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  1. (Pretty sure noone made this yet this year, so...) The Holidays are drawing to a close, and we're all showing off our big hauls of loot this year. However, Surely this road isn't a one-way street. So, what did you GIVE this year? --- I dare say, I'm spoiling my friends this year. I gave a few of my online friends some games over Steam... I might be able to give a few more things later at the end of the sale. I'm giving my BFF and Sonic Pillow I made, a pair of Mario and Luigi plushies, a cool 3D Puzzle that looks like the blue chaos emerald, and a Sonic Lost World poster. I know her dad likes The Beatles, so I'm giving him a Beatles CD My friend is getting an MLP calendar, some odds and ends, some incense, and a DVD that she wanted. one of my other friends, I'm giving him a DVD with 4 Pokemon movies, and Naruto DVD, and a Shiny Mew plushie that I'm sewing and I'm giving my neighbor, who's one of my best friends a few Warriors books that she requested. Aaaaaand, I'm giving my Dad and Elvis CD. I wanted to give my Grandma a Body Pillow cover, but I didn't have time to Sew it... D8
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