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Found 2 results

  1. You can write down your ideas for future Sonic games!
  2. Kek, pressed the Enter Button too early. But anyway. I guess this is going to be "that" topic. The "what would you have changed, included, or excluded, if you could go back in time and magically take charge of Big Red Button and form Sonic Boom in your image. Because Hindsight is 20/20. The only rule is you can't exclude major characters. So if you didn't like Lyric at all well too bad. You can't just get rid of him. I for one, wouldn't have used a time travel plot. I don't get time travel, it always creates plot holes. Anyone have any headcanons or "fixes" they would like to share? Also, do you think RoL relies too much on external sources of info, ie. the cartoons, and comics, to explain it's universe? There is like 5% world building maybe in the actual game but no cutscene ever tries to explain who these characters are and how they meet. I mean, if this was an original IP and not just Sonic in a broken Jak and Daxter game, then maybe this would have been fine. But since people who were interested in this game already know who Sonic and Company are, Buuuut they are in a totally different setting, it left me scratching my head. If they weren't going to bother with explaining things then why make this a spin off? Should have just made a run of the mill Sonic game where we know who is who and why they do what they do. To use Jak and Daxter as an example, In the first game, we learn about Eco but really that's all we learn. Eco is good. Dark Eco is bad. But it was an original IP and the characters are in their own original universe so the story we got did it's job well enough. Also the ending screams "There is more to come!" And so we got Jak 2 and 3 which gave us more world building and we eventually find out that it's a big time travel story. So I'm thinking, what if BRB had planned for more games, at least 1 more game, that would give more meat to Sonic Boom's world? It's ambitious to say the least, but at this rate who knows if that's gonna happen or not. Did RoL and SC sell better than, like, Sonic Chronicles? Chronicles ended on a cliff hanger and was obviously meant to have sequel but it sold so poorly that that is an impossibility now. But I wonder if the time travel in Boom is basically how it worked in Jak and Daxter. So if there was a sequel, there would have been a technologically advanced "past" and a lush, simplistic future. With the fall of the Ancients (What a generic name) also came with it a fall of civilization. Sonic games really really really like their islands don't they? If it's not in the water then it's floating in the air. Initially I was going to call the main setting of Boom South Island until a quick Google search revealed they live on Bygone Island. And then there is yet another island named Slowpoke Island. With the Citadel being this universes flying island.
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