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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everybody! I'm very excited to say that I have uploaded the demo of Kunoi! This will give you a chance to give me some feedback! I've been prepping for this day for awhile now! Head over to the download section to download the zip file! It will include the game, and a quick start up guide. For fans of Bit Trip Runner, Sonic Runners, and Kid Tripp. Sonic is featured in the free demo, by pressing "1" in the game play. Unfortunately he won;t be in the final game I figured this could go in the fan game area http://www.indiedb.c...oads/kunoi-demo Also now that the demo has been released, we have a Kickstarter! Once you play the demo, and love it ( hopefully,) head over to the Kunoi Kickstarter page and check out the pledges for some awesome gifts! Every pledge is reasonably priced so everyone has a chance to experience Kunoi. With that being said, I need help spreading the word! Low pledge sets mean more pledges must be made! So if you like what you see, help me spread the word! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jaywerner/kunoi-pc-runner Here's a picture of our blue buddy in action. Custom sprites. Here are some of the tunes! https://soundcloud.com/jaykellom/bamboo-ruins https://soundcloud.com/jaykellom/sky-village Please tell me what ya think! If all goes smooth, we are looking for an August release! Remember to follow/ watch here and other sources for current updates! As always stay in touch! Facebook - Facebook.com Twitter - Twitter.com
  2. Discuss anything about Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)'s development, ideas, demos, betas, anything to do with its development and production. Post articles, videos, news, etc related to the game's development if you wish. The game started out in 2005 as Project SONIC THE HEDGEHOG when SEGA showcased a "Behind Closed Doors" demonstration at TGS 2005, which showed how Sonic could fare on the XBOX 360, and a teaser for Sonic's all-new adventure. The game was supposed to take Sonic in a realistic direction, and bring Sonic "back to his roots", which in other words, emulating the Sonic Adventure-styled gameplay. The TGS 2005 demo had many features that brought promise to the public, and Sonic fans alike, such as a day & night system, Sonic Adventure-styled running animation, spammable homing attack, RPG-styled gameplay, like gathering the more rings make you go faster, a BEARABLE realistic Sonic model and the action gauge was supposed to limit gem's powers. A "Rainbow Gem" found in the game's data would have allowed you to go Super Sonic in-game. Other features would have included Metal Sonic in the story, and as a playable character and several character stories instead of an amigo system. The E3 2006 demo brought more promise, showcasing Sonic's new abilities. It would be safe to say that the game was the most hyped Sonic game of all-time. When we got the demo released on XBLA in September of 2006, most of the features were still holding up. But unexpectedly, when the game was released in late November of 2006, these features were either not to be seen anywhere, or buggy/broken. Ever since, it is considered by most to be one of Sonic's worst moments in his history, and one of the worst games ever created, promising too much, and not delivering. Here are some beta footage of the game from TGS 2005 and E3 2006 demos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y_jxuiklRs&feature=related
  3. rumor is that a modern demo may come out tomorrow, or sometime this week, also, some one mention, from the half hour footage, a sega employee also said a demo coming this month. anyone remembered sega saying something like this?? [EDIT] ok so now its been said the demo is coming out on october 19th, confirmed by sega france at the micromania games tour, some people thinks the demo is green hill zone, or city escape or rooftop run, what do you think? (EDIT2) ok now its confirmed that a demo is coming out for modern and classic sonic XBLA and PSN owners in europe will get it on october 19th XBLA owners (worldwide i think) will get it on october 19th too PSN owners wiill get it october 25th,
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