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Found 5 results

  1. Okay, so I'm not really the best at dem arts. But I just thought I'd share with you guys two of my Sonic pictures that I really like. Both of them (and some other pictures) are on my DA so I may put up a link to my account in my profile, but we'll see about that... So the first is one I did many months ago, it's the Werehog, but kinda in the style of Sonic the Doodlehog. And the next one I don't really know if you guys will like. It's a drawing of what I think Sonic would look like as a human. It's not great, and the pose is very static but I like how the colors came out e.e Aaaaand that's it for this topic. Please tell me what you think! If you have constructive criticism please do tell! I may or may not update this thread with more art as I keep on making it. Currently I'm working on a wallpaper-sized picture with all the wisps e.e
  2. Dizzuchan

    Dizzu`s Art~

    This is just a few things that I`ve drawn recently~ More coming soon~~
  3. Hello! If you've been on SSMB at least once for the last month or so, then you might know me. My username is Rucdose, and lately I've been doing stuff like the How to Play with SSMB's for Game Night and the like. But anyway, I also draw sometimes. I already had a thread for art and such, but that was in the Miscellaneous Works and has some hideously outdated art, so I'm gonna start fresh with this new topic! So, I suppose this is where some art goes! Quickies:
  4. ahaha hello guys! i had to re-make my account again hehe anyways... i didn't know that to post.. but.. maybe i'd share the best drawing thingies in this first post the Lost Hedgehog Tales... Dragon Road.. with my Redesing of Monkey Khan Tails' Adventures Poster Ultra Sonic... i remember i did a Banner for this forum.. Sonic Boom Just Sonic Sonic Underground Poster this one i never posted it here... i've send it to archie comics (Sonic Grams) in one ocation.. this one too.. i called it Game Masters.. ( just in case you are wondering where is Pakman,. i drew this before he was anounced to be at the Smash Bros) and this one is new! Sticks and Marine..... ( i personally think they are not so similar....but.. meh.. anyway) hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i do.. i'll try to draw more like these.(as soon as my laptop get fixed :'D ).. i mean these are from the best in my opinion.. but i think i can do more and even better ... i still think i'm not good enough...
  5. I remember a long, long time ago I had an art topic here...which I hardly updated. Now that it's disappeared I've decided to try it again. And this time, I'll actually use it! So from now on, this is the place where I'm putting my newest doodles (I do lots of those!) and general art stuff like paintings etc. Some of it is fanart but most of it is my own work or stuff I'm making at Uni. I'll try and focus more on the fanart and original work though and not so much arty MA stuff. ^^ So here's the first doodle in this topic, which I made this evening. It's Sasha Braus from Attack on Titian, my favourite character from my favourite anime! This is actually the first time I've done a proper Chibi of Sasha and I tried my best to add as many details as possible. I'm quite pleased with the end result! Feedback is always appreciated! I want to see how much I've improved since 2011. =P
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