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Found 8 results

  1. I recently heard by Totalbiscuit, The Cynical Brit about the copyright Blitz that is being focused on gameplay videos on youtube. While I personally don't fully understand most of the stuff this "Blitz" does I do know that it will feature copyright claims on Let's Players. So this raises the question. When is let's playing on youtube right, and when is it wrong. This especially goes for the people who monetize their videos. Say I wanted to create a let's play on youtube on Sonic Generations. I get a microphone and a HD capture device to record my footage. I play the game but I'm talking at the same time. I have a chance of getting that video removed or being banned from youtube as a whole if I choose to make money out of it because of copyright claims. And rightfully so, I didn't help make the game, I didn't get SEGA's permission and they most certainly aren't making any money on it. But with some people on Youtube they claim to say that it becomes something original because you are making your own choices in the game and speaking over the music and voice acting. effectively making it your own content. But once again some people choose to take the mick and start let's playing a game that has come out straight away and spoil the entire thing to people who were originally going to buy it and know have chosen not to. Personally. I think Let's playing is fine so long as the game is at least 1 year old and that the person let's playing it is being very knowledgeable about the game and "knows his £$%^". I think those people have a right to make money off of this because not only has the game now aged a bit meaning most of its sales will have stop so whoever made it isn't expecting as much profit anymore. and it will encourage sales a bit more because you would have probably heard about something cool in the game and want to pick it up to give it a go yourself. Brainscratchcomms is a personal favorite with their new Cathrine let's play. even though they do do a few new games every once and a while. As for people I'm against. Day one let's players who are doing it specifically for money without putting effort into it. Cobanermani456 I'm looking at you. Not to go and bring the guy down I mean I still find him entertaining (yes I'm a hypocrite). But most of his stuff is just pure blind and and straight away as soon as a game comes out. Even if he has mentioned it before in a previous mentioning. Not to mention their is only so many times you can let's play Sonic Generations with a different mod. I do apologies if felt like an attack to any certain Let's Players but I want to hear what your thoughts are on the subject. When is it too far for someone play a game before you think copyright should step in? Also if you are curious. Here's Totalbiscuit's thoughts on the topic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JqjDhuPFaQ&feature=c4-overview&list=UUy1Ms_5qBTawC-k7PVjHXKQ
  2. So this topic is about articles people have posted about Sonic. You can post any article, whether it be a good one, a hilariously bad one, on in between. You can also post article-like videos (You know, ones that seem like an article, but read out on a video). I will start with this AMAZING article I found on ScrewAttack. http://www.screwatta...games-were-good Such a breath of fresh air from all the mindless Sonic-Bashing that goes on in the internet, and I agree with almost everything he says. I posted a slightly more detailed comment on the article itself, and I will copy-paste it here. And Indigo's comment. I am adding it because I think...well..it's a good comment! Thoughts? Discuss! EDIT: When people post links, they will all go HERE for organization:
  3. I've been doing Let's Plays for a year now, but in December 2011 I've made a new channel to start a clean slate. I got the internet in September 2008 and at some point I realised that I could search for video playthroughs of some of my favourite old games, and I found a McKids LP on the NES, and that was the start of a love of the hobby that many a YouTuber loves. I may not have the best commentary quality but I still enjoy playing the games and recording them. In the near future I'm hoping to acquire a Hauppauge HD PVR to record console games in 720p HD (so jealous of those who got one for Christmas this year). In the meantime I'm doing games on an emulator, save-state free, so any stupid deaths will be taken with dignity. I've got one complete DS Let's Play, and an SNES one that I started on Boxing Day as is in progress. YouTube Channel: McShadowDust LP #001 New Super Mario Bros. - Completed as of 24th December 2011 - In-Progress As I upload at least one video daily, I post the new video here. Thank you for watching.
  4. So this topic is to discuss fan concepts of Sonic games. You can post them (your own or other people's), discuss ones that have already been posted, and such. It can be a boss idea, a level idea, a gameplay mechanic, level gimmick, anything! I will start by posting a link to SONIC AETHER, by NickinAmercia on DA, also known on Youtube as NickonAquaMagna2:http://nickinamerica.deviantart.com/gallery/28600966?offset=0. While I think the story is a little iffy, I love his level concepts, and the "classic in 3d" momentum-based gameplay they seem like they (his levels and bosses) would have. Thoughts? Discuss!
  5. So I've been thinking a lot recently, and I've been wondering. Do Modern and Classic Sonic have to be separate any more, in terms of gameplay? Now, I love Sonic Generations because (well, one reason because) it has some of my favourite Sonic play-styles in one game, Modern and Classic. Classic is awesome, if not 100% accurate, and Modern is also orgasmicly awesome and the best it's been, with lots of good 3d platforming. But I feel they have to be separate no longer. Let me explain. So we have Modern Sonic gameplay. Take this, scrap boosting (more on this later), add spindash/rolling. Then make level designs more like "Classic in 3d", kind of like this (credit to NickinAmerica, and spoiler tagged for huge image)
  6. So this topic is about how you would have online multilayer in a Sonic game. Anything about or relating to that can go here. I shall now give my two cents: I think it would be awesome to have a Sonic Simulator-like thing (bear with me here), but it goes something like this: You and the other players pick a Robo-Sonic (ala Sonic Colours), then some sort of VR-style loading screen (showing the Sonic Simulator "loading" the level, which, by the way, would be an actual in-game level and not a Sonic-Simulator-esque one), and then a online multiplayer race would ensue! It would be pretty cool also to have some battle maps for multiplayer, online or off (not quite sure how that would go though). Discuss!
  7. This topic is about another Sonic fighting game. Would you like one, how would you like it, what controls should it have, etc etc. Myself, I'd love to see a fighting game that takes a lot from Brawl, but with a health bar in place of the knock-off-stage mechanic, and more focus on combos. For example, you could interrupt your three-hit forward air combo (in place of the single air attack) with a down attack, in which instead of doing his down kick, Sonic would do a Sonic-Eagle style axe kick. Also, I'd like (and this is something I think can apply to all fighting games) the game to reward you for using different attacks, and not spamming the same combo, maybe making a combo do less and less damage if you use it repeatedly? In short, a brawl-style game with more focus on combos, but still retaining the platformer-like, un-rigid controls. I would go into more detail but I think you get the idea. Discuss!
  8. This topic is about the level design in the Sonic series. How you would do it, how it was in (insert Sonic game here), etc etc, anything about Sonic level design can go in here. In my opinion, I think that the level design in Sonic games should be a mix (even or not, depending on the level) of speedy linear areas (for higher speeds, or boosting, quickstep, etc etc.) and more open Sonic Adventure style areas. That way we could have our speed and our platforming too. The levels would not require the Homing Attack for progression (that way, the Homing Attack is just Sonic`s way of attacking enemies) and have level specific gimmicks, like the classics. So.....discuss!
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