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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! This thread is for posting and discussing episodes of my new Sonic replay/rewatch/reread podcast, Deep Dive Zone! Youtube Twitter Old (outdated) concepts/ideas post:
  2. When I was growing up, I always thought of Knuckles as being the serious, solemn character who is slightly naive in certain places. It was an interpretation that has stuck with for years until someone posted a few posts that challenged this view of the character. I am aware that Knuckles was something of a trickster in Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble but I had no idea that he was supposed to be a joke character. Someone pointed out that one of the rival fights in Sonic the Fighters was played up as a joke as opposed to a serious rival fight. I never thought Knuckles as a "joke character" but I had not considered that Knuckles was not as "serious" as he pretended to be. To be honest, I was somewhat shocked that Knuckles was treated as a joke in those games as I always assumed that Knuckles was a somewhat serious character but I was wrong about him. What do you do you think about this? Was Knuckles ever a serious character? Did this revelation Knuckles was a joke change your view of the character? And what does that this revelation mean for Knuckles appearances in other Sonic media?
  3. with Sonic Prime comming out, i decided to remake a thread i found years ago, that i can't find anymore, i myself have an idea for a series, the format is optional, btw, have fun! Remember, share your ideas and have fun.
  4. While the Sonic OVA proper is a charming and entertaining take on the series (that deserved to continue), there are some things that could be tweaked to arguably make it even better: -I always felt that Amy should've been in place of Sera; to both further the game connections with our heroes, Metal, etc. (and to also get rid of the [imo creepy ] Eggman romance scenes with Sera) Have Amy be visiting the president because she saw something bad/ominous in her tarot cards about the planet [a near forgotten trait of hers] or something, and THAT'S where Eggman comes in to hold them hostage. -Introduce and/or mention Knuckles a bit earlier as opposed to him quite literally popping into the story with no real explanation. Something like a throwaway line where Tails asks Sonic if he's heard from Knuckles since he left to go treasure hunting X days ago. -Don't reveal that Eggman's piloting Metal Robotnik the whole time until after he's beaten. It always seemed weird that we never saw any scenes inside the mech with him and Sera. Like, did he trick her into thinking they were playing a simulation or something? I always wondered what was going on in there during all the fighting. Feel free to add your suggestions!
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