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Found 4 results

  1. FAST Racing NEO is a futuristic racing game that will be released 2015 exclusively for Wii U (in the eshop). The game looks very promising but probably a lot of people don't know about it so I thought it would be a good idea to post a new topic. Here are first details: - It'll run at 60fps (frames per second) and 720p - It'll support 1-4 local multiplayer - Online racing and online rankings will be included - The first footage will be shown in June. Source with first Screenshots: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/06/fast_racing_neo_details_finally_exit_the_garage
  2. Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that a new sonic fangame is in the works! The game will have a similar art style to the sonic after, and before the sequel, and will have music by talents such as s0lvo and shirojyuu! The game will be a mix between sonic rush styled gameplay, and classic style platforming, along with 3d special stages. I will be releasing updates, screenshots, and videos up here on the ssmb. But for now, I will leave you all with a beta screenshot (its in beta, so its not done 0-0)
  3. Hey ppl. So recently I have been trying to activate some glitches in sonic unleashed, but the problem is, no matter how videos I watch on how to do it, and no matter how many times I try, I just cant get any of them to work right. Sure sonic will go a little bit faster every once in awhile, but I can never get him to do it the right way! So could anyone here be willing to give me an in-depth tutorial on how to do this.... I really need it.... :/
  4. The formula in question. :V Real talk though, this has been bugging me ever since Boom was announced. A common criticism for the game is that it is not fast enough, which is understandable, it's a Sonic game and speed is an essential component...to the point where almost everyone that knows Sonic will beat you over the head with this fact until you remember it. This goes into the point of this topic; what the hell is speed? No, I'm not talking about the formula like I posted before, but I mean in the context of Sonic the Hedgehog, what is speed? I see everyone praise this as the god given thing that makes Sonic the franchise that it is, and yet I don't recall ever getting a concrete example of a surefire definition. Is it the Classic games that rely on physics and slopes to attain speed? Is it the set pieces and automation from the Dreamcast Era? Is it the press of a button that grants you it instantly like in the Unleashed-Generations era? What is it? I for the life of me cannot figure it out, and I think its why I've lost so much interest in Sonic in recent years, I can barely identify the one true concept that people claim is the series` main identity and I haven't see much people do any better. This is why I feel the Sonic series has such an identity crisis, because its so caught up with trying to appeal to the vast majority of people who want "GOTTA GO FAST, ALL THE TIME", but have no idea of any concept of speed to begin with. So SSMB, I ask you this one question; what is speed to you in the Sonic series and what makes it so goddamn important that it seemingly can't even function without it and why? Is it possible for Sonic to still be Sonic without speed? Is Speed fun for you?
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