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Found 8 results

  1. Originally this was supposed to be a topic concerning the latest news on CN, but I decided to make this a general topic to talk about the network. I won't be making any long introduction posts though, so I'll cut to the chase. Cartoon Network was founded in 1992 by Ted Turner and his cronies as the first network devoted to animation/cartoons, it's primary reason being to showcase classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons and others. But they decided to expand from their original purpose, which led to a series of original cartoons known as Cartoon Cartoons, as well as the nighttime block [adult swim] and anime block Toonami. This expansion era CN experienced in the 90s and early 2000s is overall considered by many as the network's golden age. Then after a change of heads after a PR stunt for one of adult swim's shows went horribly wrong and one of the top executives passed away due to a sudden illness, things started going downhill-the quantity of original shows and the overall quality of the network's cartoons (original and imported) dropped, Toonami was canned/adult swim started to move away from anime, and both the original network and adult swim started showing a growing amount of live-action shows and movies, culminating in CN Real, a live-action block of scripted shows. After that stunt flopped harder than a stuntman skydiving while on fire into a explosion rigged oil field, the network went through a resurgence of sorts-a variety of higher-quality animated shows, live-action shows almost completely wiped, and even seeing Toonami (albeit in a limited form) and Cartoon Planet (a block that showcases a variety of older cartoons) revived as part of the network's 20th anniversary. That said, the network still suffers from some problems-namely a growing lack of faith in action cartoons by their top executives, leading to many acclaimed shows of this type of genre having their schedules meddled with or being cancelled outright. Though regarding this new piece of news, the above could change... Stuart Snyder, a large proponent of the live-action shows on the network, is stepping down as CEO of the channel. Anyway, your thoughts on channel and/or this latest news? Discuss, this is the general CN thread after all! Personally, I hope Snyder's departure means CN can truly pull itself out of it's Dork Age, and I hope his successor is not a firm believer of the Animation Age Ghetto like he and his colleagues are. I doubt we'll get acclaimed/popular action shows like Young Justice and Sym-Bionic Titan back on the air (though that would be one hell of a sweet cherry on top if the new bigwig's awesome), but hopefully this means CN will finally stop screwing those types of cartoons over.
  2. GameStop to Offer Classic Consoles and Games (IGN) I thought this was some late April Fools Day joke until I read the date. What in the hell? is this seriously legitimate?! whats gamestops end game here by opening up every console gen. era to trade ins?
  3. This is just a few things that I`ve drawn recently~ More coming soon~~
  4. The classic Sonic games are so overrated IMO. A lot of issues that people complain about in newer Sonic games are present in the older games. 1. "Not enough speedy sections. - Remember Labyrinth Zone, Marble Zone, Oil Ocean? Those zones are slow, and half of Sonic 1's zones are slow too. 2. There's only a few good games in a pile of lame ones. - Most of the crappy Sonic games nowadays are spin-offs. And I don't know if you forgot, but the classic Sonic spin-offs we're mediocre or terrible. Sonic Blast, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic 3D Blast, the Tails games, the list goes on. And while 3D Sonic has had huge stumbles, it still has great games. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Advance 1-3, Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Battle, Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing... Honestly, most people who hate on modern Sonic are seriously being irrational and unfair, and can't seem to look at the pure facts. I know there is some really bad modern Sonic games, (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic '06, Secret Rings, Black Knight) but when you're gonna hate on a series, AT LEAST know what you're talking about! While I love the classic games, I still have to say that the Modern games are better, but hey that's just my opinion? What's yours? P.S: Sorry if this topic has been done to death before.
  5. Hey folks of SSMB, do I have a neato idea for you. It's another collab! Sequeling-up last year's successful collab celebrating Sonic's 20, we're gonna do the same this year! Though this time, we're going with a theme. This year's theme: Past Meets Present. That's right, we're including Classic characters! With Generations being the success it is, we're inspired to use this year's collab to bring together both new and old versions of characters together. This theme is itself the catch. We're ONLY including characters that actually have both Classic and Modern designs. Not only that, but with Sonic 4: Episode II on the way, we're trying something else out. You will be teaming up with someone to draw with ya! It's simple - one picks the Classic design, the other gets Modern. They can be interacting, but they don't have to. (Keep in mind how last year's final layout was done to help think about it!) Also, new guidelines to help in organization, fairness, and to make sure this year's theme goes off without a hitch. Here's the rundown: You MUST be an active member to partake in this. And by active, I mean you were able to log in and read this. NO EXCEPTIONS. First come, first serve, and one choice per member. Post your choice as a comment in this thread only. Check the list often to see what's picked, and/or think about who you'd like to team-up with. Only PM me with submissions. Once you choose a character from the list, you have 3 weeks from the date of your post to complete the character in any media you choose. 1000x1000 transparent PNG's are still a neccesity, and no previously made works. If one team member fails to complete their character, the other person cannot submit until the slot is refilled. Make sure to help each other out if when needed - Teamwork is important! There's no harm in asking for help, especially if it'll make the whole piece better! After a successful sumbission, you may pick a remainding character from the list, but mind that if it requires a teammate, you'll need to wait for/get one. (You can still work on it though in the meantime.) If all slots are filled, you may choose from the secondary list that will be posted once the first list is actually filled. (Trust me, having a secondary list will be a godsend.) Don't ask to have a character not on the list added. Nor ask to make up a design for an unlisted character just to get added. There will be a background for the completed work, but that job will fall upon an artist chosen at our discretion. So don't ask. Final submissions are due June 15. NO EXCEPTIONS. Don't post your work anywhere public until the revealing of the final piece on the 23rd. Remember to actually collaborate and be creative! NEW - If you picked a character, and a teammate position still hasn't been filled out for more than a few days, you can still draw the character, and lay a guideline for how the other character will interact with them for when a teammate has actually joined you. They will have to work with what you started in order to get the work in on time. New - I will cross off pairs as I get them, and not individuals. This is further encourage you all to work together more efficiently. Ch-ch-choose your character! C. Sonic - Rawrdom M. Sonic - Briaaaah C. Tails - The Kid M. Tails - Nemain C. Knuckles - Hybrid M. Knuckles - Emerald Lance C. Amy - Rabid Noodles M. Amy - Quacku C. Eggman - Swiss M. Eggman - Azukara C. Metal Sonic - Rabid-Noodles M. Metal Sonic - Samus Aran C. Vector - Katzii M. Vector - Venice C. Espio - KKM M. Espio - redhellc C. Charmy - Dan-imeJ86 M. Charmy - Venice Secondary List: (Pick from the left or right of every entry.) Mighty/Shadow - SonHOG/Briaaaah Bean/Jet - debug ring/Kamicciolo Bark/Big - Venice/Rabid-Noodles Nack/Rouge - Noku_Crocodile/Mimi Honey/Blaze - Voy-Boy/Samus Aran Gamma/Omega - Quacku/D-Metal X Bomb & Heavy/Orbot & Cubot - Dan-imeJ86/Pixel Brain Eggrobo/Eggpawn - SegaDogTagz/SegaDogTagz C. Motobug/M. Motobug - Dan-imeJ86/ProfessorZolo C. Crabmeat/M. Crabmeat - sandwichbars/debug ring If you're curious on why I would pick these, or enraged for any reason, please read out my detailed explanation. (Spoilered for length.) (I will see how this goes and adjust along the way too accommodate changes to help this project succeed.)
  6. Title says all. Mostly, Generations just feels like a Big Lipped Alligator Videogame, because a lot of things it never explains. - How did classic Tails become relevant to the story? As far as I know, he just appeared. *POOF* - How did Sonic remember Crisis City/Sonic 06? - How did Silver recognize Sonic? - What's up with Blaze appearing? And how does SHE remember Sonic? I would had liked to see classic Sonic save some of the other classic conterparts of the characters as well as long-forgotten classic characters like Mighty, Ray, and Fang.
  7. In the modern era trailer... Listen very carefully to 0:34 to 0:38. Just when the trailer changes to Classic from Modern, you can hear a slightly faint "Hah!" sound. Is it me or is it really there? Is it just one of the mistakes again. Maybe it might be Classic Tails in the background cos' it does sound like what Classic Tails might sound like. Discuss...
  8. With Sonic Generations coming for PC, the potential for modding is incredible. With Sonic Generations, the true creativity of the fan base can be shown. So anyway, what would you expect/like to see when it comes to the mods?
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