believe the game had bad controls. >_> I think the game should have had the boost as only optional, but I would still use it nevertheless, I love the daytime stages and it's gameplay. The next thing is the story, people say it's stupid and too light-hearted. Stupid comment is stupid. The plot was supposed to be lighter than the serious, discombobulated story of Sonic '06. It seems like a Saturday cartoon, and has some humorous parts especially. This game also showed some of the best of Jason Griffith's voice as Sonic. The hub worlds were well though out, and gave you a sense of realism, and exploration in the hubs. Yet people say they were "slow and boring". The hubs were inspired form the Adventure Fields from Sonic Adventure, and people had no problems with those. ._. The story, though lighthearted, but shows an important moral. Though the friend next to your shoulder is gone forever, the friendship that you had with him will never die. I even shed a tear at the ending of the game. The missions in the game still get bashed, even though they are 100% OPTIONAL. It makes no sense how people can see how amazing this game is, and ignore all the "problems" they believe are in there. Sonic is, and always will be my favorite Sonic game, and nothing will change my mind. So yeah, that's my rant. I just needed to let that out.
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