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Found 12 results

  1. Yo, guys! I've created a topic here before, LOONG ago, with some of my Sonic CD styled songs. I feel like I should be more active on SSMB though (I've been practically dead), and that I want to start by creating a proper music thread for myself. The Sonic Showcase really needs a bit more music too, don'tcha think? I'll start off by offering my Soundcloud here. Now keep in mind, I have like 5% of my actual work posted on there. Oh, and my older songs are kind of awful, beware of those. I have about three songs waiting to be uploaded there though, so look forward to them if you think my work is any good. There's also my Tumblr here, which doesn't really get much use. It's mostly reposts of my Soundcloud stuff, but it /does/ feature songs that I didn't show anywhere else. Sorry for that though, I will try to take the time and post a lot more unreleased things on it. I have LOADS. And lastly, if anyone's interested, I will post links through box.com to songs of mine that are almost finished, or were almost finished but eventually scrapped. I have some fully finished ones were never uploaded too. I'll post a tiny bit right now, actually. This one is looking to be uploaded sometime. It's a remaster of Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)'s Green Grove act 1. I'm waiting for a friend to possibly record a guitar line to go as the melody of this song, but the rest about it is pretty much finished. Here's another Sonic CD styled remix, like the ones from my previous topic and the soundcloud ones, but it's not exactly finished. I wasn't sure of it, I didn't think that it lived up to how well I managed to make the other SCD remixes, so I didn't finish or release it. I'll have you guys be the judges. It's Rusty Ruin from Sonic 3D Blast. Again, it's pretty old so finishing it now also means extra polishing on the instruments and mastering. Here's one that I would say is pretty interesting. Basically, I think I stumbled upon the very instrument library that Kazumi Tokata used to create the soundtrack for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so I did what a normal person would do and tried to compose a song in his own musical style. I dunno how well I did. An early one again. This is supposed to be a remaster of every music track in the developer menus of Wario Ware: DIY. It only has three so far of... what it was, 7 or something? I'll try to finish it in the future. Another one that I would love to finish, a Classic styled remix of Quartz Quadrant Present form Sonic CD. I'd say it's got a good base, but it's not polished AT ALL in the mastering department and it misses a heck ton of instruments. I just really didn't know what do to with the lead while handling the mastering, so it slowly drifted away from me. THIS is one that I really want to get finished. It's a remix of Byrne's battle theme form TLoZ: Spirit Tracks. It's kind of done, the only instruments that aren't untouched are the guitar and flute leads. I'm really gonna try and finish this one. Also, I'm gonna try and focus myself more towards original songs in the future. I've already did that, and have quite some songs ready, but I won't uncover them just yet :3 To end this, I would HIGHLY appreciate any kind of criticism, comment, nitpicking, anything on any of my songs, be it composition, sound or mastering wise. The ones I've shown or especially my Soundcloud ones, any of them. You do the picking. And finally, thanks a lot for reading or listening if you did. I'm still quite early in my experience with music, and I haven't really set down my style yet. I'll be looking forward to hearing anything, I hope you enjoyed my music so far.
  2. Hi all, I had an older art topic, but I requested a lock on it to start fresh. Most of the stuff I have today is all traditional, mostly charcoal drawings. Basically this is just stuff that I did in my art class, the majority of it being gesture drawings. I am going to be studying how to draw the human figure this year as my own personal study. But anyway, pictures. ^Pen not charcoal, contour gesture A still life, I notice several things I could have fixed in it. The study in the class was actually on light and shading. I am sad that the table left scratchy marks on the picture. :< Creepy lady portrait, eeek. Lol. I want to take another lfie drawing class. Well, off to do some more studying.
  3. 'Bout time I did one of these. These are some pictures I draw in my free time, with only one simple tool. A pencil. Though these are on a scanner, I highlyapologize if they have shoddy quality. Now, let's get started. This is some picture I drew on a back of an assignment in school after I finished it because I was super bored. I was inspired to draw the intro screen for the European version of the SEGA Mega CD, but when my imagination went wild, it turned into this. Now onto my other picture. Another picture drawn in my personal sketchbook with a big head of the American redesign of Classic Sonic smiling, with the usual advertising of the character back in the early 90s. The Sketchhog looking up at the head was sort of a last minute thing. xD This, I didn't draw in my sketchbook, but rather on MSPaint. It's a picture showcasing the things that describe Sonic The Hedgehog's personality, abilities, and nicknames. I will update whenever I get the time, and I hope you enjoy the art I have showed you. Any sort of criticism is welcomed! =)
  4. Hey folks of SSMB, do I have a neato idea for you. It's another collab! Sequeling-up last year's successful collab celebrating Sonic's 20, we're gonna do the same this year! Though this time, we're going with a theme. This year's theme: Past Meets Present. That's right, we're including Classic characters! With Generations being the success it is, we're inspired to use this year's collab to bring together both new and old versions of characters together. This theme is itself the catch. We're ONLY including characters that actually have both Classic and Modern designs. Not only that, but with Sonic 4: Episode II on the way, we're trying something else out. You will be teaming up with someone to draw with ya! It's simple - one picks the Classic design, the other gets Modern. They can be interacting, but they don't have to. (Keep in mind how last year's final layout was done to help think about it!) Also, new guidelines to help in organization, fairness, and to make sure this year's theme goes off without a hitch. Here's the rundown: You MUST be an active member to partake in this. And by active, I mean you were able to log in and read this. NO EXCEPTIONS. First come, first serve, and one choice per member. Post your choice as a comment in this thread only. Check the list often to see what's picked, and/or think about who you'd like to team-up with. Only PM me with submissions. Once you choose a character from the list, you have 3 weeks from the date of your post to complete the character in any media you choose. 1000x1000 transparent PNG's are still a neccesity, and no previously made works. If one team member fails to complete their character, the other person cannot submit until the slot is refilled. Make sure to help each other out if when needed - Teamwork is important! There's no harm in asking for help, especially if it'll make the whole piece better! After a successful sumbission, you may pick a remainding character from the list, but mind that if it requires a teammate, you'll need to wait for/get one. (You can still work on it though in the meantime.) If all slots are filled, you may choose from the secondary list that will be posted once the first list is actually filled. (Trust me, having a secondary list will be a godsend.) Don't ask to have a character not on the list added. Nor ask to make up a design for an unlisted character just to get added. There will be a background for the completed work, but that job will fall upon an artist chosen at our discretion. So don't ask. Final submissions are due June 15. NO EXCEPTIONS. Don't post your work anywhere public until the revealing of the final piece on the 23rd. Remember to actually collaborate and be creative! NEW - If you picked a character, and a teammate position still hasn't been filled out for more than a few days, you can still draw the character, and lay a guideline for how the other character will interact with them for when a teammate has actually joined you. They will have to work with what you started in order to get the work in on time. New - I will cross off pairs as I get them, and not individuals. This is further encourage you all to work together more efficiently. Ch-ch-choose your character! C. Sonic - Rawrdom M. Sonic - Briaaaah C. Tails - The Kid M. Tails - Nemain C. Knuckles - Hybrid M. Knuckles - Emerald Lance C. Amy - Rabid Noodles M. Amy - Quacku C. Eggman - Swiss M. Eggman - Azukara C. Metal Sonic - Rabid-Noodles M. Metal Sonic - Samus Aran C. Vector - Katzii M. Vector - Venice C. Espio - KKM M. Espio - redhellc C. Charmy - Dan-imeJ86 M. Charmy - Venice Secondary List: (Pick from the left or right of every entry.) Mighty/Shadow - SonHOG/Briaaaah Bean/Jet - debug ring/Kamicciolo Bark/Big - Venice/Rabid-Noodles Nack/Rouge - Noku_Crocodile/Mimi Honey/Blaze - Voy-Boy/Samus Aran Gamma/Omega - Quacku/D-Metal X Bomb & Heavy/Orbot & Cubot - Dan-imeJ86/Pixel Brain Eggrobo/Eggpawn - SegaDogTagz/SegaDogTagz C. Motobug/M. Motobug - Dan-imeJ86/ProfessorZolo C. Crabmeat/M. Crabmeat - sandwichbars/debug ring If you're curious on why I would pick these, or enraged for any reason, please read out my detailed explanation. (Spoilered for length.) (I will see how this goes and adjust along the way too accommodate changes to help this project succeed.)
  5. So, I thought I would post some of the art from my DA gallery. A lot of the art I've made involves fan characters, but don't worry, they're not recolors! Not all of it is of fan characters either. Also, a lot of my art is WIP. Anyways, here's some of my sprites: Turbodrive Sonic: Rush: Specks the Hedgehog: Lindsy: Madison the Moose: Metal Jacob: Here are some sketches: Self Portrait: Birthday Drawing for Adam: Specks the Hedgehog So, what does everyone think about my art?
  6. With Sonic's 23rd Anniversary now upon us, it's time to showcase all your artwork to celebrate! This logo is free to use in art and videos.
  7. Dizzuchan

    Dizzu`s Art~

    This is just a few things that I`ve drawn recently~ More coming soon~~
  8. Well, I've decided to explore the art world once again, though this time I plan on taking it more serious yet at the same time making it more fun. I'm no longer constrained to what a teacher wants me to do, so I can do my own thing now. NOTE: ALL MY LATEST ARTWORK WILL BE ON MY LATEST POST. LATEST: 12/22/2011 TITLE: PANTY AND STOCKING DATEN CITY OUTSKIRTS
  9. So this topic is to discuss anything about the various visual/art styles over the years in the Sonic franchise. What is your favorite style, your least favorite, how you would improve something, anything goes in this topic, as long as it has something to do with the art and visual style/direction of the Sonic series. Here's my two cents. I'll talk about my favorite art style: My favorite art style was Sonic Heroes's. Colorful, vibrant and surrealistic, it invoked memories of the Genesis games and was beautiful at every turn. Unleashed was also good looking, but I dislike the realism they were going for. At least they made it cartoony, and that I can tolerate, but I still prefer a surreal style. I think it fits Sonic better. It's not that I hate realism, I don't think it should dominate the entire game, ala Unleashed (I can live with that game's realism because it is cartoony, but I still prefer surreal). Generations looks like it is taking a surreal art style into the amazing-ness of the Hedgehog Engine, and I really love that. So what are your thoughts?
  10. Allo ladies and gents, no doubt you've noticed the randomized banners adorning the forums made by your fellow members. Nice little addition, don't you think? Anyway yeah, I'd like to inform you about how you can make your contribution to these forums and feel that little tingle inside you as your ego is stimulated! All members are welcome to submit banners for the site, so if you're interested in doing so please go to the following topic: Please make sure you read the rules of the topic so you don't submit something that is wasting your time. Now there's already been a lot of support for this feature, which is obviously brilliant, but it might call for a change in policy. What I'm going to be doing is only using a fixed number of banners every month; those banners will get a month of display on the forums and will then be replaced by a new set the following month. This way your banners will get the exposure they deserve by not disappearing amidst a metric asston of other banner images. So until the 26th of November the banners that are already up will stay there for all to see. Please continue to submit your banners and when it comes time to take the current ones down I will put up a new 10-15 or so banners which will be up until after Christmas. Because of this you might want to make some lovely Christmas themed banners ready for the festive season! I leave that up to you. Huge thanks once again for those of you whom have submitted banners, they're really great.
  11. I was bored and I'm not much of an artist, but I've decided to share this with you guys today. Pardon me if this isn't the right place to post this.
  12. I mostly post on my Tumblr but I do also put things on my dA and Pixiv too. Here's some oldies: [
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