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Found 10 results

  1. Free. That's certainly a strong word. The idea of being able to play games free and later spend money on them when you are fully engaged in the game sounds like a great idea. There are many ways to tackle this model, from a free demo offering a upgrade to the full game to the somewhat dreaded micro-transactions offering purchases for in-game items. You can deny it all you want, but the Free-to-Play practice is fortunately/unfortunately here to stay, and with that, a bunch of bad practices. You see, while a lot of gamers frequently look down on Free-to-Play games, i LOVE the concept of them. Free-to-Play games allow me to try out games that I would otherwise avoid. And that's probably the best part about Free-to-Play games. But we all know that a lot of companies like money, and we all know that they need to cash on free-to-play games. So, they start following bad practice models that damage a lot of consumers and pretty much make the game unenjoyable with all of these road blocks. You can hear the names. FarmVille, Dungeon Keeper (Mobile), Candy Crush Saga, Ubisoft Freemium games (*Cough Cough*), EA Freemium games, and Final Fantasy All the Bravest, to name the few of games that seem to get a lot of flack for their freemium models. I think Extra Credit's Videos cover this topic really well. So, what exactly is the point of this topic? Feel free to talk about the general concept of Free-to-Play/Freemium games, and examples of good F2P games that motivate you to spend money because of enjoyament or games that suck your money out for pleasure.
  2. Ever heard of Pixels? No? It's a upcoming movie about aliens that misinterpret video games as a deceleration of war, and take the personas of large arcade characters in order to attack Earth. It sounds incredibly stupid, yet it sounds like something that would be fun to watch. Well... Prepare for a full new trailer coming on the 17th, and yes, Donkey Kong is in it. The movie is coming sometime this summer. Discuss the madness that is Pixels. I'm quite liking the look on these giant beasts I should say.
  3. Once again, I'm bringing back another thread that got wiped from the servers. Alright. Just Cause 3 is the sequel to 2011's amazing Just Cause 2. Once again, you are in the shoes of Rico as you once again grapple over explosions, jump over cars, and parachute your way down incredibly large heights. The game is being developed for next-gen consoles and we're going to see many improvements over the sequel. The map has been confirmed to be roughly the same size as Just Cause 2, and not much gameplay footage has been shown beyond one trailer and a bunch of screenshots. To continue discussion going, here's a presentation shown at PAX. Trailer:
  4. So the original topic for this is gone, How about I make one? So...Monster Hunter. It's a video game. Monster Hunter is one of Capcom's flagship franchises that originally debuted on the PS2. Although it has a small following in the West, it's massively popular in Japan, with it pretty much carrying the PSP up in sales around it's time on the PSP. Recently, the console has made a shift towards Nintendo consoles, with 3 Ultimate being released on Wii U/3DS and 4G just coming out on the 3DS only. The gameplay comprises of you doing ranked missions, with the only form of progression being gear and skill. As of 4G, there are 16 different weapons to choose from, and they all play like fighting characters. The game is padded with lots of content and it's formula is extremely addicting and enjoyable even though it sound somewhat repetitive. Personally, Monster Hunter feels way too slow for me but everybody I know seems to be playing it now, so I'm going to join the bandwagon soon. Also, felynes. Nuff said: So, talk about everything Monster Hunter here!
  5. So, my previous topic on Cryamore is gone. And it's back! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robaato/cryamore-a-true-first-class-take-on-the-action-rpg What is Cryamore? Why, a brand new Action-RPG staring main protagonist Esmyrelda Maximus, who lives in a world where a special material called Cryamore powers their world as a whole. The game was a success on kickstarter, and has ports coming to major consoles. They also occasionally make updates every single Monday: http://cryamore.tumblr.com/ Screenshots
  6. Rock Band 4 just got announced recently! http://www.harmonixmusic.com/blog/rock-band-4-announced/ After years are waiting, we'll get to rock to success all over again! The game is currently coming to XBONE and PS4 this year, and those who previously spent DLC on the past games can redownload those songs for Rock Band 4 (For example, if you had DLC music on PS3, you can transfer it to PS4). Mad Catz has confirmed to sign on as they will be creating the plastic guitars and such! It's already been confirmed that no new features will come to the instruments. Are you going to Rock with your Band? Discuss it all here!
  7. Evoland is back! And oh my god it looks really good The topic was previously made before the server wipe, and it's now back in good graces thanks to some insight on the upcoming sequel! For those who don't know, Evoland was originally a small 2D sprite-based game that was made at a Ludam Dare Competition, and won in the event's theme "Evolution". The game works by having you evolve as the game goes on. For example, there are chests that unlock gameplay mechanics and graphic upgrades, and there are a multitude of gameplay styles the game plays off of. The game was later released as a full PC game with 3D graphics, more gameplay styles, and a lot of gaming references. Well, it's back, with even more references! Try to guess how many you can find in the trailer! The game's website now has a pre-order option, with the game's expected release to be in the Summer. Mac and Linux versions are expected to come out sometime after the game's release? So, what do you guys think? I'm pumped up for the sequel, and hopefully they take the underutilized time mechanic to a whole new level.
  8. We all know what the hell this one is, being the world's most popular MMO and all, and in all likelihood there's a fair few people here who like to spend their time on Azeroth. Here we can share all our tales from our adventures, whines about how your class always gets the nerfed to the ground, Cataclysm freakout, links to random crap, heated debates on whether conjured strudels taste better than chocolate cake, marvel at the glory of Epicus Maximus and naturally discuss general news. And let's not do the whole inane Alliance vs Horde here, orcs and humans can frolic hand in hand in love here. (I'm aware there is a millennia-old topic about Cataclysm in the dusts of history here but after a discussion with one of the resident awesomemods here, we came to the decision that it's best to start the whole thing from scratch rather than resurrect an old corpse and twist it to a new shape) In an attempt to start discussion: anyone doing something special now that Cataclysm is about to explode the world? Any last minute attempts at experiencing everything the Old World has to offer before it all gets changed, or are you just living your daily lives? And come Cataclysm, what's everyone's plans? Rolling a worgoblin immediately, enjoying the new race/class combinations instead or checking the new high-level content at first. ************ I've got my main, a dwarf hunter, running around the Old World doing various achievements. I became best buddies with the bears of Timbermaw Hold some time ago, after which I began to volley-spam through dungeons in order to get Classic Dungeonmaster. I finished that earlier this week, after which I went insane and started doing Loremaster. I'm currently nearly finishing Eastern Kingdoms with about 140 quests to do and several zones to find quests from, after which I'll head to Kalimdor where I have significantly more to do. Of course, I am being distracted by my two focus alts at the moment. I've got a draenei paladin currently in Outland where she's busy killing things in One Of The Best Places In The Game (or Nagrand) and I'm absolutely addicted to playing as her, bloody fun. Then there's my human mage who's 77 and who I'm trying to get to 80 before Cata and who's having significantly less fun doing so because after playing with the paladin the frostbolt-frostbolt-frostbolt-frostbolt-ice lance-frostbolt-frostbolt-frostbolt rotation is rather tedious. And leveling tailoring is a pain. Come Cata, I've no idea really what to start with. I'm going to roll a worgen (rogue) but I might wait till the first rush is over and instead just focus on the high-level content at first. Eventually I'll be creating a dwarf shaman as well for three reasons: 1) I want to see more of the old world's changes that my worgen didn't get the chance to see 2) because I have a tauren shaman who I love but never play with so I might as well roll another shammy, and 3) I'll probably be racechanging my dwarf main into a worgen eventually (<.<) so I'd like to have another little man. Anyway, your turn. Discuss whatever, the choice is yours.
  9. I have no clue if this kind of topic is allowed here, especially in Miscellaneous, but I've been thinking of forming together a let's play group for Sonic games as well as others (i.e A link to the past). I already have one person on board to do this with me all I need are others. I was thinking of a total of four people and each part of a let's play I could upload onto this topic to keep it going. Much like Brainscratch we would share a single YouTube account (A new one of course) where we would upload RAWS and meet up on Skype to commentate over it to make the actual part. Who's with me? EDIT: The group is finally put together and we have a new name: "Console War Regiment"! Finally a let's play group to represent the great SSMB! Featuring but not limited to in no specific order: Princess Ganondorf, Dark Star Ganon, Jovahexeon Oz, and Teoskaven. Of course if any of you want to join us feel free to give us a PM! The first few games we plan to tackle is the original Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy for SEGA Megadrive/Genesis. After that we're unsure what games we plan to commentate on so we'll leave that for you guys and gals to decide! EDIT 2: Of course every new video will be uploaded to this topic.
  10. Welcome to Gensokyo. Here's your complimentary sake and 111 year old girl. Touhou Project is a series of 2D (with 3D background) vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Alice, with three fighting game spinoffs co-produced with Tasogare Frontier. They are similar to regular shooting games, but focus more on weaving through complex patterns containing anywhere from dozens to hundreds of bullets. Every game in the Touhou series is set in the fantasy land of Gensokyo, and the series is known for its huge cast of characters, well-developed storylines, and related materials such as music CDs, fan-made comics and animated videos made to the music. About Touhou Wiki This is a wiki for material related to the Touhou game series. Everyone is welcome to WHOOPS, highlighted too far. Silly me. Everything that I put down so far is the best way to explain what Touhou is basically. There's a lot more details that I can add, but most of the fun consists of finding things out for yourself! Go nuts, kiddo.
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