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Found 2 results

  1. So, you know many people want many different things in a Sonic game. No matter what SEGA does, no one will be completely satisfied. So I've been thinking: Maybe moveset customization is the answer? As in, prefer boosting over rolling/spindash? Equip boosting instead of rolling/spindash! Prefer bouncing over stomping? Equip that instead! Not a "unlock better moves", kind of system, all moves should be balanced with each other, more of a "preference" system. Also, Sonic should have the basics as base moves such as the spin jump, homing attack, and drift (I think it's essential because it's your "turn at high speeds", move). This system basically allows you to create the Sonic YOU want to play as, maybe satisfying everyone a little more. Thoughts?
  2. So the question is: even if we like Modern Gameplay, will we have to slow down Sonic anyway for technical reasons? I think we might have to face up to that fact. If I could have it 100% my way, then we would have multiple characters (and more levels/acts) with Sonic having the Modern Gameplay, and other characters having similar gameplay, but minus boost and plus their unique abilities. But we may have to wait 1 or 2 console gens for this to be possible. As good as it is, the Modern Gameplay eats disk space and time (because the levels are very long), and it will be extremely hard to add more levels. Also, multiple characters. If they are all in the same levels ala the classics, the levels will have to be bigger and more expansive then they already are, and there will be no room for mega-speed areas. If we want them in their own levels ala SA1 (which I want, minus genre roulette), the Modern style will not allow for that either. Now, I really don't want to go back to Adventure speeds, rather I would want to find a happy middle ground, and to provide, while still not being as fast as Modern Gameplay, a really good sense of speed (with blur effects and the like). I really don't want to ditch the Modern Gameplay (lol conflict of interests), as I find it extremely fun, but, unless they can find a way to do these things above, we may have to face the facts here, IMO. Thoughts?
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