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Found 1 result

  1. RainbowLizard


    Hello everyone! I was wanting to start a discussion and raise awareness of a game I found that is gathering a lot of hype right now and is a part of the new wave of 'online survival simulators' that have been coming around. I'm talking about Rust, a game about naked men hitting things with rocks. The game is in early alpha right now and it's very funny to play, in unintentional ways. The animation for hitting things with rocks doesn't work right when you're looking at other players, as can be seen in the above video, as one example. There are a lot of unfinished elements about it but it is taking the form of Minecraft in that it's an early game you can buy into right now and play through it as updates come through. The game play is quite tough. You wake up naked and alone armed with little else than a rock, a couple bandages and a torch, and you are tasked with survival, in a world where everything and everyone wants to kill you. Wolves and bears prowl around the wilderness ready to hunt and kill you, zombies stalk near abandoned civilisations, and other players run around desperate to raid and kill unsuspecting newbies for whatever resources you have. The best way to describe it is like 'Minecraft with DayZ'. You have to gather resources to build shelter and craft weapons to defend yourself in this world. As you start, the important thing is to gather food, preferably from the more docile animals around the island, and then you can get into crafting a bow and arrow, and eventually you'll be able to craft a makeshift shelter in the middle of the wilderness to cook your chicken breast in (A funny thing about this game is that no matter what animal you're harvesting, you gather chicken breast from it. Kill a pig, chicken breast, kill a wolf, chicken breast, kill a chicken, chicken breast!). Eventually, with the help of friends, or skill or a little luck, you can build to have a proper base and decent weapons like assault rifles and shotguns by gathering metal and crafting it into weapons, and then you can go about raiding other groups of players or helping them as per your choice. I think it's a brilliant game with a lot of potential. I love the experience of survival in this game. However, I hate the experience of other people. A lot of the time they go about killing anyone on sight and ruining people's games through griefing. That's led to Rust being called an 'Online bastardry simulator' by some circles. I think this will be altered through updates later on but I could really do with some more defensive options against griefers and kill-on-sighters. I do suggest you give this game a look and if you really like the potential of this game buy into it. It's really fun when it's at its best, but at its worst it can really make you rage. If anyone else has this game and fancies banding together to tackle the raiders and play together, then please add my Steam ID rainbowlizard and I'd love to play with some other players! (Hint hint)
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