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Found 1 result

  1. I get too many crazy ideas but I think this one is a very good one. It came to me when I was playing Shadow the Hedgehog (Hero) and Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Sonic as a mentor in a character's game. I dont mean for Sonic to become Omochao, i mean that Sonic could give you tips on how to complete a stage. Not only that but give you words of wisdoms. Like hes done in Shadow the Hedgehog, when you play the game Sonic tells you to be careful and not to be cocky and he even tells you how to get across to certien stages. If a character has their own game, I want Sonic to be like that, a mentor. Someone to give you guidence. And Ill give some examples on how it can work: Tails game - Sonic can help you build your machines (maybe) or give you advices on where to get to your next stage. He can also tell you to keep cool under presessure. Amy game - Sonic tells her tips on how to make it through a stage and encourage her to keep moving. Sonic can also teach Amy new moves and he can also teach new PIKO moves Knuckles game - Sonic can help Knuckles find whatever arifact hes looking for and give him tips on where are the hot spots. He can also teach to Knuckles all the moves he learned as a werehog. Shadow game - Shadow already has a game but if he had another game Sonic can really be a mentor like he was trying to be. He can guide Shadow through missions and warn him to be careful. Silver game - Silver is unsure of himself... so Sonic is the perfect mentor for a Silver game. Sonic can cheer Silver on and help him with his problems. He can also do tutorals but not as well as in my other game ideas, Sonic doesnt have powers! But Sonic can teach Silver some acrobatic moves Do you get what I am perposing? I want Sonic to be someone to help you. The reason why is that its in his character to do so and hes the heart of the franchise. So if you play in say, a Tails game and you fight the final boss, Sonic can help you and encourage you to try your best. My point is that as a mentor, Sonic can pass the lessons hes learned from his adventures and help other characters in their games. What do you think?
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