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Found 5 results

  1. Winston

    Scooby Doo

    Ah yes, Scooby-Doo. Brings back memories, doesn't it? From all those new crappy movies (And that VelmaXShaggy thing...-shivers-) Scooby-Doo hasn't been looking so good lately...This thread is to celebrate all that is Scooby-Doo and his old awesome movies from the 90's. Like say, Zombie Island, Cyber Chase, Alien Invaders, and the Witch's ghost. (Which are my most favorite Scooby Doo movies.) What's new Scooby Doo made Scooby-Doo...a little more lame, it wasn't a bad show or anything, but the movies after that show were CRAAAP. (Not to offend any new movie fans or anything...) Anyways, discuss the epic-ness of Scooby Doo.
  2. In recent years, I have to admit that Cartoon Network's on the up and up (that Level Up bullshit not withstanding.) I stopped watching it around the time Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi premiered but I'm finding it's been spawining considerably more worthwhile attractions as of late, Adventure Time and Regular Show among them. But CN's latest addition ot its lineup, The Amazing World of Gumball, brings a lot to the table, not just in humor or writing, but animation as a whole. The shortest way I could describe it is.. well, think Regular Show meets The Simpsons. More specifically, legitimate domestic and school-related issues explored in a surreal, slapstick setting, with a well balanced cast and an unprecedented art direction, but more on that later. The main cast is a very likable bunch; it mostly revolves around Gumball, a twelve year old cat and his step-brother/former pet goldfish Darwin's misadventures as they eagerly take life by the horns and ride it like a bull as it jumps around trying to kick them off. Their father Richard is a child in a grown man's body, often joining in their fun and shirking responsibility. Gumball's intelligent baby sister Anais likes to join in the fun sometimes, to the dismay of her workaholic and short-tempered mother Nicole, who is still my favorite character because of her awesome nervous breakdowns. Anais has the best psycho moment of all, though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtELHzIXnOQ Now the art style, or rather the lack thereof, is probably the most interesting thing about the show, initially anyway. It revolves around graphical dissonance; 2D animated characters exist on photorealistic sets alongside claymation figures, puppets, 8-bit sprites, CGI models, etc. And the production value is some of the best I've ever seen- it's amazing how it all just works so well, down to the lighting. It's just awesome to look at. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRBphL654j4 But what's also impressed me is how the show's been able to subtly, yet maturly explore real childhood issues like seeking independence while allowing support, taking responsibility and even entering puberty, without ever leaving the realm of stupid cartoon fun. And by stupid cartoon fun, it can really get out of control. Not in an "exaggerated animation" Ren & Stimpy kind of way, more like a "series of unfortunate events" Dexter's Lab kind of way. It's crazy really; the show isn't even that many episodes in and Gumball's ended up in a hospital, crossdressed or escaped a sewer through a toilet on more than one occassion now. I don't know how many people watch this show, because I certainly didn't feel much motivation to before I actually did, but it's something I recommend and, if nothing else, think earns a thread.
  3. Well, time to make a topic about this. Well, as you guys know, Some of us been dubbing comics with others for a couple of months. And now you know of the Sonic the Parody dub we're doing that's now a community project. So basically, this topic is for all the projects we're doing and if anybody wants to join in. =D Our Main Cast is: Inferno Cola Monkey D. Eddy Blue Wisp Kamicciolo SockDrawer Angelscar Frokenok3 Solkia Vizard Jeffhog Stricklerx5 demon-wisp33 and Agent York. Right now we're working on 4 Video Game Fandubs: Sonic Adventure- Big's Story. Sonic Unleashed. Sonic Adventure 2. Super Mario Sunshine. And others planned in the future as well. Here's a scene from Unleashed that I've edited as an example. For Comics, we're doing anything, we've been doing missyuna's comics mainly. Here's one I've done with Inferno recently. http://www.youtube.c...er/SpinDashDubs Here's the channel for checking out more of the comic dubs. Sorry if most of this seemed like Advertising. :r So who's up for joining us? Any Suggestions? What do ya think of these fandubs overall? =D (also kami please don't clobber meh ;w;)
  4. Now that I see we have a Sonic Advance thread like this, I'm going to make one for the game, IMO, that is over-rated on other parts of the internet, but very under-rated here, SA2. Now, I love this game. The running stages, while linear, I still loved, and I actually enjoyed the mech shooting very much. Of course, I would prefer if Tails was flying, but it was still very fun, and fit very well for Eggman! I also enjoyed all the bosses. The only thing I don't like is the treasure hunting, which went from being fun and manageable in SA1 to frustrating and time-consuming here. REALLY stupid decision on Sonic Team's part to both make the radar less effective, AND make the stages bigger! I also liked the story. While It's not my favourite Sonic story, and has a bit of an overdose of GRIMDARK (Black Knight's story has the right balance of light and dark, but that's off topic), it still had many memorable moments, like the opening cutscene for both Hero and Dark (Eggman shooting s--t up FTW), Sonic's Chaos Control to save himself, the super transformation scene, and Shadow's death. And last but not least I loved the soundtrack. While I think it did go overboard with rock, I still loved it, which is probably because I love rock music outside of Sonic. The only songs I did not like were the Knux raps (Really ST?). And of course, Live and Learn. Need I say more about that track? So overall, If I had to rate this game, it would probably be a 7/10 for crap treasure hunting stages, but other then that, I love this game. It's definitely not the best 3d Sonic ever like some people say, and SA1 is superior, but it's still a great 3d Sonic I have a lot of fun with.
  5. I noticed that in many of these posts, there is a "popular" badge. Does this badge give any rights to brownie points or anything (like bragging rights of some sort); or is it just because to mark out the people who can make good posts (humorous/augmentative).
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