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Found 2 results

  1. Every year at E3, somebody's wildest dreams are realized after god knows how many years spent waiting, while others' are dashed upon the rocks of reality. Usually it's the latter that holds true more than the former, but given how everyone has different desires, different wants, different criterion for that one special announcement / reveal / demo / etc, there's always somebody who's pleased as punch after the event, even if most of us wind up sorely disappointed. So, What are your biggest hopes and dreams for this year's highly anticipated E3 event? Do try to give a short description of why you want x, y and z too, please. I'd rather not have to lock this topic up due to rule violations. For my part, I'm wishing for three things: Wish #1: Quake V Why: It has been forever since Quake got its last outing and, while Q4 was a bitter disappointment in many areas, I love the universe which id forged with Q2 and its expansions, and I dearly hope we see something of the game soon. It would just about make my year to see this one debut at E3 out of nowhere. Likelihood: Not happening. id seems to have a habit of alternating between Doom and Quake, pioneering new engines on the former and refining them on the latter. I doubt we'll even spy a new Doom for a year or two, and even when it does come it'll probably be at QuakeCon rather than E3. Wish #2: To get really excited about the Wii-U Why? I want them to show me all the cool things it can do, tell me about and show me the great exclusives and multi-platform games we can expect around launch, explain to me in a language I can comprehend the online system and everything else. I want to shut off the feed to their conference when it ends excited to distraction. Likelihood: Sort of probable. Nintendo has been pretty hit-and-miss when it comes to getting me excited; some years they knock my socks off, others they fail even to raise a smile. I hope this year is of the former variety, rather than the damp squib of the latter. Wish #3: Anything new to do with GTA, Metro, Metroid, Rage, Sonic, Star Wars, Warp, Zelda, and whatever other games I like. Why? They're my most cherished game series', some of which I grew up with (and still view with a certain sense of nostalgic awe), others I discovered more recently and became very attached to in a very short space of time. It's only natural to hope for good news regarding them, right? Likelihood: Certain... for some at least. I've spread the goalposts as wide as can be for this one. I can't fail to be pleased! Can I?
  2. Tired of googling "SSMB ______" just to see whether someone's posted a topic about a certain game or concept that you'd like to talk about with fans? Tired of sifting through the forum topic history just to find a certain post you or someone else might or might not have made on a certain something you've been stewing over in your overstimulated head? Stop! You've reached your one-stop destination for everything that comes to your mind as far as Sonic Game Ideas run!! Welcome to the hub where you can feel free to share your wishes, ideas, dreams, concepts and ambitions for future games in the Sonic Franchise be they game mechanics, characters, games, genres or what have you! Have fun!! ______________________________________________________________ Blaze the Cat's 3D Gameplay (specific to individual Adventure style storylines and the like) If Blaze were to be properly featured in a Next Gen Game, I'd like her gameplay to be somewhat parkour-centric with a slight focus on speed. Everyone is essentially lumped into one carbon copy gameplay mechanic more often than not latley, but I stick to the Adventure series and the like's method of defining how those individual characters actually play. I like a bit of variety in Sonic gameplay as long as it isn't something as painfully against the grain as Big's fishing levels were. SA2 had a pretty great sense of innovation as far as really fleshing out and establishing diverse characters while still maintaining the fun. The only setback I saw out of that was in the mech levels, but I think that was mostly because of the gaming in and of itself in addition to the fact that people wanted to play as Tails himself rather than the fact that mechs in general were being used. Getting back to Blaze, I think the material for helping defining her as a character even capable of holding her own game is already there. SEGA I think does a pretty great job at setting in stone, even at the base level, what these characters are capable of and what they do even if we don't see it brought to life as much in the actual gameplay. in the opening of Silver's 06, we see Silver shoot off in a green comet. Afterwards, we don't see Blaze jump up and follow Human Torch style. We see her bound from building top to building top and she's soon out of sight. Looking back at it, I thought that was a very charming touch and it only reinforces the ideas surrounding her signature gameplay that I already have. I'd like to see Blaze with a reasonably quick play speed, but a fairly grand and wide open level at least as far as aesthetics go. When playing other games, styles and features that stand out to me in this right are those of Mirror's Edge and Infamous: Second Son. As far as Mirror's Edge goes, the entire aesthetic and appeal of that game is one that I would attribute almost directly to Blaze character at least as far as a game or gameplay would go. The slightly abstract appeal, the strong-yet-gentle soundtrack, the level setup...it all goes to enhance the depth of that specific character. As far as the latter of these two inspirations goes, I think the appeal is a bit more obvious (if not understandable) in the use of the elements to further oneself in the levels particularly and perhaps primarily in the use of fire. As agile and platform-able as Blaze is, her primary and chief feature are her flames. Those same flames that caused her so much grief in her childhood are actually her greatest feature in this right. Her potential and abilities with this part of her character I think have been largely underdeveloped and underused. The flame boost is cool, but is that really all there is? Understandably, the gameplay style didn't really help facilitate any incorporation further than that, but I think that's a problem. Outside of Rush and its affiliates, I think that part of her character should be taken advantage of. Meld together the capabilities and mechanic of Second Son with the level-run style of Mirror's Edge's psuedo-open world layout and I think you'd have a good idea of the gameplay style I'm talking about. If it's still a bit unclear, then to put it in the most crude and unrefined manner: take the kid from Second Son and stick him in Mirror's Edge or rather, take the the game Second Son and trade the level layouts out for Mirror's Edge's. I assume it would work the same as if I just said "Have a 3rd person perspecive Faith play 80% like Deslin (Second Son Main Character) 20% like herself and 60% faster. Bundle all of that up and soak it for a week in good old Sonic style gameplay and you've got the general gist. There are ways to really capitalize on her extreme speed and individual character traits and make her really stand out on her own without deviating ridiculously far from the "female Sonic" dynamic, of course if that's still a concern, even if the only way to define that is "playing like Sonic".
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