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  1. PrettyJen28

    Ryan Drummond's birthday

    Today is Ryan Drummond's birthday 🎂 the original voice actor of Sonic and Metal Sonic Happy Birthday to Ryan Drummond
  2. Right, So I decided to post this here even though it's mostly Sonic for now. At some point this project may expand to other SEGA PC titles beyond Sonic but for now its Sonic focused. Anyways, a neat project came up on Retro today. Tech Member Korama's post will explain everything, I'll be linking this thread to him via PM so he can gage reaction here and see if there is any bugs that are not reported:
  3. Yup, the 15th anniversary game has now turned 15 itself. Where does the time go. What can be said about this game that hasn't already been said, so I'll try to keep this brief. This game has a lot of meaning to me and the franchise as a whole to put it mildly, that even a decade and a half later, it's still arguably a huge stain on the franchise's reputation that even popular gaming sites still talk about to this very day. It's likely the reason the series has become so safe and unambitious as of late, and it's pretty much the point when the supporting characters all had reduced roles and the Flanderization starting to get real apparent. This game is infamous for a reason. I have so many mixed feelings about this game ; On an aesthetic level, it has almost everything that really got me attached to this series; a larger than life narrative, while progressing the character arcs of my favorites (i.e. Team Dark) along with a slew of different story perspectives. On the other hand, god this game fucking sucks to play so much; I was thirteen when I played this game and even I knew how frustrating this shit was. I never went back to play it after my initial playthrough cuz I just didn't have the patience. And this game was pretty much the point when the entire gaming community and most of the fanbase essentially turned on Sonic. Kids nowadays think Forces was a betrayal of the series? Naw man, that game is child's play compared to the fall out of this game. You couldn't even talk about Sonic online without someone mentioning how terrible this game was. It was EVERYWHERE. Everything Sonic did from here on out would be scrutinized no matter how miniscule it was, from both the mainstream and especially the fanbase. Even on this very site, 06 topics were straight up banned for most of the 2010's for how heated they were. It was that bad. Ok, I think I said enough. This is just a mini retrospective on this game since its the 15th anniversary and all. So drop those retrospectives yourself.
  4. Reviews are starting to drop for Sonic Colours Ultimate: Currently sitting at 77 for PS4 based on 18 reviews: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/sonic-colors-ultimate Here's some of the review scores: According to this IGN review the first 3 acts of each world play the remixed music and the last 3 acts plays the music from the original 2010 soundtrack. You can't choose which version you want to listen to for each act: Edit 1: Also here's TSS review with a score of 7 Edit 2: The TSS review has been updated with the following information regarding the games music: Edit 3: (2/9) Metacritic score is currently 76 based on 31 reviews of the PS4 version. Switch score is 80..but that's only had one review so far. Edit 4: (7/9) With today being the official release of the physical version more reviews have been added to Metacritic: The switch version's had 5 reviews and currently sits at 65 Xbox's had 4 reviews and sits at 75 PS4's had 46 reviews and is holding steady at 76 Meanwhile the PC Epic release hasn't had any reviews so far.... Opencritic has a score of 74
  5. What kind of story would you like in the next Sonic main series game? What characters would it feature? Where would it be set? Tell me your ideas!
  6. So i'm playing Sonic Adventure for the first time (iv'e seen 2 letplays and some speedruns, but my memory is pretty hazy on it) and i'm playing Amy's Twinkle Park. After getting past the first 2 areas I go to the 3rd area and there is no zero, I go back by accident and fall through the floor to an area I think i'm not supposed to be in. I die later and now have to start at the beginning of the stage despite getting a checkpoint not too long ago! I go back to where i was, go past the barrel, up the ramp, up the stairs, up another ramp leading into that castle tower thingy, hammer jump over to the other one go up that ramp and...now what? i see another attached platform path with an octagon shape at the end, but there is nothing there, i go over and on my way back i realize i should drop down on the side where there is 1 floating ring just barely on the side, I go off and try to go on the ramp...and get stuck in the half pipe with the only option to hammer my way out and down a level. long story short there is NOTHING down there except 2 runways, a bay of water, some stairs and this wierd red circle thingy that i kept killing myself on unless i stayed on the edges...and what do i get for doing that, I GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING! really!? then i figure out that by running straight foward at the beginning and hammer jumping over the wall i find a corridor to my right (which is empty) and to my left the fricking bay of water!!!! before that tho i hear squishy sounds that come from those tall green ememies comming from inside the same wall, I try hammering the wall, kill one of them and i get speed shoes...and i'm not sure if they do anything?! I then ask myself "what the freak is going on" and quit and decide to look up how to beat the level...only to find out that my game didn't load all the stuff like the boxes, items, springs, hazards, and enemies that were supposed to be on the 1st and 3rd areas! (first thing i did was go in the water and died cause i couldn't get up) but most importantly THE END OF THE LEVEL WAS MISSING!!!! plus there was SUPPOSED to be a gate that prevents me from going up the stairs after the first ramp! (why do i need that stupid balloon anyways?!) So I try booting up the game again and this happens: (I edited out as much as possible in order to not waste all your time.) ....yeah that annoying music was not overlapping the first time, and now the speed shoes are replaced by a castle tower going through the ground! And the ring isn't there anymore, coincidentally the ring was placed right where the invisible wall ends allowing me to get off right onto the blue wall below, now the border drops me off right next to it. The only thing I didn't show in the video was me phasing through the floor and drowning in the pool. (When the twinkle park logo shows again that means i exited and entered agian in game which is why the music overlap stops.) I should probably mentioned I was playing on the steam version, I knew it was technacly "the worst port" but i didn't think anything like this would happen! What do I do? I don't wanna lose all my data, is it something wrong with my download? or is it the game's fault (highly doubt this one) maybe its like a faulty update or something?! I should probably mention this isn't the only issue i had with the game, 2 previous cutscenes wouldn't finish (Characters were muted and then wouldn't finish thier dialouge, heck it didn't even show up!) (it was the gamma/tikal cutscene and the fist gamma/amy cutscene) thus forcing me to skip them. i highly doubt that the original games had this problem. (possibly the pc version, but what do I know at this point lol haha!)
  7. I'm not talking about the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games stuff. I'm talking an actual spinoff. I'd love to see him in a crossover with Crash Bandicoot, as the character was inspired by Sonic. Ristar and Alex Kidd spinoffs don't sound too bad either. Anyone else see what I'm thinking?
  8. wolvenreign

    Hyper Sonic Epilepsy Rumor

    Hey guys. I was recently doing some research on Hyper Sonic and why he hasn't come back yet, and one thing I see pop up over and over again is that "he caused epileptic seizures". Thing is, I've never once seen an actually cited source for this. I've heard about Porygon being banned from The Pokemon Show for it, and that was cited, but not so much for Hyper Sonic. I'm starting to think it's just an idea that stuck in people's heads because of the comedy of it, or just that it generally seemed like a good idea, but I've never seen factual support for it. Can anyone help me here? It's such a widespread idea, I would hope that these sonic fans I'm hearing from aren't helping to perpetuate myths.
  9. Ah…Sonic Unleashed, the pioneer of the hedgehog engine, the first 360 Sonic game since the 06 incident and a story that makes Generations look like a Saturday morning cartoon… It had a pretty happy ending to, Dark gaia’s defeated, Eggman’s sent running into the sunset (or was it tossed into the sun?) and Sonic races across apotos with Tails by his side BUUUT what if I told you that this little gem had several rather dark ending facts? I PRESENT-TO-YOU! 3 DARK STORY FACTS IN SONIC UNLEASHED THAT YOU FORGOT!!! 1. Remember the first cutscene? You know, the one that constantly rubs in the fact that we’re not getting a Sonic movie? Thought so! Well if you remember, Sonic goes Super and utterly destroys Eggman’s flagship and another nearby battleship but…that’s it, all those OTHER ships are still there waiting to bring the world to it’s knees, well…unless Eggman were to be a COMPLETE idiot and turn it all into an amusement park which would be COMPLETELY ridiculous heh heh….HA HA HA HA…err…oh…. 2. Dark gaia may have been destroyed at the end of the game but if you’ve played the ps2 version there is a cutscene that suggests otherwise, in the ps2 version the professor and Amy a talking after Sonic defeates Dark gaia and the Professor says that “The darkness has not been destroyed, just put to rest” so…this means that the cycle is lightly to continue and Dark Gaia is lightly to rise again sometime around SILVER’S time and destroy the planet so Chip can restore it again, poor Silver…. 3. Eggman has MANY weapons throughout the game but there is ONE that he only ever uses once which could change the tide of any of his battles with Sonic should he use it again, on the laser cannon space station that Sonic DOESN’T destroy Eggman has a machine that both bound and separated the chaos emeralds from SUPER SONIC, he now has a weapon that can harm SUPER SONIC, that is STILL there on that ship, yeah… This is just my opinion on plot points that could have been expanded upon, feedback would be appreciated
  10. sonicgirl313

    Sonic Kingdom Hearts - Fan Fic

    So his is an idea that had bounced around in my head since Middle school. So I finally wrote it. Just note that this fan fic won't follow the KH storyline 100% and all the Disney worlds are replaced by different game worlds. --------------------------------------- Sonic Kingdom Hearts Chapter 1 A blue hedgehog with green eyes wearing a red jumpsuit, yellow shoes, white fingerless gloves, and a black and white short-sleeved jacket gasped as he immediately sat up. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he slowly closed his eyes and pressed a hand against his forehead. The images from his dream were still very fresh in his mind. He could remember how he dreamt about sinking in a dark ocean, unable to swim to the surface. Then in his dream for a brief moment he saw a flash of light before him and then he saw the face of a male white hedgehog with yellow eyes. Just then a voice called out "Sonic, you lazy bum!" Sonic yelped in shock before immediately spinning around, coming face to face with a female pink hedgehog with green eyes wearing a white tank top, a black collar, necklace with a single white pearl, a purple skirt, and white shoes. "Amy, give me a break." the blue hedgehog groaned as he tiredly rubbed the back of his head. Amy couldn't help but laugh at the hedgehog before her. She had been looking for him since they were suppose to be building a raft and it only surprised her a little when she finally found him snoozing on the beach. She could never understood why Sonic valued naps so much. "Hey you two, I can't believe you're both slacking while I'm doing all the work." an annoyed voice said. The two hedgehogs immediately turned around to meet the glaring gaze from a male black hedgehog with red streaks on his quills and arms with red eyes, wearing a yellow and black tank top, blue baggy pants, black gloves, and blue and white shoes. The black hedgehog let out a frustrated sigh as he dropped the boards he was carrying on his shoulder onto the sandy beach. "Ah you shouldn't be so dark and moody, Shadow." Sonic smirked, "Sometimes you gotta learn to have some fun." Shadow rolled his eyes before placing his hand on Sonic's forehead and pushing him. He couldn't help but smirk when the blue hedgehog unleashed a surprised yelp as he fell backwards on to the sands. He, Amy, and Sonic had been friends ever since they were little kids. While he and Sonic were born and raised on Green Hill Islands, they had no idea where Amy came from. All they knew was that they stumbled upon her one day washed up on shore on the night of the meteor shower. Ever since they found her, Shadow knew there had to be other worlds out there. "I will get off this island one day. I will see new worlds just like those two I met ten years ago." he thought as he crossed his arms and recalled a green hawk and a purple swallow. At that moment Shadow was awakened from his thoughts when he heard Sonic shouting about racing him to the other side of the beach. Before he could even blink the blue hedgehog had already dashed off, leaving a gust of wind and a blue streak behind him. Shadow clenched his teeth, not intending on losing to his rival before taking off in a flash as well. Amy blinked her eyes for a few seconds, her mind trying to register that she had been left behind. When it finally dawned on her she took off running after them, shouting out for her two friends to slow down. After only a few seconds of running Sonic and Shadow managed to reach their goal in a tie. Sonic grumbled in annoyance at the fact he didn't beat his rival as Amy came up running to them, panting for breath. "Why do you guys always leave me behind?" she asked as she continued to take in deep breaths in between each of her words. Sonic only laughed at this response prompting the pink hedgehog to cross her arms in anger. When the blue hedgehog's laughter continued to fill the air Amy couldn't help but form a small smile on her face before laughing as well. She never could stay mad at one of her closest friends. "I think I liked you better when you were a mute." she teased as she jabbed her elbow against Sonic's arm. Sonic grinned as he rubbed the back of his head, recalling how he didn't really talk as a child. He didn't know what convinced him to never speak when he was young, all he knew was he experienced constant waves of negative feelings that it made him to the point he was too frightened to try to speak. After his laughter calmed down his green eyes glanced over at the setting sun. He had no idea that it was so late in the day already. "Well I guess I better finish fetching supplies. Be back in a flash and we'll sit at our usual spot." Sonic said before taking off. "That Sonic will never change." Shadow muttered under his breath. Amy smiled until at that moment her face turned pale as the expression of concern was painted on her face. She nervously clasped her hand around her necklace and for a moment Shadow could have swore he saw a faint light emit from her hand. Before the black hedgehog could say anything Sonic had already dashed back holding the supplies in his arms. "I got everything!" the blue hedgehog said with a grin, "Now come on let's go." Without a word the trio went over to the small island with a large palm tree that curved over the oceans water. Sonic and Amy sat on the tree trunk while Shadow only simply laid his back against it with his arms folded over his chest. "I can't wait to see what worlds lay out there. Maybe we'll even find Amy's world!" Sonic said with a hint of excitement. Amy tapped her finger against the side of her face when she thought about her world. She had no memories of where she had come from, the earliest one being when she was washed up on the shores of Green Hill Islands ten years ago. No matter how much she tried she could never place her finger on what her home world was like, all she would be able to scrounge up was an old story that she couldn't completely remember the words and a purple swallow holding a mysterious object in her hand. "Well we won't know until we set sail. Who knows how many worlds are out there and maybe it'll finally answer the question why out of all the worlds we ended up here." Shadow replied. Upon hearing this Sonic raised a brow in both confusion and concern toward his friend. He knew that Shadow had always wanted to leave the island ever since he heard the tale about how a boy that once lived on the islands left and never returned. While Shadow always was intrigued by the story Sonic always felt a feeling in his heart of bitterness toward the story. "Well we better be getting home. We'll need all the rest we can get." Amy said before sliding off of the tree trunk. Sonic nodded his head in agreement before sliding off as well. But as he was fixing to walk away he heard the black hedgehog call out his name. He turned around to see Shadow plucking a star-shaped fruit from the palm tree before tossing it at him. Sonic ended up jumbling the fruit around in his hands before he finally managed to get a good grip on it. "What's this for?" he asked, curious on why his friend gave him the fruit. "Don't you remember the story about Paopu Fruit?" Shadow replied as he walked toward Sonic, "They say if two people share it their destinies become intertwined. They'll be apart of their lives no matter what." Sonic nodded his head in response; he remembered the story but he still didn't see why Shadow tossed him one. But soon the wave of worry washed over him when he saw the black hedgehog flash a dark smirk at him. "Come on I know you want to try it, especially with a certain pink hedgehog." Shadow said, his voice dripping with a sly tone. At that moment Sonic's face immediately turned red both out of angry and embarrassment as he hit his friend's shoulder. Shadow laughed before he purposely ruffled Sonic's quills to annoy him even further before walking away. The blue hedgehog was nearly seething as he took his free-hand to fix the quills Shadow had messed up. Once he was done he glanced down at the fruit that he held in his hand. Though while he was still angry about what his friend said, apart of him was indeed curious if the legend was true. Meanwhile, far away in another land lay a castle with white tiles and a red roof. Everything was quiet until a scream filled the air. At that moment two brothers began running through the long hallways as fast as they could. One of the brothers was a short and slightly chubby man that had blue eyes, brown hair, and a black curly-mustache, and wearing a red hat with a M on it, a red sweater, blue overalls, white gloves, and brown shoes. The second brother was much taller and thinner than the first man and he also had blue eyes, brown hair, and a black curly mustache; he had the same clothing attire except his hat and sweater was green and his hat had a L on it. "Luigi, we need to hurry! Princess Peach is in danger!" the red-capped man exclaimed to his companion. "I know, Mario!" Luigi replied back, his voice full of panic. The two eventually made it to the ballroom where the saw a blonde-headed woman with blue eyes wearing a gold crown on her head, a long pink dress, white gloves that went past her elbows, and blue earrings. The princess' eyes were wide in fear as she was backing away from strange black creatures with antennas and glowing yellow eyes. "Peach, look out!" Mario shouted as one of the creatures lunged for her. Luckily Peach was able to dodge the attack by quickly jumping out of the way. The red-clothed plumber clenched his teeth and without warning a bright light emitted in his right hand, startling his brother. In a few seconds the light formed into a large key that had stars for its teeth, a fire shaped neck, and green pipes connecting to a fire flower for the handle. Without any hesitation Mario charged forward and slashed his weapon at the creatures, causing the to disappear in a burst of black smoke. Peach sighed in relief when she saw all the creatures had been slain. With a smile on her face she ran over to the plumber and embraced him. Luigi was fixing to walk over to them until he more of the strange creatures form and lunge toward Mario and Peach. Luigi gasped before crying out "Mario!" But unfortunately it was already too late. Peach screamed as the creatures latched their claws onto both hers and Mario's legs. At that moment the creatures melted away into a puddle of darkness while still clinging onto their captives. Waves of darkness surrounded the two as their bodies began sinking down into the dark abyss. Luigi clenched his teeth as he watched his brother and the princess try to escape the darkness. "Don't worry, I'll save you!" Luigi shouted. But before the green-clothed plumber could even take a step Mario shouted "Don't come near, Luigi, or the darkness will take you too!" Luigi clenched his teeth as he watched the two sink deeper in the darkness; the last he thing he wanted to do was to sit by and do nothing. "Luigi, there's no time to waste! You must find the key, only it can save us all! Go to Traverse Town and seek out a echidna named Knuckles!" Mario shouted. With that said both Peach and Mario squeezed their eyes shut as they were completely consumed by the darkness. The dark puddle remained in the room for a few moments before it finally faded away. Tears streamed down Luigi's face as he fell to his knees; his blues eyes remained glued on the spot where Mario and Peach once stood. Taking his arm he quickly wiped away his tears before standing up once again. He knew what he had to do and that was to follow his brother's directions. Without a word the plumber quickly ran out of the ballroom and went outside of the castle. Outside was where he was finding the person he was looking for, there sleeping next to a bush was a green dinosaur with a white underbelly, wearing a red saddle on his back and brown shoes. "Yoshi, wake up!" Luigi shouted as loud as he could. Yoshi's eyes instantly snapped open, revealing them to be blue as he jumped off of the ground out of shock. The dinosaur shook his head frantically, trying to figure out who woke him up until he spotted Luigi. "Luigi, why did you wake me up?" Yoshi asked as he rubbed the sleep out of one of his eyes. "Because I need you, Yoshi. Mario and Peach have been taken and we need to go on a mission to save them. It's time to get the Gummi Ship the Toads have been working on and take off." Luigi replied in a stern tone, "We have to find the key." The next day back at Green Hill Islands, Sonic stretched his arms as he listened to Amy list off all the supplies he needed to gather. He didn't understand why his friends wanted him to get all the supplies as soon as possible when he could easily gather them all up in a snap and have plenty of time to relax. "So, Sonic, do you understand everything we need?" Amy asked, snapping the blue hedgehog out of his thought. "Ah don't worry, Amy. With my speed I can easily get the job done." Sonic replied with a smirk. Amy rolled her eyes before sitting down on a rock and placing a bag on her lap. The pink hedgehog silently reached into the bag and pulled out some needle and thread along with some blue shells. Sonic raised a brow in interest as he sat down next to his friend and watched her carefully pierce shell with her needle, sewing them all together in a star shape. Amy was easily able to notice Sonic watching her and explained how she was making a lucky charm since she heard that travelers usually carried charms based off the paopu fruit. She didn't want to admit it to Sonic but she actually was inspired to make one when she had a strange dream about a purple swallow standing alone on a dark beach as she stared down at the glowing blue charm in her hand. "It's looking pretty good, Amy." Sonic said with a small smile. Amy blushed before muttering a small thank you as she brushed some of her quills out of her face. But before either one of them could say anything else Shadow shouted "Hey, Sonic, stop slacking and get over here! I need to talk to you about something!" The blue hedgehog let out a frustrated sigh before he sat up and dashed over to Shadow. Once there he saw the black hedgehog giving him an annoyed glare with his arms crossed over his chest. "Well since you want to do nothing but slack instead of following orders how about a little race just to make sure your not getting sluggish on me." Shadow said in a stern tone. "Oh please, Shadow, I'm the fastest thing alive. Like I'm ever going to become sluggish." Sonic smirked. The two hedgehogs said nothing as they got in the starting marks. Shadow let out an annoyed snarl when he saw his friend refuse to start the race all because he wanted to stretch his legs first. "So if I win I get to be captain and..." Sonic started while he was still stretching his legs. But just then Sonic was interrupted by Shadow saying "And the winner will get to share a paopu fruit with Amy." The blue hedgehog's mouth dropped open in shock as he stared at his friend's dark and mischievous smirk. He couldn't believe that once again the black hedgehog had brought up the subject about the legend and now was even threatening to share the fruit with Amy himself. Without even knowing it an angry snarl escaped from Sonic's mouth; all he wanted was for Shadow to drop the subject instead of constantly hanging it over his head. Without another word the two hedgehogs took off. Amy let out a surprised yelp when she felt a strong gust of wind brush by her from the two hedgehogs dashing by her. Her eyes looked up just in time to see the blue and gold streaks the hedgehogs left behind for a few brief seconds. The two hedgehogs continued to speed around the island till finally in the end Sonic ended up winning by a few seconds. Sonic pumped his fist in the air while jumping around in happiness. "Yes, that's victory for the blue blur!" Sonic proclaimed. "Well you win, Sonic, well I'm waiting to see you share the paopu fruit with Amy now." Shadow smirked. At that moment Sonic's face turned blood red at those words. He immediately spun around to face Shadow, trying to come up with a come back but unfortunately was unable to form any words in his mouth. The black hedgehog couldn't help but laugh at the sight before him; he found it amusing how flustered he managed to make his friend. He snickered while he ruffled Sonic's quills, revealing that he wasn't serious about the deal with the paopu fruit and only created it to see how awkward he could make his friend feel. Sonic grinded his teeth together in annoyance before straightening out his quills once again. In an attempt to blow off steam the blue hedgehog decided to gather up the supplies Amy had asked him for. It was only a few seconds he managed to gather up most of the supplies, all the was left was a few mushrooms that grew in a cave near the waterfall. Wasting no time Sonic dashed into the cave but instead of grabbing mushrooms like he was suppose to his green eyes began glancing around at the carvings on the cave walls. "This place brings back memories." Sonic muttered as he ran his hand across some of the carvings. "Wow! What is this place?" a young five year-old Amy wearing a white dress asked. Young five-year old Sonic wearing a white shirt and red shorts nervously hid behind a huge rock. Amy frowned as she slowly walked toward the blue hedgehog only to see him try to hide behind the rock more. Ever since she first met Sonic he hadn't uttered a single word to anyone and she didn't know why. The pink hedgehog looked around the empty cave until she spotted some rocks. "Come on let's draw!" she said. Sonic's eyes widened as Amy grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him over the cave wall. The pink hedgehog hummed happily before picking up two rocks and handing one of them to Sonic. "We'll draw each other. It'll be fun!" she said before taking the rock and began carving. The young blue hedgehog took a moment to stare at the rock in his hand before kneeling down and drawing too. It only took a few moments for the two to finish the drawing of themselves smiling at each other. Amy glanced over to Sonic and much to her surprise she saw a small smile on his face. "Hey you never told me your name, I'm Amy." she introduced herself. But much to her sadness the blue hedgehog didn't not reply. Instead his eyes glanced at the ground as he nervously rubbed his arm. "What's the matter? Can't you talk?" Amy asked in concern. Upon hearing this Sonic rapidly shook his head in reply, revealing that was indeed the case. He didn't dare try to look at Amy as he kept his eyes remained staring at the ground. He wished he could tell everyone that he doesn't talk all because he too frightened of the horrible emotions he had been feeling such as anger, sadness, and fear. He had no idea what caused it but only hoped they would end one day. "Oh, well there must be some way you can tell me your name." the pink hedgehog said with a frown. Sonic silently tapped his foot on the ground in thought until finally he got an idea. Taking a rock he wrote his name in the sand. "Oh so your name is Sonic?" Amy asked. The blue hedgehog rapidly nodded his head with a huge grin. Amy remained silent for a few moments as she tapped her chin before finally smiling and replying "Hmm, I like your name, Sonic." Sonic let out a deep sigh as he finished editing the picture he and Amy made when they were children. Now the picture showed not only just Sonic and Amy smiling at each other but also it now showed Sonic in the picture giving Amy a paopu fruit. He didn't want to admit it to Shadow but a part of him was actually interested in the idea of sharing the fruit with Amy. The blue hedgehog slowly shook his head as he stared at the picture, thinking if he suggested it to Amy that she would only laugh and consider the idea ridiculous. Deciding it was time to leave Sonic picked up the mushroom he was suppose to get and stood back up on his feet. But before he could even take a single step, his green eyes widened and his heart raced in fear when he heard a voice behind him say "This world has been connected."
  11. Hey everyone! Sowhart here introducing a slice of Madness! I present to all you wonderful people: So I am a fairly big Sonic Fan and I enjoy getting a kick or two out of the Original Classic games every now and then and I was inspired to do my own little marathon of madness after watching SGBLikesToPlay's Sonic Marathon where they played: Sonic 1 Sonic CD Sonic 2 Sonic 3 & Knuckles Sonic 4: Episode 1 I had some enjoyment out of this and I got the idea to make my own marathon and here it is! My Marathon consists of 5 games and it comes under the Original games along with Two Fangames, For my Marathon I will be playing: Sonic 1 Sonic Before The Sequel Sonic 2 Sonic After The Sequel Sonic 3 & Knuckles In a way making a full length epic journey for the blue blur, its not an official timeline but it feels like it works out. This Marathon will be taking place over at my channel very soon and I will be bringing guests and friends on board for the ride! I spent some time making up a short trailer of sorts for this Marathon and I am quite happy with the outcome of it! The Sonic Marathon Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d5UHJW2CrE I'd like to hear what you guys think about this idea and if you'd like to pitch any ideas then I am all for it! Thanks for reading!
  12. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

    Jovahexeon's Videogame Adventuring Gallery

    Come one come all! Big or small! One shall stand and one fall! It's the gallery of ventures played my moi, Jovahexeon! Now that I've finally gotten a good video-capturing PC device, I figured I might as well share some of my videogame exploits and achievements. Starting with this Adventure 2 vid. Mind me, I'm a bit rusty at Adventure 2 (it's been how many years since I gamecube-Wii played it?). Anyway, enjoy!
  13. So, I'm starting to write a book series on my website: http://projchaos.webs.com and it looks different from any Sonic- based site on the web. Its very primitive. But if anyone likes it(which I doubt), sign up and give donations to the site for improvement. I really can't do much with a free site, Criticism, no matter how harsh, is always welcome. So does anyone think I should keep writing and improving the site? or should I just scrap the whole thing?
  14. Yuji Naka turns 46 on September 17th! Happy Birthday Yuji! You can wish him one too on his facebook page http://www.facebook.com/nakayuji
  15. Can boost and spindash exist in the same game together? They kind of clash, being both speed up moves. But if you underpowered the spindash, and made the boost more limited, it could work. Say the spindash was the same button as the boost, but you could only use the boost when your gauge was full (which would take 40-45 seconds to fully recharge). When your gauge was not full, you could press and hold the button for a spindash ala SA2. This could also be used to gain speed when you don't want to take the time to fully accelerate while running. The spindash could never go as fast as the boost though, so it's not overpowered. So anyway, what do you think?
  16. Roareye Black

    Sonic the Hedgehog on Blu-Ray?

    So I've lately been looking into shows I'd love to see in HD/Blu-Ray. Some shows this works very well and really creates a difference, but it all depends on the original source material. Star Trek the Original Series was shot on 35mm film (Higher Resolution than Full HD) so can be transferred across fantastically with some touching up. Star Trek Next Generation has been announced, which was shot in 35mm film but editted on video, meaning they put the entire show back through the post-production process to edit it together on film for HD transfer. But then I looked at certain shows as Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Red Dwarf etc, all classic shows which would look phenomenal in HD but unfortunately were all shot natively on video, so the only sources there are will be in Standard Definition. Applying this very base knowledge, I started looking to see if the Sonic OVA (the movie) would make a plausible transfer and found a few very interesting things about all the Sonic series. Please bear in mind my information on print, negative tech specs of Sonic series is from IMDB and is considered accurate at time of writing but could easily be proven otherwise. Sonic the Movie (OVA) Imagica Corporation, the company responsible for the movie, built the entire movie on 35mm film but the final print was NTSC Video. This information doesn't specify whether or not it was editted on video or on 35mm film, but if the final production print is video, then to save on costs the editting is likely on video too. If the editting was put together on 35mm film, then the Blu-Ray/HD transfer is a relatively simple and costless manner of making a second final print of the editted movie in an HD format. Couldn't be simpler. If the editting was done on video then the process becomes more costly, and the likelihood of this showing up in HD decreases hugely, especially as it's not something that will be showing up in syndication anywhere. They would have to enter the original 35mm negatives back into the whole post-production phase again and re-edit the entire movie before transferring it to HD for Blu-Ray. Post-Production is a very costly thing, so this would definately reduce our chances of seeing the movie on Blu. For arguements sake, say it was released on Blu-Ray, the detail would be great to see (Those matte paintings are gorgeous enough in SD, highly detailed work went into some of the art and HD would show that up in a way it literally has never been seen before). I would also like to see some quality extras, maybe a few interviews with the writers and voice actors. Whilst they would likely be Japanese, it would be a great translated interview. Also a small documentary about SEGA's position in the market at that time (Sonic OVA was launched the same day as the Dreamcast). Lastly, there would be a chance to redub the audio for DTS-Master HD 7.1, as the vast majority of shows are doing now, with the current cast of voice actors. That may be the small push SEGA might consider to join this up with the current titles and put in the minor financial support the release would require. Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) This one is a big surprise to me. Considering the prints on the DVDs and the different TV channels it has appeared on, I was led to believe this show was strictly made on video to cut all costs down as small as possible. According to IMDB this is not the case. In fact, IMDB states that this show is not only filmed on 35mm, but the final prints of the episodes were also in 35mm prints. This would be a very odd choice for a small childrens cartoon to make, but ultimately if true would be the saving grace for the series in Syndication. If this show's final prints are all 35mm prints, then it would cost next-to-nothing to just slide them into an HD format ready for syndication and/or Blu-Ray distribution. Just thinking of a Full HD Robotnik's mouth ("Snively, what colour is my hearrrt?") is enough to churn your stomach and realise that this must be done. The downsides for this show do not lie with the prints, nor the cost of releasing them (Effectively very minor). But in the rights of distribution which took years to arrange just for the video print copies that were slapped on DVD. In order to get a Full HD transfer means attaining the rights to the original prints and that adds complications to the procedure a thousand-fold. If it were to be released on HD, it would be great to have some additional extras on the following the show has and maybe interviews with the voice artists such as Jim Cummings. Maybe even modern interviews and see if the cast can still perform the original voices. All cloud-9 stuff, but it would be a very interesting extra. Regardless an easy Full-HD transfer would be enough for me so long as someone can get those rights all ironed out. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (AoStH), Sonic Underground and Sonic X Unfortunately there is no information on these two shows so I have no idea of their ability to be made Full HD or not. AoStH has a chance, being made by the same production company as SatAM raises it's chances, but as it was a different team the choice of video may have been made to fund a larger number of episodes. Sonic Underground came at a time where the move to video was getting weirdly more popular despite the looming HD era (Which may not have been on consumer radar, but the industry had full knowledge of it). I have no idea how likely a 35mm print is of this show. Personally though, a Full HD version of either of these shows is likely pointless. AoStH was a great show but with so many episodes to transfer for a show who's art quality was akin to someone just having a laugh, the conversion would feel slightly wasted. Maybe it'll improve the animation quality a bit (Lose the motion-blur) but that would be about all. For Sonic Underground, there are a lot of fans for it and ultimately the artwork renders may look much better given a full conversion. I just really don't want to hear those God-awful songs halfway through an episode ever. If they can cut the music out of the middle of episodes, they might sell it to me. Sonic X was abysmal. We all know it. Still, a Blu-Ray transfer would likely sell to fans, there are six people in the world who like it. Having said that, it was made cheaply in the early 2000s, and that says it all to me. It will most definately be a video print as production companies grew strangely more and more incompetent future planning during this time. Many TV shows of this era was still show on video despite HD being only 2 years away, and that's definately incompetence on anyone's part (Bearing in mind this was a time before recession and the media industry was loaded with cash). In any case, without knowing the original prints I have no idea whether this would make a good HD conversion and generally I don't care... though I'd still buy it on Blu-Ray if it came out. I like to torture myself... shut up... >.> What do you guys think? Would you want to see any of these in Full HD, given the option? If so, what extras or updates would you like/do you think would match each series? The cost of transferring these is cheaper than making a new series/film from scratch and in the case of SatAM the financial cost of transfer is minimal, however the older the shows get the more complex the rights get.
  17. If you could, how would you guys improve the Unleashed formula? Myself, I would add more alternate routes and slower sections (which Generations is doing to an extent, from what we've seen). Don't get me wrong, I like-and enjoy-the straighter sections. I think they are needed to use the boost, drift, quickstep etc etc. But I don't want them to be the whole level. To facilitate slower, less linear sections, you would need to improve the low speed controls (yes, I know Generations is already doing this, but from what we can see, straight sections will still overdominate in most modern levels), and maybe make it so that the boost can only be used when you already are running at full normal running speed. That way the boost is less "instant gratification" and you will not be able to spam it as much. So that's my two cents. What's yours?
  18. Hey folks. Haven't been around here long and I don't mean to be one of those people who sign up to a forum and just shove their stuff down your throats but I figured this would be relevant to your interests and I don't plan on leaving any time soon so here it goes. I am apart of a Youtube group with a number of my friends known as Adamant Ditto. We do Let's Plays and Reviews and the usual Youtube gamer stuff. No big deal, just something fun to do on our down time. Anyway, as a big Sonic fanboy, I decided to take it upon myself to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary by reviewing a bunch of Sonic games throughout the course of the year, hopefully leading up to a review of Sonic Generations when it gets released. It's been a fun little project and I've still got plenty left to do, including some surprises and a fan tribute video I'll have more info on later. But for now, I thought I'd share my reviews with you all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwcaX62VYMs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyYzWgfafiQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noqATrpefLY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcRlzX0twp4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g7EPkzGEv4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsHO0uNhjR0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEEeSXuTEI0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzrcDqSdkKY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UebwdRhSXQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcGe5yt2MJM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCMhFvUGRgk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7BVhmaGNaU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD5C7jUbpxM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY5WNl_UUpk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zef_kenNCEo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCJR6NJzJ28 That's all I have so far. Some of the videos do have slight audio problems, I am aware of it. My Mic is awful and the pitch can get loud. I do apologize. I have invested in a less garbage mic so I do intend for the rest of the videos in the series to not sound awful. Anyway, let me know what you think and thanks for viewing.
  19. So I've seen several of you say around here that you want gameplay like that of the Genesis games, but in full 3d. How would you go about implementing it? Myself, I think it is not that hard to do, but I see one problem: -At the speed Sonic goes, it would be extremely hard to bounce on enemies in 3d unless you had some kind of homing attack (which pretty much goes against the Genesis formula). Any ideas? Discuss?
  20. Welcome to the Idea Zone Welcome to the idea zone! This is a redo of the original Zone Idea Zone, by a friend. Here there are many different categories, templates and idea types to choose from. Instead of just zones, you could do special stages, bosses, minigames, new games. You can even share your input on what some previous games could've/should've had. Remember these are all the headstarter categories, for those who find it a bit hard to share theirs: - Classic Sonic Zones - Classic Sonic Bosses - Classic Sonic Other - Modern Sonic Zones - Modern Sonic Bosses - Modern Sonic Minigames - Modern Sonic Other - New Sonic Zones* - New Sonic Bosses* - New Sonic Minigames* - New Sonic Ideas* - New Sonic Other* *New Sonic as in a new type of Sonic gameplay or a character redo. - New Games - Special Stages - Stories Now these two are example templates, just in case you want to present your ideas in the best way possible, and need help of course. Zone Idea Zone Template (Optional) Game: Theme: (Optional) Location: Sonic Style (Modern, Classic, Other or New): Name: Boss(es) (Optional) Previous Zone: (Optional) Next Zone: Sonic Idea Zone Template (Last Updated > Not yet) [All are of some customization, except obvious ones...] Name of Game: Theme/Style: Location: Timeline: Character Style (Modern, Classic, Adventure, Riders, Boom, New or Other) Name of Zone: Featured Badniks: Character: Boss(es): Mini-Boss(es): Dynamic Events: Special or Secret Acts: Inspiration or Base Game: I hope that you enjoy sharing your awesome Sonic-related Ideas! I will be putting my input in too Enjoy! IdeaZone
  21. CharulzTheHedgehog

    Looking for Sonic related YouTube channels

    First off, hello everybody. I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I am coming over from the SEGA forums because they do not have a "General Chat" area on that forum. Now on to the question, do you guys know of any YouTube channels that talk mostly about Sonic? I am not interested in gaming channels, just channels where people share their opinions, do game reviews, read fanfics and/or talk about Sonic news. Here's a list of channels that I currently know of and I would like you to share yours: TailsChannel: http://www.youtube.com/tailschannel StephenKnux: http://www.youtube.com/stephenknux SuperPrincessDaisy64: http://www.youtube.com/SuperPrincessDaisy64
  22. As we all know, Sega has recently established a new Sonic continuity "Sonic Boom" This is of course not the first time this has happened, we've also had Archie Sonic and the somewhat "darker" Fleetway Sonic But there have also been fan comics that manage to have brilliant stories without the limits that the games and comics have, things like "The murder of me" by Saphfire321 and "Ghosts of the future" By EvanStanley really come to show how amazing fan made continuities can be. But to the point, do any of YOU have Sonic projects like this? Is it light hearted and comedic? Is it dark and gritty? Are there any TWISTS? What makes them UNIQUE? Give a description of your project and a link to go with it down bellow, here are a few fan canons to are WELL worth a read EDIT: Also, what do you think of these series? Ghosts of the future-Evanstanley The murder of me-Saphfire321 Heroes of mobius-Mixedfan8643 Sonic Rebirth-Me
  23. Guy Strong

    Sonic Speed Tiers

    A thing about the Sonic universe that has always sort of bugged me about the games is that nearly every one and their father can do what Sonic can and more. Sonic is undoubtedly the fastest character, right? But how fast do you believe everyone else is? Like if you could make a top 5 - 10 or something on who you believe is fastest, that'd be cute. Though I'm sure everyone's 1 - 3 or 4 would be about the same. For me I think it's something like Sonic Shadow Tails Blaze Espio Amy Cream Knuckles/Rouge This is just what I think off the top of my head without too much thought. P.S. this is my first post here, I'm a champion lurker. Hello everyone.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  25. The edgiest game since Shadow the Hedgehog! http://gamejolt.com/games/action/super-sanic-turbo-gun-adventure-2-turbo/52842/ Yep. So my friend has been working on this "Sanic" fangame on and off for a few months now and he finally has a demo of it out! The demo itself isn't that long, it's just one level right now but's it's of top quality. He's still working on it and he's going to add a bunch of new stuff to the game but with that said, what is the game even about? Well, this amazing First Person Shooter game is about Sonic and his friends being fed up with Eggman's evil tricks. (Eggman is known as Oogman in this game, for future reference). They travel across many lush environments as they go out to eliminate Oogman. You'll travel to such well known places as Green Hill Zone... and that's it for the moment. And you can play as Sonic... and that's it. For now, like I said he plans on adding so much more to the game. As for the gameplay, it's a Unity3d game, it plays like a Unity3d game. Though it has an accelerator so it sorta feels like a Sonic game, and you, you know, have a gun. The only enemy is Oogman, which is Classic Eggman, and the only item is rings, and there's one spring in Green Hill Zone. I swear it's better than I'm making it out to be. Anyway, the game's pretty hard to describe, so I'll quote my friend's description of the game: "Features: Perfect, beautiful environments to explore in the first person. Satisfying death by shotgun. Water. Deep kill announcers. Yeah. They're pretty dank. Detailed, in-depth stats on level completion. Smooth jazz covers. Correct title screens. A 100% polished experience, And much, much more!" And there's much more to be added to the game: "Character selection. This will include all of your favorite Sanic characters to contribute to the extermination of Oogman. Better functioning weapons, better looking weapons, multiple types of weapons, etc. More in-depth stage completion stats. Many more stages. This is just the tip of the iceberg. More music variety. All requests will be strongly considered." So yeah, that's the game. I'll be updating this post whenever new updates come out, right now he's working on City Escape and Metal Harbor, and we have plans for other stages too. Also, Knuckles will be added, mark my words. Also, there is a jazz remix of Green Hill Zone in the game by dante121234 on Youtube, so there's that. Finally, here is a quote from Felix when he played the game: "that was the most beautiful game i have ever played". If you have some spare time, give the game a shot (pun intended), and have fun! (And yes that is a piece of Bootleg Sonic artwork in the picture)
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