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Found 4 results

  1. Klinsy

    Rhythm Heaven Series.

    Rhythm Heaven is a rhythm game series published and developed by Nintendo, specifically the same team responsible for the WarioWare games, in fact the two series reference each other every now and then. The game provides different scenarios that provide a rhythm based gameplay, such as shooting ghosts with arrows, being a dog ninja who is cutting up various vegetables and being three tuning forks piloting a rocket fueled by their own movements while a green octopus accompanies them on their journey trough a sea of pink clouds. There is standalone scenarios and remixes which mix up previous scenarios and their gameplay but with different music and a visual theme to tie them all together. The game gives you more audio cues than visual ones, such as characters saying things at certain times or various noises appearing in the background, most of the scenarios allow you to practice and get familiar with these cues before playing through it but you can skip the practice if you want to. There is currently three games in the series: Rhythm Tengoku : The first game in the series, released in 2006 for the Gameboy Advance, it wasn't released out of Japan, probably due to being released very late in the GBA's lifetime, in fact it was the last game for the GBA that was developed by Nintendo themselves. This game establishes the overall gameplay and a few returning elements such as the character of Karate Joe but there was a few difference between later installments such as a couple of games having an instant fail option. An arcade version was made by Sega, this version included mutiplayer while the GBA version didn't. Rhythm Heaven/Rhythm Paradise/Rhythm Tengoku Gold: The second game in the series and the first to released out of Japan, it was released for the Nintendo DS. The player holds the DS vertically and uses the touchscreen to react to the rhythm cues. Rhythm Heaven Fever/Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise/Minna no Rhythm Tengoku: The latest game in the series at the moment and the first to be released on a home console, the Wii to be exact. The player used the buttons opposed to the Wii's motion controls for the most part. I think the games can be kinda frustrating sometimes but I do enjoy seeing all the various scenarios that games comes up with and how they implement rhythm into it. I also think it improved my own rhythm a bit by playing it and the music is absolutely excellent. What is your thoughts on Rhythm Heaven?
  2. Ekaje

    Dragon Quest X

    Trailer Gameplay More Gameplay
  3. Super Mario Galaxy is a great game. As a matter of fact, it's my third most favorite Mario game ever. It's a well-polished, beautiful 3D platformer that really shows that Nintendo is a force to be reckoned with. Awesome soundtrack, fantastic art direction, and a plot that is simple, yet beautiful and strangely deep. SMG 1 and 2 are definitely a must-haves for the Nintendo Wii. However, I still can't help but think why everyone (and by this I mean reviewers and critics) think it's the best game ever. Super Mario Galaxy (the first, at least; never played the second one, and I'm thinking of buying it) has various glaring flaws that are being ignored. For example, the controls for the Manta Ray Race could seriously use some work. There have been times that I've fallen through the track because the controls are extremely wonky at times. I also dislike how linear Galaxy is. No, I'm not asking for a sandbox type of Mario game, but I think that the game could have used a few more alternate paths to go through the levels and all. Galaxy only has like a few pipes, and some planetoids have in their opposite axis a few Star Bits and coins, and that's pretty much it. The game forces you to continue on to another place. I also don't like how Mario's powerups are essentially useless. Not to ride on the nostalgia bandwagon, but I seriously loved how (in my opinion anyway) games like Mario 3 and Mario World used powerups to reach places you could never reach before, allowing exploration and some better replayability. Not to mention, SMG is way too easy. This is understandable, as making a hard mode for a complicated Platformer like Mario is absolute murder for development. But they could have at least made the last few Stars, Stars of which completionists would bother collecting, hard as nails. There were very few occasions in SMG of which I had a hard time passing through, and it was always some of the Blue Star parts. I also can't find myself replaying Mario Galaxy again after beating both Mario and Luigi's games. There's nothing making me want to play it all over again. It's just weird; I find the game to be an amazing one, but I just can't play Galaxy again after beating it. It's not like other games I've played, that I can play it over and over again. Mario Galaxy just wore out for me, in spite of the AAA excellence it has. In my opinion, Mario Galaxy is far from perfect. It still needs some polishing up to do for me to consider it light-years better than Super Mario World, or Mario 3. I hope Super Mario 3D Land solves that problem. That's my take on it. What do you guys think? And you can point something I have said wrong, too. I never played Mario Galaxy 2. and I intend on doing so very soon. And I apologize if a topic like this already exists, or something.
  4. http://www.thatvideo...t-under-5-days/ Teaser site: http://findmakarov.com/ Looks like we're getting a Modern Warfare 3 reveal next week. I hope it's something special and the campaign is a bit longer. I enjoyed both of the first 2 games's campaigns, but they were just too short. I wonder how the game will turn out with most of the original Infinity War team gone and rumours of Sledgehammer Games and Raven also working on the game.
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