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  1. Fullmetal Alchemist was a manga created by Hiromu Arakawa, that was adapted as an anime in 2003...and in 2009. This also included a movie made for both anime. Also a factor for both series was it's English dub by Funimation, and animation done by Studio Bones. They've produced a lot of great titles such as Darker than Black, Soul Eater, Wolf's Rain and even Stan Lee's Heroman. The story followed two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who broke the laws of alchemy to attempt to brick their mother back to life. They created something, but it sure as hell wasn't what they wanted.They had quite the costly failure: Ed lost a leg, while Al lost his whole body! Ed sacrificed an arm to bind Al's soul to a suit of armour, so he at least still had his brother. Determined to return their bodies back to normal, the two seek out the most powerful and mysterious artifact in all of alchemy: the Philosopher's Stone. "Wait. It was animated twice? Why?" Well, the original in 2003 had made a few changes to the manga's original story, before completely becoming it's own thing around halfway into its run. It overtook the manga, so Arakawa allowed Bones to drive the story on a different road. It's destination came about in the film Conqueror of Shamballa in two years time. When Arakawa was close to finishing the original manga in 2009, Brotherhood came on the scene to strictly follow its story. It also got its own movie...two years later... that took place in-between the story, rather than following up the ending. I'm sure most of you guys have already seen either, if not both series. However, to someone that hasn't seen them, are they worth recommending? ABSOLUTELY. With a seriously solid storyline, a great cast of characters, incredible action and wealth of comedy, I can't think of any reason not to. Both the 2003 series and Brotherhood are deserving of every bit of praise they get in my book. I saw the latter first, as it was the original story to be told. Going back to the 2003 series just makes the entire ride more enjoyable, as you can see what extra bells and whistles were added to give it its own identity. As for those who already have seen this show... you guys can take a sec to reflect on either series if you want. It's meant to be a "Fullmetal Alchemist in general" kind of topic, after all. I'll do just that with the 2003 series before I leave you to it. Actually, this was my first introduction to the series, both directly and indirectly. (I first heard the 1st opening "Melissa" in the fangame Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 5. When I literally had no clue what anime even was. Crazy.) I didn't really think I was ready to handle it, considering I got it mixed up with Full Metal Panic and was told it was an adult anime. Panic is still on my extensive backlog, but I saw the first 10 episodes dubbed on Funimation's Youtube channel. I distinctly remember not being able to see it for a good two months, and I eventually forgot where I was. With this, and the fact that so many of my friends recommended I watch Brotherhood first, I decided to do just that. However, just last year I just so happened to be surfing the Anime section on Netflix, and I saw this series show up. And for a full month, I was marathoning the ever living crud out of it, dubbed and subbed. I did the same thing for the movie, and let me just say that it was a month well spent! As I said, it was great to see where Arakawa and Bones took the anime, and I definitely got a kick out of its more somber feeling. But that's enough about me. You all have a good, strong pair of arms and hands. Sit down and use them. seriously, how did it take me a good ten hours to write something so short
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