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Found 5 results

  1. So now that Generations has been released for a few weeks and the hype is gone, I wanna ask. In the end. Was Classic Sonic's inclusion in Generations (for the most part) successful and did you enjoy his inclusion? Ill say my piece here, when all is said and done, I enjoyed his inclusion. First off, I NEVER expected Classic Sonic to appear at all, especially after the Sonic 4 debacle. So right off the bat I was excited, then I saw the first the initial videos of Classic's gameplay and I thought it looked great, much better than anything that was done in Sonic 4. The environments looked great and the music was (again) better than most of Sonic 4. And then I played the demo and I was......underwhelmed. Classic Sonic's jump was way to heavy, his spindash was overpowered to a fault, and most importantly his rolling didnt work, which is a big no on when it comes to Classic gameplay. And then I finally played the game and I was....no as underwhelmed but its still needed a lot more to it. Don't get me wrong though, I had fun with a lot of the levels (Classic Speed Highway is awesome), but a lot of them lacked any kind of flow, I felt as if I had to force everything, and that isnt fun. You want to feel as if you're one with the landscape. In the end the levels needed more slopes and curves to work off of. But as ive said, the theres a good number of level designs that are great and somewhat creative such as the Tornado segment in Classic CC or the Clock Tower/Blimp segment in Classic RR. In the end, I thought the inclusion of Classic Sonic was a decent recreation of the gameplay, and it was fun for what it was. It could have been a lot better, but it's still good fun imo. How do you guys feel about Classic's inclusion?
  2. Just thought I'd put this out to you guys, incase any of you are interested : The website I work for, PlusXP, is giving away the following set of classic Sonic figurines to celebrate the launch of Sonic Generations : I'm organising the contest, aswell as funding the prize, myself, so would be really interested to see some entrants from here For more details please see here : http://www.plusxp.co...ns-competition/ I'd be happy to field any questions here also =)
  3. Okay, what is this fuss about Sonic's design? I'm aware that a topic exists for this before, but I had to get off my chest on this one. I mean, you got the "classic" Sonic fans who hate the modern design and want nothing more then a complete remake of the Genesis trilogy, and even if that were to happen, they would still find something to moan about (Just look at Sonic Generations, SEGA gave them the "classic" Sonic game that they wanted for years, but now they're whining over the fact that "classic" Sonic is mute and doesn't have a voice as opposed to his modern counterpart). Then there are the "modern" Sonic fans, who are not familiar with the classic games as they are with the modern ones. And seriously, "Porcupine Man"? That's one of the most screwed-up things that unpleasant classic fans call modern Sonic, and I wish they'd stop that and start respecting others' views. Besides, SEGA is making Sonic Generations where you get to play both versions of Sonic, so you should be happy about that. I may like the modern Sonic games, but I also like the classic games, too. I don't go around whining over what is supposed to be the creator's choice. Sonic is SEGA's character, not mine. I am only a fan of the series, nothing more. All I ask you is to feel the same way, fellow Sonic fans. It's not hard. Personally, I think Sonic has just gotten better with age. However, just because I like the modern design the best does not mean I hate the classic design. I appreciate both designs. Besides, if you waste your time away whining over a character design like it's a real person, then you have issues. Designs evolve with time as well, they need to, or otherwise they get old. I doubt that Sonic would have gotten all the popularity if he has keeping his old design and never updating it. I don't know what the big deal is. He's still blue, he still runs at high speeds, and he is still a hedgehog. Character design does not affect the quality of gameplay. Both designs are the same Sonic the Hedgehog that we all love and recognize, so if you can't stand one of them, then how can you be a Sonic fan? Love Sonic for who he is, not fight over his design.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1ROMX2grV4 Here is the Sonic Generations Main Theme Song(I think) I do not own this song Lyrics: Been running with the rude boys For much too much too long You think you are one of them Every time that we kiss It seems you are holding back Don't be so quick to pull away Away, away, away, away I know you're thinking murder Driving in your father's car I will not let you disappear Not your fault Not your problem Not one to apologize If you want 'tough', I'll give you 'tough'! So don't you know You're more than this And you were born for greatness So don't you know You're more than this And you were born for greatness T-E-N-D-E-R-O-N-I T-E-N-D-E-R-O-N-I T-E-N-D-E-R-O-N-I
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