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Found 1 result

  1. The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011 - Official Project Site The Sonic Stadium is proud to present it's first official community release - The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011. Assembled in a span of two months, 16 budding musicians on the SSMB banded together in an effort to bring out the ideas and concepts of our creative community at TSS. What was once a mere collaborative mini-album with a 15-track estimate, as envisioned by forum member and project leader VizardJeffhog, grew into an unmediated storm of tracks and tunes, something we hope will be the first of the many future community-driven projects to follow at TSS. With 45 tracks, the album spans 4 discs with roughly 2 and a half hours of remixed Sonic music from games both well known and obscure - including some original Sonic-inspired tracks! Covering a wide variety of acoustic, electronic, rocking and atmospheric music, each artist on this album has done their best to bring out their respective visions of what the Sonic series has often been recognized and defined by - it's music. TSS would like to extend it's Special Thanks to the following people; VizardJeffhog for organizing, supervising and directing this project. Ian Bennett for creating and designing the Project Site and giving this project it's spotlight within the community. Without him, the project wouldn't be what it is today! BlitzChris for streaming this album in it's entirety from start to finish as it's final pre-reboot SS:R Show. Revision One, Dan-imeJ86, Sean and ProfessorZolo for providing the artwork for the album. And last but not least, every single composer and musician that contributed to all the tracks: Wolfblur EXshad BlitzChris Freen In Green eXtaticus DJ EAR foreversonic Plumegeist Alien/Renegade mikeblastdude Revision One Stereo Pixel Gregzilla Urban Flow VizardJeffhog Wilderness Tracklist DISC/SET 1/4 DISC/SET 2/4 DISC/SET 3/4 DISC/SET 4/4 As this big feat is reaching the end of it's long and exciting production, what's next? We can formally announce that we’re in the plans of assembling an even bigger and better album for 2012. While we won’t dwell into the details of this future project, starting today we will be accepting contributions from other fans who wish to have their works featured for what we’re hoping can become a bigger and better album. If you are interested in being a part of this, keep an eye out on the SSMB and contact the project leader, VizardJeffhog, for album submissions and details. For the fans, by a bunch of other fans, we have all enjoyed working this album, and we sincerely hope you enjoy this just as much as we had making it!
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