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Found 1 result

  1. We all know what the hell this one is, being the world's most popular MMO and all, and in all likelihood there's a fair few people here who like to spend their time on Azeroth. Here we can share all our tales from our adventures, whines about how your class always gets the nerfed to the ground, Cataclysm freakout, links to random crap, heated debates on whether conjured strudels taste better than chocolate cake, marvel at the glory of Epicus Maximus and naturally discuss general news. And let's not do the whole inane Alliance vs Horde here, orcs and humans can frolic hand in hand in love here. (I'm aware there is a millennia-old topic about Cataclysm in the dusts of history here but after a discussion with one of the resident awesomemods here, we came to the decision that it's best to start the whole thing from scratch rather than resurrect an old corpse and twist it to a new shape) In an attempt to start discussion: anyone doing something special now that Cataclysm is about to explode the world? Any last minute attempts at experiencing everything the Old World has to offer before it all gets changed, or are you just living your daily lives? And come Cataclysm, what's everyone's plans? Rolling a worgoblin immediately, enjoying the new race/class combinations instead or checking the new high-level content at first. ************ I've got my main, a dwarf hunter, running around the Old World doing various achievements. I became best buddies with the bears of Timbermaw Hold some time ago, after which I began to volley-spam through dungeons in order to get Classic Dungeonmaster. I finished that earlier this week, after which I went insane and started doing Loremaster. I'm currently nearly finishing Eastern Kingdoms with about 140 quests to do and several zones to find quests from, after which I'll head to Kalimdor where I have significantly more to do. Of course, I am being distracted by my two focus alts at the moment. I've got a draenei paladin currently in Outland where she's busy killing things in One Of The Best Places In The Game (or Nagrand) and I'm absolutely addicted to playing as her, bloody fun. Then there's my human mage who's 77 and who I'm trying to get to 80 before Cata and who's having significantly less fun doing so because after playing with the paladin the frostbolt-frostbolt-frostbolt-frostbolt-ice lance-frostbolt-frostbolt-frostbolt rotation is rather tedious. And leveling tailoring is a pain. Come Cata, I've no idea really what to start with. I'm going to roll a worgen (rogue) but I might wait till the first rush is over and instead just focus on the high-level content at first. Eventually I'll be creating a dwarf shaman as well for three reasons: 1) I want to see more of the old world's changes that my worgen didn't get the chance to see 2) because I have a tauren shaman who I love but never play with so I might as well roll another shammy, and 3) I'll probably be racechanging my dwarf main into a worgen eventually (<.<) so I'd like to have another little man. Anyway, your turn. Discuss whatever, the choice is yours.
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