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Found 5 results

  1. Sonic's a popular, character-driven franchise, and popular character-driven franchises tend to do well in video-games, comics, books, TV shows and films. Sonic the Hedgehog has had 2 major, somehow actual, successful theatrical releases as well as a direct to video anime movie. A lot of digital ink has been spilled on how we'd change certain aspects of them, but one thing I'd like the Sonic Stadium forums to do today is to start from scratch. How would YOU make a Sonic movie? Assuming money isn't an issue, assuming SEGA and whichever production and publishing companies have already given you the go-ahead to come up with an idea and assuming you had unlimited connections, how would you do it? Who would appear in the movie, what would the plot be, would it be just like the games, an adaptation of an existing subset of the franchise, or something completely original? This is the place to share ideas, give feedback and just have a fun discussion about the merits of Sonic as a film overall! --- For me, I'd want to re-imagine the origin mythos of the main cast from the Modern branch of the series. In this make-believe and non-canon reality I just came up with, I'm going to presume the Modern series is completely separate from Classic, and that the original trilogy + CD is only applicable to the Classic branch. That means before Sonic Adventure, we don't know how Sonic and Tails met beyond a vague flashback, how Knuckles and Amy got roped into things, how long Sonic and Eggman have been fighting each other, Metal Sonic's creation, how much parallel there is between this timeline and the Classic one, etc. Basically, an origin story for Modern Sonic assuming Classic and Modern are truly separate realities. Medium: more detailed but game-accurate CG animation. Imagine the Sonic characters in the actual Sonic movie if their designs were closer to the games. No live action, so that means Eggman would also be CG. Setting: Earth, as interpreted in Sonic Unleashed, but mainly focused on what we're going to call the "Islands of Mobius," spanning South, Westside and Angel Islands as well as some new ones? Theme: Friendship. In this canon, Sonic is a loner. He doesn't want to be slowed down by anyone: his self-driven purpose is to explore the world and do whatever he likes. He's not a particularly altruistic person, but for some reason he finds himself unable to resist helping people in trouble and immediately running away before they have a chance to even thank him. This changes through a series of circumstances that has him befriending some life-long allies that shape him into the character we know and love today. Plot: The major story beats I'd incorporate would be establishing Sonic and Eggman's conflict as a long-standing one, cover how Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Tails meet in greater detail, the "Eggman tricks Knuckles into fighting Sonic" story and end with the takedown of the Death Egg. Starting off with a short prologue with a montage of the events of the first Sonic game (with a Modern era flair) showing how Sonic and Eggman are enemies, Sonic's abilities and personality. At the end of the montage, Sonic has reached Eggman's base and sees that he has 7 multicolored gems plugged into a machine with schematics of a giant egg-shaped spaceship on a monitor: the Death Egg. Without thinking, Sonic dashes into it and ends up causing the emeralds to scatter across the ocean and lose their power, landing on several islands. A furious Eggman then dispatches his fancy E-Robo series badniks to pursue the emeralds to re-energize them while he continues work on the Death Egg, as well as another secret project. This sets up the main inciting incident: collect and revive the Chaos Emeralds. As Sonic hops from island to island on his biplane, the Tornado, he meets Tails, a lonely fox who had gotten to one of the Emeralds first and has already done research and experiments on it. When Sonic learns that Tails is bullied often for his two tails and nerdy interests, he reluctantly agrees to let him tag along. On another island, they meet Amy, a hedgehog who was under attack by one of the E-Robo badniks and immediately takes a liking to Sonic after he rescues her. While Amy doesn't get the opportunity to tag along, she finds various ways of trailing after Sonic and Tails, getting herself in and out of jams and will end up helping the main duo often unbeknownst to them. The final island is a floating island: Angel Island, where Eggman has already "warned" the island's guardian, Knuckles, of Sonic's arrival. They fight until Amy, who had been unseen until this point, breaks up the fight and calms everyone down. Eggman uses the tension to steal the Chaos Emeralds they've collected and retreats to his now functional Death Egg. This would be the lowest point in the film where "all is lost." Knuckles then reveals that there's a special 8th Emerald called the "Master Emerald" that can nullify the Chaos Emeralds, but removing it from it's spot for too long would cause his island to fall to the surface, crashing into the ocean and causing mass chaos; they all have to be quick in stopping Eggman. After they arrive on the Death Egg with Master Emerald in tow, Eggman unleashes his secret weapon: Metal Sonic, who initially gets the better of the 4 heroes, kidnaps Amy as bait for Sonic and the two have a race to the core of the Death Egg. Meanwhile, Tails and Knuckles are left to find their own way to the core. At the core, we see the null Emeralds being charged in one of Eggman's machines, to no effect. Here we have the final showdown between Sonic and Metal and Eggman's defacto giant Death Egg Robot, and Eggman reveals that he has captured his friends. If Sonic deals the final blow against Metal and the Death Egg, he'll send his friends into the cold vacuum of space. The theme of Sonic learning about friendship swells here and he surrenders, and is himself instead sent into space: except Eggman forgot that the Chaos Emeralds were with him. Sonic's sacrifice for his friends (positive feelings) is what gets the Chaos Emeralds to work again and Sonic transforms into Super Sonic to take on a Master Emerald energized Super Metal Sonic. Sonic narrowly defeats them and activates a form of Chaos Control that sends everyone back to Earth and uses his remaining energy to destroy the Death Egg with Eggman's fate unknown. The film ends with Sonic returning to Angel Island and reunites with his friends for a celebration, scatters the Emeralds and he, Amy and Tails fly off on the Tornado. Post credits: Eggman and Metal crash into one of the ruined temples on Angel Island where he uncovers a stone tablet with an icon of Knuckles' tribe, as well as the Master Emerald... with a legendary creature hidden within... Other fun things throughout the movie: You could have Big the Cat and Froggy making cameos in the background, have some of the islands resemble locations from other games like Knuckles Chaotix or Sonic 3D Blast, toss in references to the usual fun stuff like chili dogs, often quoted lines, other SEGA games and more, so long as it doesn't distract from the plot. It's about Sonic learning to trust people and how his acts of heroism inspire his friends to do great things themselves. --- And that's my contribution! I hope that inspires some of y'all to come up with your own ideas! Have fun!
  2. Over the years Sonic has accrued a significant number of abilities. Some of these have gone on to become staples of the franchise (eg. Homing Attack, Light Speed Dash) while others have appeared in one or two games and then never appeared again (eg. Super Peel Out, Triangle Jump). Naturally not all of these abilities can be mapped to one controller; not only that but a number of his abilities wouldn’t work well with certain playstyles due to differing design philosophies. I mean can you imagine what a nightmare it would be to try and use the boost in Sky Deck, what with all that unstable ground and those narrow walkways? That brings us to the point of this thread. What do you think the ideal Moveset/Control Scheme for Sonic is? Some Things to Keep in Mind 1. Don’t just list off moves, tell us what button they're mapped to so we can understand how things are laid out. 2. Be sure to specify what controller you’re thinking of. This is especially important if you’re not using a Sony controller, as Nintendo and Microsoft use the same labels for their face buttons but have them arranged differently (eg. Y on a Microsoft controller is X on a Nintendo controller). 3. Don’t feel like you’re limited to abilities that already exist. If you think you have a great idea for a new ability, or want to expand on an old one, go right ahead. Just be sure you explain it so we can understand. 4. You’re not limited to Sonic. If you want to give your ideas for a Knuckles or Silver moveset too then knock yourself out. Just make it clear who it’s for. 5. Have fun with it. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my ideal Sonic moveset. Character: Sonic Controller: Xbox 360/ONE Other: Sonic’s basic handling is similar to Adventure – ’06, Rail Grinding functions like Adventure 2 A = Jump/Homing Attack/Jump Dash/Sonic Eagle Before I explain Sonic Eagle there are a few changes to the Jump Dash and Homing attack I’d like to make. First, the Homing Attack no longer kills momentum, instead when it connects Sonic reacts in the same way he would if he jumped into the enemy from that speed (to prevent unnecessary frustration however Sonic will always bounce as though he hit the top of the target, regardless of which direction he actually hit it from). Second instead of setting Sonic to a fixed speed Jump Dashing (and by extension Homing Attacking) now add their horizontal speed to the speed that Sonic is already going. For the Jump Dash that initial boost will dissipate until Sonic hits the ground. If Sonic is already at or above his normal top speed when he hits the ground then the speed gained from the Jump Dash will continue to be lost, otherwise he gets to keep it. The Homing Attack’s speed acts as it normally does (I don’t know if it decreases over time or not) but if it’s in excess of Sonic’s top speed then anything gained from the initial boost will be lost when Sonic hits his target. This is to prevent them from being abused for infinite speed. You may recognize Sonic Eagle from Sonic Battle. Remember how I said the Homing attack no longer kills your horizontal momentum? Well that’s only true if you tap the button. If you’re holding A when Sonic hits the enemy he’ll perform the Sonic Eagle, a powerful downward kick which not only destroys enemies but also converts his horizontal momentum into vertical momentum. This can make homing chains easier by giving you more time to aim. It can also give Sonic some extra height, allowing him to reach areas he wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I promise the rest of these will be shorter. X = Sweep Kick/Somersault/Stomp or Bounce* The somersault from Sonic Adventure 2 makes a return here. Like the Homing Attack it has been modified so that it preserves your momentum, effectively turning it into an abbreviated form of rolling. This allows Sonic to attack enemies or break crates and such without having to go airborne or put himself at the mercy of the terrain. The only difference between the somersault and the sweep kick (from ’06 and Unleashed) is that the somersault is activated by pressing the button while moving and the sweep kick is activated by pressing the button while standing still. They’re functionally the same, they just have different animations. In the air it will cause Sonic to either stomp or bounce. Stomp would work like it did in the boost games, bounce works like it did in Adventure 2. B = Roll/Spindash/Shield Power* Pressing and holding B while stationary will activate the Spindash. There’s not much to explain here it works the same way it has in every 3D game. Spamming is prevented by requiring you to be stopped before you can use it. Pressing while moving causes Sonic to roll which is pretty self-explanatory. Pressing in the air activates powers from elemental shields if applicable. Y = Light Dash/Context Sensitive Actions Pressing Y near a trail of rings activates the Light Speed Dash, you know what that does. It’s also the “Action” button in case Sonic needs to perform an action that isn’t automatic and doesn’t have a dedicated button (eg. talking to NPC’s in hub worlds). Bumpers (LB and RB) = Quickstep/Dodge Although you may not be going as fast as in the Boost games the ability to sidestep obstacles is still a useful tool to have. At lower speeds the move is slightly adjusted to act as a dodge, useful for boss fights and the like. Left Trigger (LT) = Drift Like the Quickstep the drift seems like another ability that loses its utility at lower speeds. However Sonic still lost speed when making tight turns in the Adventure games. This in turn made levels like Sky Deck or the missile launch segment of Metal Harbor frustrating as making instant 90 or even 180 degree turns would basically kill your speed (especially bad in Metal Harbor since you have a time limit). Adding in the drift offers a way to maintain your speed while taking sharp corners. Right Trigger (RT) = Parkour As much as I dislike Lost World it was definitely on to something with its addition of parkour. Unfortunately it didn’t execute it very well. Here parkour is physics based, Sonic decelerates as he runs up or across the wall, once his speed gets too low he falls, he also gains the ability to run down walls, which speeds him up. Sonic can also turn while wall running now, the speed of the turn is determined by direction, turning upwards is much slower than turning on the ground while turning downwards is quicker (not quick enough that you might accidentally turn straight downward and plummet to your death though). The functions of the wall jump and triangle jump are also folded into the parkour mechanic as well. Well there you have it. I might come back later and give my thoughts on other characters. ___________________________________________________________________________________ * These depend upon the inclusion of elemental shields. If they're not included I'd give Sonic the bounce, if they are included I'd give Sonic the stomp and save the bounce for the bubble shield. Also the button mapping of Bounce/Stomp and Shield Power are interchangeable. Edit: I've rethought the way the Homing Attack handles speed. Instead of your boost vanishing when you hit an enemy I'm now thinking it should be locked when you execute the attack then gradually decrease after hitting the enemy. This way you can use Homing Chains to build speed beyond the normal maximum. Longer chains equal more speed.
  3. Kek, pressed the Enter Button too early. But anyway. I guess this is going to be "that" topic. The "what would you have changed, included, or excluded, if you could go back in time and magically take charge of Big Red Button and form Sonic Boom in your image. Because Hindsight is 20/20. The only rule is you can't exclude major characters. So if you didn't like Lyric at all well too bad. You can't just get rid of him. I for one, wouldn't have used a time travel plot. I don't get time travel, it always creates plot holes. Anyone have any headcanons or "fixes" they would like to share? Also, do you think RoL relies too much on external sources of info, ie. the cartoons, and comics, to explain it's universe? There is like 5% world building maybe in the actual game but no cutscene ever tries to explain who these characters are and how they meet. I mean, if this was an original IP and not just Sonic in a broken Jak and Daxter game, then maybe this would have been fine. But since people who were interested in this game already know who Sonic and Company are, Buuuut they are in a totally different setting, it left me scratching my head. If they weren't going to bother with explaining things then why make this a spin off? Should have just made a run of the mill Sonic game where we know who is who and why they do what they do. To use Jak and Daxter as an example, In the first game, we learn about Eco but really that's all we learn. Eco is good. Dark Eco is bad. But it was an original IP and the characters are in their own original universe so the story we got did it's job well enough. Also the ending screams "There is more to come!" And so we got Jak 2 and 3 which gave us more world building and we eventually find out that it's a big time travel story. So I'm thinking, what if BRB had planned for more games, at least 1 more game, that would give more meat to Sonic Boom's world? It's ambitious to say the least, but at this rate who knows if that's gonna happen or not. Did RoL and SC sell better than, like, Sonic Chronicles? Chronicles ended on a cliff hanger and was obviously meant to have sequel but it sold so poorly that that is an impossibility now. But I wonder if the time travel in Boom is basically how it worked in Jak and Daxter. So if there was a sequel, there would have been a technologically advanced "past" and a lush, simplistic future. With the fall of the Ancients (What a generic name) also came with it a fall of civilization. Sonic games really really really like their islands don't they? If it's not in the water then it's floating in the air. Initially I was going to call the main setting of Boom South Island until a quick Google search revealed they live on Bygone Island. And then there is yet another island named Slowpoke Island. With the Citadel being this universes flying island.
  4. Tired of googling "SSMB ______" just to see whether someone's posted a topic about a certain game or concept that you'd like to talk about with fans? Tired of sifting through the forum topic history just to find a certain post you or someone else might or might not have made on a certain something you've been stewing over in your overstimulated head? Stop! You've reached your one-stop destination for everything that comes to your mind as far as Sonic Game Ideas run!! Welcome to the hub where you can feel free to share your wishes, ideas, dreams, concepts and ambitions for future games in the Sonic Franchise be they game mechanics, characters, games, genres or what have you! Have fun!! ______________________________________________________________ Blaze the Cat's 3D Gameplay (specific to individual Adventure style storylines and the like) If Blaze were to be properly featured in a Next Gen Game, I'd like her gameplay to be somewhat parkour-centric with a slight focus on speed. Everyone is essentially lumped into one carbon copy gameplay mechanic more often than not latley, but I stick to the Adventure series and the like's method of defining how those individual characters actually play. I like a bit of variety in Sonic gameplay as long as it isn't something as painfully against the grain as Big's fishing levels were. SA2 had a pretty great sense of innovation as far as really fleshing out and establishing diverse characters while still maintaining the fun. The only setback I saw out of that was in the mech levels, but I think that was mostly because of the gaming in and of itself in addition to the fact that people wanted to play as Tails himself rather than the fact that mechs in general were being used. Getting back to Blaze, I think the material for helping defining her as a character even capable of holding her own game is already there. SEGA I think does a pretty great job at setting in stone, even at the base level, what these characters are capable of and what they do even if we don't see it brought to life as much in the actual gameplay. in the opening of Silver's 06, we see Silver shoot off in a green comet. Afterwards, we don't see Blaze jump up and follow Human Torch style. We see her bound from building top to building top and she's soon out of sight. Looking back at it, I thought that was a very charming touch and it only reinforces the ideas surrounding her signature gameplay that I already have. I'd like to see Blaze with a reasonably quick play speed, but a fairly grand and wide open level at least as far as aesthetics go. When playing other games, styles and features that stand out to me in this right are those of Mirror's Edge and Infamous: Second Son. As far as Mirror's Edge goes, the entire aesthetic and appeal of that game is one that I would attribute almost directly to Blaze character at least as far as a game or gameplay would go. The slightly abstract appeal, the strong-yet-gentle soundtrack, the level setup...it all goes to enhance the depth of that specific character. As far as the latter of these two inspirations goes, I think the appeal is a bit more obvious (if not understandable) in the use of the elements to further oneself in the levels particularly and perhaps primarily in the use of fire. As agile and platform-able as Blaze is, her primary and chief feature are her flames. Those same flames that caused her so much grief in her childhood are actually her greatest feature in this right. Her potential and abilities with this part of her character I think have been largely underdeveloped and underused. The flame boost is cool, but is that really all there is? Understandably, the gameplay style didn't really help facilitate any incorporation further than that, but I think that's a problem. Outside of Rush and its affiliates, I think that part of her character should be taken advantage of. Meld together the capabilities and mechanic of Second Son with the level-run style of Mirror's Edge's psuedo-open world layout and I think you'd have a good idea of the gameplay style I'm talking about. If it's still a bit unclear, then to put it in the most crude and unrefined manner: take the kid from Second Son and stick him in Mirror's Edge or rather, take the the game Second Son and trade the level layouts out for Mirror's Edge's. I assume it would work the same as if I just said "Have a 3rd person perspecive Faith play 80% like Deslin (Second Son Main Character) 20% like herself and 60% faster. Bundle all of that up and soak it for a week in good old Sonic style gameplay and you've got the general gist. There are ways to really capitalize on her extreme speed and individual character traits and make her really stand out on her own without deviating ridiculously far from the "female Sonic" dynamic, of course if that's still a concern, even if the only way to define that is "playing like Sonic".
  5. You can write down your ideas for future Sonic games!
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