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Found 6 results

  1. Well I got there eventually, past me =V SFGHQ page Windows 64 bit mirror Windows 32 bit mirror Linux 64 bit mirror Linux 32 bit mirror OSX mirror Well, here we are. SAGE 2022 has come and gone, and I no longer have a reason to keep this a secret or surprise to anyone. Yes, I've been working on a fangame for some time now, practically teaching myself as I go, merging two of my biggest childhood inspirations - Sonic the Hedgehog, and Wonder Boy in Monster World. The end result so far is not quite the game I wanted to make yet, but moreso a demonstration of what I've taught myself so far: a little playground of tiny stages for the mechanics I've built thus far, and a small taste of the lore to come for those who master them enough to beat the listed par times. I guess for the time being this thread will mostly exist as a dev log, or a place to post stories and lessons I've learnt while making this, or hell, just a place for feedback from those of you who actually played it. Yes, you're more than welcome to tear it apart and tell me what I could do better - it always feels bad at first, but feedback is always valuable, and I've always felt that if you love something you should want it to be the best possible version of itself. o3ob
  2. -2015 Pre-SAGE Demo- Mirror Download |2| |3| Sonic & Tails is a fan made Sonic the Hedgehog game, which focuses on the story of Sonic's adventures on North Island. Project Sonic & Tails takes place on North Island. Dr Eggman has created a doomsday device which is set to go off in three days. Sonic and Tails set out to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds, before he unleashes mass destruction onto the entire planet. Meanwhile, the story of the mysterious vanished tribe unfolds. Screenshots: -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Levels: Prismatic Prologue Zone: An Underground Zone littered with prism like crystal. The player takes control of Supersonic as you roam through this unfamiliar land. You encounter ancient artifacts, and unfinished badniks as you continue to traverse through. Cyan Coast Zone: A Tropical Beach zone home too many natives of North Island. The player takes control of Sonic with Tails as your assistance, as you search through this paradise. You encounter vivid sea life, and tropical badniks as you continue to traverse through. At the end of each act you are greeted with One Chaos emerald. There are three emeralds to find in this zone. Twinkle Twilight Zone: A Snow Peaked Zone which used to be green and luscious. It is now cold and desolate. Rumors of a mysterious tribe once living there but then vanished circulate the area. The player takes control of Sonic with Tails as your assistance, as you search through this isolated wonderland. You encounter frozen bones, and withered badniks as you continue to traverse through. At the end of each act you are greeted with One Chaos emerald. There are three emeralds to find in this zone. Final Fever Zone: A Mechanical Wasteland Zone which is home to Dr Eggman's base of command. The player takes control of Sonic with Tails as your assistance, as you search through this robotic factory. You encounter metallic roboticizer, and stainless steel badniks as you continue to traverse through. There are no emeralds to find in this zone. -------------------------------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6tb3aIRmLg -------------------------------------------------- Team Credits: Project Leader - BlueCore Project Coordinator - MrLevRocks Programmer - BlueCore - O_oweegee Digital Artist - MrLevRocks - BlueCore Stage design - BlueCore Stage layout - BlueCore - MrLevRocks Music - BlueCore - Sir Spacebar Voice Acting - Mmichael - Rarity - MrLevRocks Sprite Ripping - Shadowbot - Manic - SupaChao - Technokami - SkyLights - TrishRowdy - Victor T(Zenor) - Yawackhary - MotorRoach - Doc Melonhead Special Thanks - Mr Lange - AeroGP - HitCoder - SuperBliz - True Power of Teamwork
  3. The edgiest game since Shadow the Hedgehog! http://gamejolt.com/games/action/super-sanic-turbo-gun-adventure-2-turbo/52842/ Yep. So my friend has been working on this "Sanic" fangame on and off for a few months now and he finally has a demo of it out! The demo itself isn't that long, it's just one level right now but's it's of top quality. He's still working on it and he's going to add a bunch of new stuff to the game but with that said, what is the game even about? Well, this amazing First Person Shooter game is about Sonic and his friends being fed up with Eggman's evil tricks. (Eggman is known as Oogman in this game, for future reference). They travel across many lush environments as they go out to eliminate Oogman. You'll travel to such well known places as Green Hill Zone... and that's it for the moment. And you can play as Sonic... and that's it. For now, like I said he plans on adding so much more to the game. As for the gameplay, it's a Unity3d game, it plays like a Unity3d game. Though it has an accelerator so it sorta feels like a Sonic game, and you, you know, have a gun. The only enemy is Oogman, which is Classic Eggman, and the only item is rings, and there's one spring in Green Hill Zone. I swear it's better than I'm making it out to be. Anyway, the game's pretty hard to describe, so I'll quote my friend's description of the game: "Features: Perfect, beautiful environments to explore in the first person. Satisfying death by shotgun. Water. Deep kill announcers. Yeah. They're pretty dank. Detailed, in-depth stats on level completion. Smooth jazz covers. Correct title screens. A 100% polished experience, And much, much more!" And there's much more to be added to the game: "Character selection. This will include all of your favorite Sanic characters to contribute to the extermination of Oogman. Better functioning weapons, better looking weapons, multiple types of weapons, etc. More in-depth stage completion stats. Many more stages. This is just the tip of the iceberg. More music variety. All requests will be strongly considered." So yeah, that's the game. I'll be updating this post whenever new updates come out, right now he's working on City Escape and Metal Harbor, and we have plans for other stages too. Also, Knuckles will be added, mark my words. Also, there is a jazz remix of Green Hill Zone in the game by dante121234 on Youtube, so there's that. Finally, here is a quote from Felix when he played the game: "that was the most beautiful game i have ever played". If you have some spare time, give the game a shot (pun intended), and have fun! (And yes that is a piece of Bootleg Sonic artwork in the picture)
  4. Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that a new sonic fangame is in the works! The game will have a similar art style to the sonic after, and before the sequel, and will have music by talents such as s0lvo and shirojyuu! The game will be a mix between sonic rush styled gameplay, and classic style platforming, along with 3d special stages. I will be releasing updates, screenshots, and videos up here on the ssmb. But for now, I will leave you all with a beta screenshot (its in beta, so its not done 0-0)
  5. Hey guys. First topic on here, kinda a new comer to the forums but ANYWAY lets get on with it. PRESENTING: Sonic Lost Adventure is a 3D sonic fan game built in the Unreal engine using GDK. This started out as a final project for class and ended up into a full scale ambition to finish it as a full playable level. As such I've reached at about the halfway point in terms of completion and I've got about 2 weeks left until I reach my deadline for it to be playable (school starts up in 2 weeks and I need to work on my indie game for school). I've been working on it entirely by my self since around november almost non-stop so be sure that this isn't a project thats just going to die as fast as a lightning bolt. Its already been started and its halfway done. The game is in the style of unleashed, colors, and generations and follows similar level design logic and gameplay featuring branching paths, 3D and 2D sections, and iconic set piece level design. Now to show that I'm not just talking out my ass here's a few videos, screenshots, and articles about the game. Sonic United's front page article: http://sonicunited.org/2013/12/25/sonic-lost-adventure-video-released-sage-news/ First announcement video kinda thing:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0lucpu-TDI Second update gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuf0iNNxd68 Third update gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1Bzp3E2GoE And here's just some cool screens: The game is set for release at SAGE 2014 Act 1 along with a followed up further polished final version to be released at Act 2. This is the only level of the game thats ever going to be made in any fore seeable time frame. I've got around a year of school left and I need to get my indie game finished to start really making a name for myself, a portfolio, and hopefully an audience and some cash. Yup. So thats what I'm doing with my winter break so far.
  6. A gameplay variety packed fangame of the hero himself. This fangame is being developed in the program maker called MMF2. This is my first sonic fangame that I have ever made. Gameplay Features There are 2 main charecters for right now which are Sonic, and Shadow the Hedgehog. Each charecter will have a different type of gameplay area. Features thesuperinvader who brings remastered tracks along with brand new ones! So far there are no demos out for the fangame yet. We plan on adding more charecters to the game before fully release or the next SAGE. The game has already revealed 3 stages which are: Egg Shelter, Cloudy Shuttle, Underground Base, and an easter egg presenting Speed Highway. Gameplay Videos
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