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Found 9 results

  1. So i'm playing Sonic Adventure for the first time (iv'e seen 2 letplays and some speedruns, but my memory is pretty hazy on it) and i'm playing Amy's Twinkle Park. After getting past the first 2 areas I go to the 3rd area and there is no zero, I go back by accident and fall through the floor to an area I think i'm not supposed to be in. I die later and now have to start at the beginning of the stage despite getting a checkpoint not too long ago! I go back to where i was, go past the barrel, up the ramp, up the stairs, up another ramp leading into that castle tower thingy, hammer jump over to the other one go up that ramp and...now what? i see another attached platform path with an octagon shape at the end, but there is nothing there, i go over and on my way back i realize i should drop down on the side where there is 1 floating ring just barely on the side, I go off and try to go on the ramp...and get stuck in the half pipe with the only option to hammer my way out and down a level. long story short there is NOTHING down there except 2 runways, a bay of water, some stairs and this wierd red circle thingy that i kept killing myself on unless i stayed on the edges...and what do i get for doing that, I GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING! really!? then i figure out that by running straight foward at the beginning and hammer jumping over the wall i find a corridor to my right (which is empty) and to my left the fricking bay of water!!!! before that tho i hear squishy sounds that come from those tall green ememies comming from inside the same wall, I try hammering the wall, kill one of them and i get speed shoes...and i'm not sure if they do anything?! I then ask myself "what the freak is going on" and quit and decide to look up how to beat the level...only to find out that my game didn't load all the stuff like the boxes, items, springs, hazards, and enemies that were supposed to be on the 1st and 3rd areas! (first thing i did was go in the water and died cause i couldn't get up) but most importantly THE END OF THE LEVEL WAS MISSING!!!! plus there was SUPPOSED to be a gate that prevents me from going up the stairs after the first ramp! (why do i need that stupid balloon anyways?!) So I try booting up the game again and this happens: (I edited out as much as possible in order to not waste all your time.) ....yeah that annoying music was not overlapping the first time, and now the speed shoes are replaced by a castle tower going through the ground! And the ring isn't there anymore, coincidentally the ring was placed right where the invisible wall ends allowing me to get off right onto the blue wall below, now the border drops me off right next to it. The only thing I didn't show in the video was me phasing through the floor and drowning in the pool. (When the twinkle park logo shows again that means i exited and entered agian in game which is why the music overlap stops.) I should probably mentioned I was playing on the steam version, I knew it was technacly "the worst port" but i didn't think anything like this would happen! What do I do? I don't wanna lose all my data, is it something wrong with my download? or is it the game's fault (highly doubt this one) maybe its like a faulty update or something?! I should probably mention this isn't the only issue i had with the game, 2 previous cutscenes wouldn't finish (Characters were muted and then wouldn't finish thier dialouge, heck it didn't even show up!) (it was the gamma/tikal cutscene and the fist gamma/amy cutscene) thus forcing me to skip them. i highly doubt that the original games had this problem. (possibly the pc version, but what do I know at this point lol haha!)
  2. Same as the Generations mods topic, Since Sonic 4 Episode 1 is now out on PC and Episode 2 is coming to PC, it's only a while until we can expect some mods for them to pop up as well. So here's the official thread dedicated to mods for Sonic 4 Episode 1/Episode 2, so post em here if you got any, or give ideas or suggestions about mods. Yes CanofEpicSauce, I'm sooooo original.
  3. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3330-IAGK-7663 http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1031137 So Valve made certain content unavailable to some users. Specifically, those who have spent less than $5 in the Steam store, possibly as a means to curb scambots and phishers.
  4. Well since Sonic Generations is now out on PC it's only a while until we can expect some mods to pop up so here's the official thread dedicated to mods for Sonic Generations, so post em here if you got any, or give ideas or suggestions about mods
  5. So I've been having trouble with this ever since SSMB had a small server reset, I cannot insert my Steam signature card onto my SSMB signature, this is what I normally put in. I previously had the signature on there before the server wipe, and now it's sort of not allowing me to put it back on there. What I enter: [url=http://steamcommunity.com/id/MeltingComet/][img]http://steamsignature.com/card/0/76561198060039172.png[/img][/url] What I get: Is something wrong with the signature, or is it just the signature I put in? I generated the signature from this site (http://steamsignature.com/), and I'm able to get a different signature card from that same site on my profile.
  6. http://www.computera...t-card-details/ The 2011 hacks continue. I'm not a PC gamer and I don't have a Steam account, so it doesn't affect me, but I thought I should bring it to the attention of everyone here. I hope no one's credit card details have been taken and misused. I also hope the hackers are found and brought to justice.
  7. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2039811773/the-girl-and-the-robot Seem like a really interesting game, the Art style really reminds me of Skyward Sword Even though we have four days left to back this, I would really like to see this reach the Wii U stretch goal and I'm gonna say this right now, the concept art is the cutest thing ever So what your opinion on this game?
  8. By MattMakesGames (Matt Thorson), Studio Miniboss, Infinite Ammo (Alec Holowka), and Power-Up Audio. A one-to-four-player game, very fast paced and best played with controllers, only played locally*! Screenshots: How to play Towerfall: -Shoot arrows at people -Jump on people -Dodge and catch There are also powerups and a one-to-four-player Quest mode where you battle waves of monsters. You can also unlock some new characters (who all play the same) and new towers. This version is a huge step up from the original Ouya version, and absolutely worth the price if you have someone to play against. It doesn't take very long to learn (and even if your skill level is lower that your enemies', you'll still feel satisfied and find ways to success). And yet, the situations and the detail and the way the game builds on basic ideas is INCREDIBLE. It's a simple game, but oh-so-good. I've had uncounted hours of fun playing against family members, and I'm hoping to set up some competition in college if I can get more controllers. I heartily recommend this game to anyone who has either a PS4 or good controllers/gamepads for their computer. (Note: I prefer a Dualshock 3 with SCPServer to get Windows to recognize it) Steam store page! (*In case you're frustrated with the lack of online play, there's a good reason for it that boils down to this: It simply doesn't work because of the latency, and the lag, and any lag compensation would make it worse. This game is very precise and fast-paced and it's very clear where everything is, where as some games may slower-paced or vague on the details to cover up compensation. It's a shame, but that's how it is! Couch play is more fun anyway.)
  9. If you didn't know, in 2013 Battleblock Theater released for the Xbox 360 exclusively from Behemoth, creator of Castle Crashers. For some reason no one else seemed to make a topic about it, so here we are. Those who don't have an Xbox can experience it very soon on Steam: So discuss about your opinions of the game, whatever it's about your experience on Xbox 360, or your excitement for the upcoming Steam version!
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