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Found 5 results

  1. This is a thread to remember the good 2000s, dude, those were the times and I want to see what are your good memories about those times. Images, stories, videos, go on. Just keep this flame alive man!!!
  2. Something that has been rubbing me the wrong way recently is the intense hatred and/or love for Amy. I mean, I'll gladly admit there are numerous and valid reasons to hate her, but I'd rather be a lover than a fighter when it comes to these characters, and I can't stand the "eagerness" behind some of the hate. What happened to the presumption of innocence? My own regard for her is equal and opposite to her belief of requited affection. I can put up with her screwing with Sonic if she doesn't seriously believe it'll work. But if she really does... She can be really aggravating sometimes, there’s no getting around that. I can only hope she's aware of it. So, what are your thoughts? Is she an infallible angel? Should she burn in the pits of hell? Are you harsh, or lenient on a character's actions?
  3. Christmas Means many things to many different people, but what does it mean to you? I'll tell you what it means to me. Now, most will know (or you should know) that I am not a religious person, but that doesn't mean that I can't still celebrate Christmas. It makes me happy to see this time of year come on by, but I wasn't always this way. I was once a very cynical person, even more cynical that I am now. I use to see Christmas as a time of commercial capitalism and pure greed, I even down right hated Christmas once. That's right I hated everything about Christmas, I hated people on Christmas, I hated shopping on Christmas, I even hated Santa Claus. I started to even wonder how someone like Santa could be such a big sellout. Then I started to wonder, "What does the world look like through Santa's eyes"? I guess when you do a job like that, delivering toys, you must feel that way to. Very bitter and hateful towards the Idea of Christmas being more about Toys and greed rather than Good Will and Peace on earth. But then I started to think about the Idea of Santa. This is a man who could do anything else with his time, be a baker, a plumber. Hell, a Millionaire, but instead he chooses to give toys to children just because he feels like it. That's when it hit me, that's when I knew what Christmas was all about. What Christmas to me is really hard to put into words. I see Christmas when a person takes the time to listen to someone just because they care. I see Christmas when ever two people tell each other that they love one another and mean it with all their hearts. I see Christmas when a child smiles, or is having a good time. I even see Christmas at soup kitchens, and homeless shelter, places where they can't afford the nice things we can during Christmas. Christmas to me isn't about doing something good, because your going to get something in return, or because your going to be safe from whatever boogieman of the week there is, or your going to be saved from whatever agony anyone says there is if you didn't do the deed after your gone. No, Christmas is about doing something good just because your felt like it. So with that being said, what does Christmas Mean to you? I really want to know.
  4. Taken from the Daily Telegraph... http://www.telegraph...ut-Britain.html I have to admit, as much as I love to whine and complain about my homeland, it certainly does have some very good sides to it, both it terms of culture and society. I imagine that lots of people would long to have them in their own countries and societies. I've often wondered about living abroad; I always knew I'd miss Britain after a while, so as I now reside in the U.S. (for now...), I expect to feel the first twangs of homesickness in a month or two. That's not to say we don't have faults either, god knows we have them by the lorry-load, but we're very quick to dismiss our own positives in the UK.
  5. Now that I see we have a Sonic Advance thread like this, I'm going to make one for the game, IMO, that is over-rated on other parts of the internet, but very under-rated here, SA2. Now, I love this game. The running stages, while linear, I still loved, and I actually enjoyed the mech shooting very much. Of course, I would prefer if Tails was flying, but it was still very fun, and fit very well for Eggman! I also enjoyed all the bosses. The only thing I don't like is the treasure hunting, which went from being fun and manageable in SA1 to frustrating and time-consuming here. REALLY stupid decision on Sonic Team's part to both make the radar less effective, AND make the stages bigger! I also liked the story. While It's not my favourite Sonic story, and has a bit of an overdose of GRIMDARK (Black Knight's story has the right balance of light and dark, but that's off topic), it still had many memorable moments, like the opening cutscene for both Hero and Dark (Eggman shooting s--t up FTW), Sonic's Chaos Control to save himself, the super transformation scene, and Shadow's death. And last but not least I loved the soundtrack. While I think it did go overboard with rock, I still loved it, which is probably because I love rock music outside of Sonic. The only songs I did not like were the Knux raps (Really ST?). And of course, Live and Learn. Need I say more about that track? So overall, If I had to rate this game, it would probably be a 7/10 for crap treasure hunting stages, but other then that, I love this game. It's definitely not the best 3d Sonic ever like some people say, and SA1 is superior, but it's still a great 3d Sonic I have a lot of fun with.
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