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Found 2 results

  1. +1 if you noticed the new logo. Yo, the forum's finally back after being in limbo for about a week. You know what that means? Movie nights are officially back as well, my fellow comrades! Unfortunately, Winston, my beloved co-host, has been banned from SSMB, and won't be assisting me on movie nights due to a lot of things going on with his life. However, he's the one who started this with me, so his name will always be in the Movie Night logo! For anybody who's relatively new to the community or otherwise, the gist of SSMB Movie Nights is to allow all of us to just come together on a Saturday during the weekend, and just have fun together watching a movie. A simple getaway from everything else you're dealing with, and getting a chance to be with fellow SSMBers while hopefully enjoying the film that is being shown, while being able to share your reactions and thoughts on it with others.. What's not cool about that? Now, it's time for me to go over the rules, along with some important tidbits you might want to keep in mind: All SSMB Movie Nights take place every Saturday evening, at 5:00 PM EST. Since most of you all are live in the UK or somewhere close, that's 10:00 PM GMT. I wanted to choose a time that's fair game for people on the western and eastern sides of the world, not too late, not too early. Although all designated SSMB movie nights take place on Saturday, some special streams of films might take place on Friday if I feel like showing a movie outside of Movie Night. Watch out for those if you ever wanna attend those. Leading up to the Saturday showing of a film, you'll be voting for what film you want to see that day through a Google Doc listing all the films for a specific theme, and you'll say which film you want to watch in a status update that's linked in that document. Previously we had polls, but people abused them to the point where we decided it wasn't fair for others to deal with vote bots ruining the fun for everybody else. There's a document in Google Drive right here so you can view what future themes I have planned in the coming weeks (not to mention it helps us keep track of what was done and what isn't). You can also put your own themes here if you want us to take them into consideration for later! All movie night streams take place here at MOTOBUG, SSMB's definitive streaming service! There's a chat there alongside the player showing the movie, so you can chatter freely with others while watching! We also have a Skype chat for Movie Nights to discuss future plans and the like, so if you want to be in it, just send me a PM or ask me if I have you on my Skype contacts. That's all I gotta say about that, hope to see you all at the movies, SSMB!
  2. Considering it's finally being released this upcoming Friday, thought it'd be nice if a topic were made for this film. So yes, Tomorrowland. Considering the name, you might think it's another one of those theme park attraction adaptations Disney is fond of doing now and then. Actually this time around, that's not exactly the case. The film is based off Walt Disney's very own plans for the futuristic community of EPCOT (in all capital letters, and it eventually became the Epcot Center, later just Epcot, at Disney World) and his hopeful view of invention, innovation and utopia. Getting some Meet the Robinsons vibes here? Yeah, me too. So, this film's been in the works for a while now, being announced with the title of 1952, only getting its first media coverage and reveal trailers from earlier last year. As the topic title may as well have implied, the film is being helmed by writer and director Brad Bird, the mind behind greats such as The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. This is his second live-action film after Ghost Protocol, and it for one looks quite intriguing for a summer tentpole. A lot has been kept under wraps about the plot leading up to its release, a staple for Bird's movies. With that said, let me just show an official synopsis from Disney:
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