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Found 4 results

  1. On Friday 3rd June whilst we were getting hyped/losing our shit over the Origins/Frontiers gameplay, SEGA announced a Mega Drive Mini 2 which will release in Japan on 27th October this year. Whether this will be released in Europe/NA has not yet been confirmed. This release will include 50+ games made up of SEGA Mega Drive and SEGA Mega CD titles. The emulation is being handled by M2: Translation below: Games confirmed so far: Announcement trailer: The official site: https://sega.jp/mdmini2/ This release of Sonic CD appears to be an emulation of the the original 1993 version and will include the vocals for You Can Do Anything & Cosmic Eternity. Is also rumored to include both the JP & NA soundtracks: The site also includes some screenshots: https://sega.jp/mdmini2/soft/sonic-the-hedgehog-cd.html Famitsu article confirms this Mini will include 20 Mega CD games. Twitter thread with English translation. This looks pretty cool, although would have preferred all games to be Mega/SEGA CD. Will be interesting to see which Mega Drive games they include this time which didn't make the cut for the original Mini. Will definitely pick this up if it gets a UK release. Which Mega/SEGA CD games would you like to see in this collection?
  2. If you'd like to spend the most awkward 13 minutes of your life watching some drunk guy cry about a video game (with ridiculous production values for some strange reason), then boy do I have the perfect/worst thing for you. -Smoovies
  3. I thought I would start a thread asking you what your best and/or worst Sonic games are. You can give just your best game, worst game, or both, it's all up to you. One thing I ask of you is to please elaborate on your opinion. As for me, I don't have a best Sonic game yet as I haven't played that many, and I only recently got back into the franchise. My choice of worst Sonic game is an easy one: Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for the Game Boy Advance. Why? The framerate is terrible, making it very uneasy to the eyes and making the game unplayable. There is also the zoom to fit the GBA screen size, making it almost impossible to see enemies coming towards you while you are running. The music is also atrocious, even with the GBA's not very outstanding sound quality. The arrangements of all the tracks (with the exception of Star Light Zone) are either raped (Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Labyrinth Zone) or half-arsed (all the others). And finally, the slowdown that is all over the game: For example, the speed shoes causes slowdown, jumping causes slowdown, having 3 or more enemies on the screen causes slowdown, the water (which is slow enough in the original) also slows down the game, and (not sure if this is true but many people have said it), the sound actually causes most of the lag. That's my opinion, what are yours?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm applegreen and I would like to introduce myself as I show you my little Sonic 2 guitar remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0i834Kvccs My name is Kevin Hanse, I'm 19 years old and live in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. The reason why I joined this Forum? Well, the first Videogame I ever owned was Sonic 2 when I was still a 3 year old little boy. I felt in love with it the first time I played it. Everything about the game just blew me away, especially the music! It was one of those magic moments when you realise, that even in 16 years you won't forget a game like this, and here I am. Even to this day, I love to play Sonic games and listen to some awesome Sonic Soundtracks (with the one from Sonic 2 being my favourite) The music in Sonic games has to be one of the best gaming music of all time, so I thought why not make some covers and remixes of some Sonic Songs? ^^ With that being said: I hope you guys enjoy my little Casino Night Zone Remix/Guitar Cover and I can guarantee you that there will be more of them! PS: Please excuse my bad grammar/spelling as it is not my native language and I'm still trying hard not to screw up...
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