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Found 5 results

  1. Hi SSMB! I am ClassicGamer76 and I am new in the forums. I just wanted you to know that I recently did a remix of "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 1. It features elements of both the MegaDrive and Master System/Game Gear versions of the game soundtrack. I'd really like to have your opinion about this piece so feel free to tell me what you think of it Thanks and see you soon in the forums
  2. Now that I see we have a Sonic Advance thread like this, I'm going to make one for the game, IMO, that is over-rated on other parts of the internet, but very under-rated here, SA2. Now, I love this game. The running stages, while linear, I still loved, and I actually enjoyed the mech shooting very much. Of course, I would prefer if Tails was flying, but it was still very fun, and fit very well for Eggman! I also enjoyed all the bosses. The only thing I don't like is the treasure hunting, which went from being fun and manageable in SA1 to frustrating and time-consuming here. REALLY stupid decision on Sonic Team's part to both make the radar less effective, AND make the stages bigger! I also liked the story. While It's not my favourite Sonic story, and has a bit of an overdose of GRIMDARK (Black Knight's story has the right balance of light and dark, but that's off topic), it still had many memorable moments, like the opening cutscene for both Hero and Dark (Eggman shooting s--t up FTW), Sonic's Chaos Control to save himself, the super transformation scene, and Shadow's death. And last but not least I loved the soundtrack. While I think it did go overboard with rock, I still loved it, which is probably because I love rock music outside of Sonic. The only songs I did not like were the Knux raps (Really ST?). And of course, Live and Learn. Need I say more about that track? So overall, If I had to rate this game, it would probably be a 7/10 for crap treasure hunting stages, but other then that, I love this game. It's definitely not the best 3d Sonic ever like some people say, and SA1 is superior, but it's still a great 3d Sonic I have a lot of fun with.
  3. So, this is the discussion thread about the game everyone dreams of, the Mario and Sonic Platformer Discussion Thread! This thread is about discussing anything pertaining to a possible Mario and Sonic platformer game. Ideas for story or gameplay or anything else pertaining, problems with it, absolutely anything relating to the subject! I will start as to how I'd go about it.
  4. Can boost and spindash exist in the same game together? They kind of clash, being both speed up moves. But if you underpowered the spindash, and made the boost more limited, it could work. Say the spindash was the same button as the boost, but you could only use the boost when your gauge was full (which would take 40-45 seconds to fully recharge). When your gauge was not full, you could press and hold the button for a spindash ala SA2. This could also be used to gain speed when you don't want to take the time to fully accelerate while running. The spindash could never go as fast as the boost though, so it's not overpowered. So anyway, what do you think?
  5. Alright, so the dust has settled. Everybody who cared to has purchased Sonic Lost World full price, put it into their dust receptacle Wii 2, and pressed start on the start screen by now. Everyone who cared to dig in has a fully formed opinion on the game, as noted by the fan reactions topic we have over yonder. Wars were fought, cities ravaged, some animal died, it had everything. Seeing as how all this has come to pass, I figured we might put our brains to constructive use on the subject. So here's the gist of the topic: Give one area in which Sonic Lost World succeeded as a good game (or something you hope it passes down to new games), and one area in which it did not (or where you hope its influence is muted). Excerpts are to be vaguely the length of a paragraph and possesses decent articulation on the point presented. Examples (positive and negative respectfully): Further ground rules: 1. No one-liner snarky replies. We have statuses for that, this is a discussion board. 2. Be courteous. The people on the opposite side of the fence of you are not feces-eating sub-monkeys, they're people, and sometimes very nice people. Discuss with them and the subject at hand with this in mind. 3. Keep the bitterness to a minimum. We have plenty of other topics if you want to tear this game or its detractors a new one. Try and approach the matter as non-partially as you can. With all my condescension aside, discuss away! (R.I.P. Random Quote Box: January 6, 2014 - January 6, 2014)
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