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Found 4 results

  1. So, like, this old painting of Jesus had gone a bit manky, yeah? So some old lady decided to give it the treatment: Awesome job. http://www.guardian....ation-disasters http://news.sky.com/...s-church-fresco Already the Internet is making good on the promise this story holds: More at NeoGAF: http://www.neogaf.co...t=487932&page=3
  2. (Hopefully this is topic worthy) Source If this ends up being true E3 sure is going to be awkward for Microsoft. This is just a rumor so don't take it too seriously. So anyways, thoughts?
  3. This topic is about another Sonic fighting game. Would you like one, how would you like it, what controls should it have, etc etc. Myself, I'd love to see a fighting game that takes a lot from Brawl, but with a health bar in place of the knock-off-stage mechanic, and more focus on combos. For example, you could interrupt your three-hit forward air combo (in place of the single air attack) with a down attack, in which instead of doing his down kick, Sonic would do a Sonic-Eagle style axe kick. Also, I'd like (and this is something I think can apply to all fighting games) the game to reward you for using different attacks, and not spamming the same combo, maybe making a combo do less and less damage if you use it repeatedly? In short, a brawl-style game with more focus on combos, but still retaining the platformer-like, un-rigid controls. I would go into more detail but I think you get the idea. Discuss!
  4. It's that time of year again! The time we're treated to a barrage of often funny memetic animated gifs and other images centered on the videogame industry's biggest trade show. Most of these pictures originate on the NeoGAF forums, which we are only too happy to shamelessly steal them from. The Rule of Two Rules (or How Courtesy Does Us All Good) 1. Please don't quote image tags without a spoiler box, or better yet just remove the image tags entirely, because the image still has to load even if it's in a spoiler box. Not all of us are equipped with fast internet, and pages full of quoted gifs are a pain to navigate to say the least. 2. Please don't post the same gif multiple times. Once is quite enough. Let us begin with this happy little pre-E3 trio...
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