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Found 6 results

  1. I really can't stand all of these 2D Platformers coming out in recent times. For one, most of them don't offer anything new besides a gimmick, which is interesting at times, but get boring quick. On top of that, these retro callbacks have really overstayed their welcome. Back when Megaman 9 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed came out, these games we're interesting, fun, and nostalgic. But now, because it's all we see, it seems like all the devs are becoming lazy and focusing too much to catering to old gamers. And while there still is some 3D platformers, do I need to mention that literally 90% of them are just 2D platformers in 3D?! Games like Super Mario 3D Land/World and Sonic Lost World are just 2D platformers in 3D. Similar stage design, boring level tropes, very small scope, linear stages, unappealing visuals, not a lot of "wow" factor, very underwhelming (especially compared to gems like Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure) There's no worlds to explore or objectives to do, two key factors to 3D platformers. This is why the 6th generation of gaming was the best in my eyes because they had a slew of interesting 3D platformers that capitalized on what the 5th generation brought us. They had worlds to explore, objectives to complete, basically having more, oh I don't know, EFFORT! All the 3D platformer goodness that we got from the last generations are slowly fading and I don't see them making a return sadly. So all in all, the platformer genre is getting really boring because they just keep doing the same shit they've been doing for decades now. I'm getting really sick of this trend and it needs to stop.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBOB_aJWVO4 Are you a girl? No Yes! Do you like Nintendo? Yes! Then you'll love the new Nintendo Girls Club YouTube channel! also I hope you guys appreciated the Punch-Out!! reference in the title, what with Little Mac being topical at the moment Hosted by actress Jorgie Porter from Hollyoaks (a UK soap opera for those not in the know) as well as a few other female celebrities (Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City to name one), Nintendo has launched a brand new YouTube channel that's strictly aimed at its female demographic. It will feature videos, trailers, and more all specifically tailored for the girl gamer market, with an apparent emphasis on the 3DS/2DS but with a few Wii U titles like Super Mario 3D World and - yes! - Sonic Lost World thrown in for good measure. The big question is though... is this a good idea, and a step forward for women's rights in the world of gaming? Or is it a bit of a misfire, seemingly reinforcing as many stereotypes as it attempts to break, what with its princess-themed logo? And more importantly, will it actually do Nintendo any good in these troubling times? In all honesty it'll probably amount to nothing, and just be a little thing they're doing to keep appealing to their female fans. But that doesn't mean it can't prompt some discussion! Oh... and... umm... did anyone else find this bit of the intro video really creepy? "It's-a me, being a pervert behind-a the curtains! Wahoo!"
  3. I say quest, but really it has become more of a company-wide obsession, driven it seems by leadership which doesn't understand the videogames market at all. http://www.dromble.com/2013/12/10/nintendos-obsession-with-finding-one-game-that-can-sell-consoles/ She makes a solid point: A system will not sell on the back of one game alone (although it is true that some may bite if the price is right). I mean sure, you can have that one big title to help draw people toward buying your system; it's always great when it's there and people are like, "Hey, this one big game's on this system, it must be pretty good after all." However, if you want to seal the deal and promote strong sales over the long term rather than just the immediate term, what you absolutely need is to have as diverse a library as possible, which ticks as many of the boxes as possible. As third parties seem no longer to be a part of the Wii U equation, Nintendo should be sweet-talking indie studios, getting them to develop new entries from the enormous back-catalog of Nintendo IPs which have been absent for years or decades. Sony is already doing this, recently having green-lit new Shadow of the Beast and Lemmings titles from small indie studios, and I've been hearing on the grapevine that there are more games on the way from the old Psygnosis library. If Nintendo can start covering a larger selection of genres, genres appealing to wider audiences, then the Wii U will inevitably become more attractive to gamers and developers alike.
  4. Awesome Land comes out on iOS in February. There have been a couple of really sleazy Mario clones on iTunes store before like Super Jump World and Super World Adventures, but this one looks great. It's to Mario what 3D Dot Game Heroes was to Zelda, a proper tribute as opposed to a quick ripoff. Crazy unique art style too.
  5. Hey, SSMB! It's been a long time since I've contributed any stories to this board, but I've had this idea filed away in my head for a long time now, and am finally beginning to turn it into a full-fledged story! This will be a very long-running crossover story starring Mario, Sonic, Luigi, and Tails as they team up to stop the dastardly Bowser and Dr. Eggman from taking over both their worlds! Plenty of other Mario and Sonic characters will appear, and they'll definitely have important parts to play, but the aforementioned six are our main cast for the long haul. This story's gonna be long, let me reiterate. However, I plan to periodically update this first post in the topic with a handy navigation guide linking to each chapter, organizing the story arcs for easy reference. Most importantly, I wrote this to entertain everyone, so I hope I succeed at that! All feedback, including criticism, is awesome. ----- Chapter Links ----- Prologue: Terrible Team-up! (It's in this post) So, without further ado, the story! -------------------------------------------------- Mario & Sonic Adventure by Dr. Mechano Prologue: Terrible Team-up! - - - - - - - - - - It was a typical night at Bowser's Castle. The sturdy keep was bustling with activity as the officers of the Koopa Troop filed into a large conference hall, decked out with imposing stone columns and even more imposing statues of their commander. Surrounding the stage was a moat of lava, rife with Podoboos who watched from the sidelines, occasionally leaping up to get a better view. It was a full house, packed mostly with Goombas and Koopa Troopas, though the occasional Boo, Thwomp, and Chain Chomp could be spotted throughout the crowd. Amidst the adoring cheers of his underlings, King Bowser Koopa stood at a little podium, completely dwarfing it with his towering frame. Though a Koopa himself, he greatly differed from the diminutive turtles in his army, bearing a spike-covered shell, sharp claws, and a mane of bright red hair. He gave a hearty laugh and waved to his troops, before gesturing dismissively to calm them down. As the crowd's chatter quieted, the Koopa King spoke up. “Bwa ha ha! Have I got an awesome scheme for you guys!” the royal reptile chortled, taking a step forward and dramatically throwing his hands in the air, “This time, we're gonna kidnap Peach, crush Mario, and conquer this measly Mushroom Kingdom once and for all!” A lone Paragoomba fluttered in through a window and began awkwardly sifting through the crowd toward the stage. “Ack! ...Excuse me... Sorry!” Bowser continued, “We're gonna do this thanks to my totally great strategy, which is... is... Er...” Bowser's eyes darted down and to his left, at the Paragoomba hovering mere inches away, a look of urgency on its face. Bowser's own face took on an annoyed scowl, “What is it? Can't you see I'm in the middle of my big bad rousing speech?!” “Sir, I hate to interrupt-” the flustered Paragoomba said, before being cut off. “Then don't,” Bowser said in a clearly irritated tone. “It's kind of an emergency...” the Paragoomba mumbled. “Whatever it is can wait, can't it?!” Bowser snapped, causing the small creature to flinch reflexively. “Er... N-no sir, it really can't,” the minion mumbled. Bowser just raised an eyebrow and frowned, silently gesturing for him to get to the point, with a look on his face expressing that it had better be important. “Sir,” the Paragoomba whispered timidly, “Our intelligence has reported a heavyset mustachioed fellow in red clothes, storming the castle at this very moment!” A mustached man? In red? “Mario...” Bowser growled, his chipper mood utterly ruined. What was he doing here now? Bowser hadn't even done anything yet! No matter- If the portly plumber was here, Bowser wouldn't back down. Bowser turned back toward his troops, who were all looking on curiously. “Alright, you guys! Looks like that loser Mario decided to show up and crash our party!” Surprised at the news, the troops began to murmur amongst themselves. They clearly weren't expecting to have to deal with Mario this soon. The king raised a fist to the air, and shouted “Let's show him what we think of uninvited guests! Crush him!” Shouting a battle cry, Bowser's troops poured out of the room to confront their enemy. Bowser, meanwhile, snapped his fingers as the stage rose to the next floor like an elevator. From the roof, he'd be able to keep an eye on the action. Peering over the edge of the roof's fortified walls, Bowser caught sight of his army rushing out to meet the intruder below. “What the...?” Bowser squinted at the man in the distance, as he leaped over lava pits and dodged the castle's automated traps, floating by them gracefully with the aid of a jetpack-like contraption strapped to his back. When Bowser's underlings did arrive, the intruder made short work of them, blasting them with a beam that froze them in their tracks. “Heehee!” the man snickered, “How nice of you all to come out to greet me! Regardless, I'm not here to see you, so why don't you take some time off while I have a word with your boss?” From this scene, Bowser quickly noticed a couple of things: First, this obviously wasn't Mario, which he figured anyone could deduce from a moment's glance; Getting the Paragoombas glasses would be a top priority after he took care of this. The man wore a bright red jacket adorned with golden buckles, draped over a black pair of pants seamlessly connected to his metallic-heeled shoes. Though his face did bear a large mustache, his his head lacked a familiar hat (and hair), and beady pince-nez spectacles obscured his eyes. The second thing Bowser noticed was that this strange man was absolutely wrecking his army. He seemed unfazed by the castle's defenses, and giddily rushed forward, grinning with manic glee as he fired away with his blaster. “Who's this chump think he is?!” Bowser shouted, furious at the newcomer for just waltzing into his castle and making fools of his troops. “I won't stand for this!” Bowser took two steps back, then charged for the edge of the roof, leaping down to the ground below. Leaping slightly in place, Bowser raised his fists in a fighting stance and called out his uninvited visitor, “Alright, wise guy! I don't know what your game is, but it ends here! C'mon, let's go!” “Ooh hoo hoo!” The man in red casually strode toward him, away from a pileup of frozen minions a few feet behind, undaunted by Bowser's growing anger, “Bowser, old boy, is that any way to welcome a guest into your humble- dare I say, very humble- home?” Bowser tilted his head curiously, but maintained his fighter's stance. This guy was familiar with him- annoyingly so- but Bowser had no idea who he was. “Just who are you supposed to be? And whaddya want with my castle anyway? I don't even know you!” The gentleman smiled, “I am Dr. Ivo Robotnik, scientist extraordinaire. You can just call me Dr. Eggman. I'm from another world, and I came all this way to meet you! As for why I'm here... Heh heh heh...” Bowser scowled impatiently as Eggman chuckled to himself, still quite on edge. “Aw, come now- Relax.” Eggman smirked, “I'm not here to fight you, that's for sure. I've done a bit of reading up on you, Bowser- And you seem like just the sort of guy I want on my side! Ergo, I'm offering an alliance!” “An alliance? You've got a funny way of showing it, coming in and attacking my men!” Bowser gestured to his stasis-frozen troops a short distance away. “That's hardly fair,” Eggman shrugged nonchalantly, “Your troops attacked me first, before I could even meet with you. Chalk my actions up to self-defense.” ...Bowser's troops did do that, he admitted to himself. “Don't worry about them. I simply used a harmless freezing ray on your troops to keep them out of my hair! It's one of my...” he raised a hand to his mouth to stifle a yawn, “...non-lethal weapons. Give them an hour or so, and they'll be just fine.” Bowser unconsciously eased up a bit, lowering his guard, but he was still pretty apprehensive of this “Eggman” character, regardless. “Be that as it may,” Bowser responded, “What makes you think I have any interest in working with you?” Eggman wrapped his arm around Bowser's shoulders, careful to avoid his spiny shell, “Bowser, my friend... You and I actually have a lot more in common than you'd think. Much like you, I'm a man of vision! I plan to take over my world and establish a glorious new age under my rule! I'm sure you can relate.” Bowser glanced at him, annoyed, but remained silent. “Of course you can,” Eggman smirked, before frowning slightly, “But there's always been one little hindrance to my otherwise-perfect schemes- An irritating little rodent named Sonic, whose heroic meddling always ruins everything! But you know what that's like, don't you, Bowser? It must be grating to be bested by the same plumber time and time again. Which brings me to my proposal...” Bowser hesitated momentarily, before responding, “I'm listening.” Eggman threw his arms up merrily, breaking into maniacal laughter, “Aaaah ha ha ha ha! Oh, you'll love this. What if I told you that, with a little work, we could acquire enough power to instantaneously conquer both our worlds and crush our enemies forever?” “I'd call you crazy,” Bowser responded, before adding, “...but go on.” “Your world has seven powerful items called the Star Pieces, which are said to grant wishes...” Eggman began, “Am I right so far?” Bowser nodded, “Well, sure...” Eggman continued, “Excellent. And my world has a similar set of seven items- the Chaos Emeralds, mystical gems that hold untold amounts of energy. However, even with these powerful gems in my possession, I've been bested by Sonic. Powerful though they are, their ability to stay charged up is incredibly limited, and they can only put out so much energy at a time. To my understanding, your Star Pieces can only grant so many wishes at a time as well, so I imagine harnessing their power would hardly be foolproof either. But that brings me to my main point...” Bowser looked on with great interest as Eggman kept talking, “By combining the Star Pieces and the Chaos Emeralds, I've calculated that we would be completely unstoppable. The two sets would continuously power each other up in an infinite cycle, preventing either from running out of juice! That means...” “Limitless energy... and limitless wishes,” Bowser finished Eggman's sentence for him. Eggman's smile grew even wider, “Exactly. With both the Star Pieces and Chaos Emeralds in our possession, reality itself would become our plaything! And not even our mutual foes could stand against us. Still, it's a daunting task, and I want to make sure you're interested... So how about it, Bowser? Do we have a deal?” The scientist extended his hand toward Bowser expectantly. Bowser hesitated slightly before answering. “Hmph, deal,” Bowser extended his own arm, meeting Eggman in a handshake. “Oh ho ho! Wonderful! I just know that this is the start of a fantastic partnership!” Eggman turned dramatically, “Let's get going then! There's so much to do, and I simply can't wait to get started!” TO BE CONTINUED...
  6. So this is a thread for those that are unsatisfied with what's been shown with Episode 2, and wanna improve it in their own way. This is also the opposite thread for the Positive thread, so think of it also as: Negative things in Episode 2 you're bummed out about and wish to improve? Or as A Match in Oil Ocean Zone said: "BASH THIS PIECE OF SHIT" So what do you wanna improve in Episode 2? Graphics? Level Design? PHYSICS? UNCURLING? KEN BALOUGH'S MUSTACHE? Discuss and hope this clears up the tension made. also the eggplant wizard gets the credit because he thought about it and you are all awesome
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