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Found 4 results

  1. Yeah I'm new. But, I would kindly ask, what is your favourite quote from the series?
  2. Yes indeed folks, it's just about that time of year again, when we can all sit down and and enjoy hour after hour of corporate press conferences. Boy, do I make it sound fun! Despite how interminably boring that sounds though, anybody who is familiar with the annual ritual we know as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or 'E3,' will only see that as being a good thing. Every year, these great big corporations try to wow the world with their wares, and every year they all find a way to do or say something we find hilarious, amazing, baffling and/or bizarre, and some of them find a way to screw up even worse. Some of these things end up becoming immortalized in the form of animated gifs and videos, which then spread like wildfire across the gaming forums of the net. We've already enjoyed two bonus rounds of excellent giffage and videos, thanks to this being the launch year of no less than two new consoles, but we're not done yet. In just a couple of days, Konami is going to kick off the proceedings a few days ahead of the competition with the first of the big press conferences, to be streamed online in multiple languages. That's right everybody, it's almost time to welcome back for just a few short days the one, the only, the always spectacular...
  3. So, like, this old painting of Jesus had gone a bit manky, yeah? So some old lady decided to give it the treatment: Awesome job. http://www.guardian....ation-disasters http://news.sky.com/...s-church-fresco Already the Internet is making good on the promise this story holds: More at NeoGAF: http://www.neogaf.co...t=487932&page=3
  4. Sonic is no stranger to comedy; especially since Sonic Boom started airing (sorry Comedy chimp, we're not talking about you). But have you ever thought of any other video game franchises and what a "Sonic parody" version would be like? When I say "Sonic parody" I mean taking a specific game or movie, having the Sonic characters take the roles and basically take the piss out of it. Think of Belenaproductions' "Sonic in Jaws" as an example Done that? Good, now I want you to imagine... Sonic in Skyrim Sonic in Star wars Sonic in Dragonball Z Sonic in Mortal Kombat Sonic in Sonic the hedgehog You get the basic idea, right? Post what game or movie you think would make a good parody down bellow!
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