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Found 3 results

  1. Trailer Mario Party 10 is the next installment in the Mario Party series coming exclusively coming to Wii U, and featuring Bowser as the main character pretty much as he is the main selling point in the trailer and was mentioned several times. It was revealed this year at E3, and it still seems to keep the shitty car thing from Mario Party 9...god damn, I don't care if they keep it, but I'd rather them atleast put it in as atleast an option over the main part of the game. Eh, I don't know about this one, I guess it could be cool, but Mario Party really hasn't been good since like 5. Yeah, well, Mario Party 10 everybody, lets get hyped?
  2. http://www.totalxbox.com/76032/game-on-microsoft-dates-xbox-e3-2014-conference/ Can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store and I look forward to seeing more of already announced games like Halo and Sunset Overdrive. 9:30am Pacific would make it 5:30pm here in the UK if I know my time zones, and with it being on the day before my wife's Birthday, then I can watch it live with you guys EDIT: Official stream link: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/e3#fbid=MMrBECYrVmc
  3. Monday, June 9th 18:00PM PST / 21:00PM EST / 02:00AM BST (June 10th) Official Stream | Gametrailers | Eurogamer | IGN | UStream Welcome to the Sony E3 2014 Conference thread! We have existing topics for the other two, it's only suitable we have on for Sony right? Sony's conference was recently dated for 9th June at 6pm PT, and is set to reveal a lot of existing and new titles for the Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and (hopefully) Playstation Vita, including existing big names like the upcoming Uncharted 4. Audiences have been given the chance to see it streamed live in select cinemas (check out the above video), and invites have gone out to the press for the event. This thread is for discussion, hopes and speculation regarding the conference and what they'll show off, and eventual reaction when the day comes around. Looking for other E3 conference times, and their threads?
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