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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! Been a while. So long in fact that my old thread stated a the bottom I should just start a new one. If any mods could help tell me if I should delete that one and start anew here, or carry on using that one and delete this one, that would be very much appreciated! Thank you. Anyway, new name, new year, new beginnings. Need to start drawing and socialising again! Hi! XD
  2. There are number of talented artists that work on Sonic Media, such as the comics. Every once and while they will post art they've done of the blue blur and his friends/foes either for fun, for commissions, and for holidays. This topic is to showcase their amazing work and ideas. Please be sure to name the Artist along with the artwork when you post. This amazing line art was done by Tracy Yardley, which shows Sonic, Cream, & Cheese traveling through the Leaf Forest Zone from Sonic Advance 2.
  3. Well, I've decided to explore the art world once again, though this time I plan on taking it more serious yet at the same time making it more fun. I'm no longer constrained to what a teacher wants me to do, so I can do my own thing now. NOTE: ALL MY LATEST ARTWORK WILL BE ON MY LATEST POST. LATEST: 12/22/2011 TITLE: PANTY AND STOCKING DATEN CITY OUTSKIRTS
  4. http://th06.deviantart.net/fs8/PRE/i/2005/297/7/6/Tylky_the_Dog_by_Tylky.jpg Okay, so this is an image I drew of Tylky The Dog about five years ago. Question is, is it possible for anyone to redesign him? I'd like to be apart of this forum and I want my character to be here too. So I'd be grateful to anyone who can redesign him. I don't know any other way of asking anyone to design him for me, so whoever can do this I'll be very grateful for. I'll stay up-to-date with their art and we'll also be new friends. http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs8/i/2005/297/4/5/Elle_and_Tylky_Sonic_Advance_3_by_Elle_The_Cat.png My character is on the right, this image is courtesy of Elle The Cat, of whom I don't know where she is right now in this day and age. Thank you! P.S. If this is in the wrong area/not allowed to be here, feel free to lock/move this topic.
  5. 'Bout time I did one of these. These are some pictures I draw in my free time, with only one simple tool. A pencil. Though these are on a scanner, I highlyapologize if they have shoddy quality. Now, let's get started. This is some picture I drew on a back of an assignment in school after I finished it because I was super bored. I was inspired to draw the intro screen for the European version of the SEGA Mega CD, but when my imagination went wild, it turned into this. Now onto my other picture. Another picture drawn in my personal sketchbook with a big head of the American redesign of Classic Sonic smiling, with the usual advertising of the character back in the early 90s. The Sketchhog looking up at the head was sort of a last minute thing. xD This, I didn't draw in my sketchbook, but rather on MSPaint. It's a picture showcasing the things that describe Sonic The Hedgehog's personality, abilities, and nicknames. I will update whenever I get the time, and I hope you enjoy the art I have showed you. Any sort of criticism is welcomed! =)
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