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  1. The Sonic franchise has inspired millions of people, kids and adults, and much of this is thanks to its awesome soundtrack, which rarely, if ever, disappointed. Not only that, but also influenced a lot of my musical tastes, and I may have never give much of its value, so I thought nothing more fair to dedicate a mix with some of my favorites songs from the franchise. I tried to compile some of the most popular Sonic songs from the past 30 years into a flow mix of about half an hour, despite prioritizing some of my favorites. I know I'm late to the party for the anniversary, but hey, not even the 30th anniversary game is out, so shut up Tracklist: Running Time: 32:36 The mix is supposed to be uploaded on SoundCloud, hopefully, until around 15:00 GMT of Friday, October 1st 2021. I, of course, will add it on the post as soon as I upload. Hopefully, I'm also not going to be tagged and/or struck for copyright infringement, despite SEGA uses to be cool with this. But if so, I'll try a last chance to upload on another service. I think, for now, that's it. Can't wait to share this with you all on Friday! It's here! https://soundcloud.com/synthfrenetic/sonic-30th-anniversary-mix If you have the weird feeling some tracks are different from what you remember, I did edit some of these, sometimes changing completely the structure of a song, as well edited to a shorter length for a more paced mix. The idea was also to keep a chronological flow into Sonic's history over those 30 years, but you may notice some songs were swapped, also to help with the mix flow. I also think most transitions between Sonic 1 and 3&K are still pretty weird/rough, but it gets better later, I promise, so don't give up on the first 5 minutes of listening. I hope you enjoy and can't wait to recieve your feedback!
  2. After doing some searching I couldn't find a topic talking about obscure or lesser known video game soundtracks so I decided to make my own. Sometimes soundtracks are overlooked because the games they are from didn't get international releases, weren't well known or advertised, or other aspects of the game were so bad that no one payed attention to the music. This topic is where we can share some of our favorite songs and soundtracks that are overlooked compared to more famous series like Sonic, Mario, or Halo. I'll start this topic off with one of my personal favorites that I have never seen in a Gamestop or in any sort of store. This soundtrack was created by Naofumi Hataya and Tomoya Othani. It features some fantastic orchestral and techno styled tracks. I like Rhythm games for their music since if I'm not a big fan of the soundtrack then I don't want to work through the minigames to do extra stuff, and this game is my personal favorite rhythm game and has one of my favorite soundtracks to boot. These are just a few of my favorite songs from the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0QVhhT-vqE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOSxE6dIjIk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjLCm-jtN68 What are some soundtracks or songs from games that you feel are overlooked compared to the bigger more hyped up titles?
  3. As I've been digging into the house scene thanks to the rekindling of my love for Daft Punk, I found some really good obscure artists, which made me think of starting a thread on obscure music and artists that we could use to help spread the word about said artists and/or share tracks we think are severely underappreciated or overlooked. Any genre will do, from rock to techno, just post what you love! Maybe even share your thoughts on what you like so much about tracks that you've posted or those that have been posted. I've been checking out a lot of underground french house music lately, so I'll be posting a lot of examples of that genre. Galactik Knights - Thrillerz This track sends chills down my spine and makes me wanna dance simultaneously. It's got that 80's synth pop vibe, and sounds like something out of the climax of a suspense flick. The bass is funky, the synths are sweet, and the beat is kickin'. I like the "knocking" precussion a lot, it fits in with the "thriller" theme of the track by sounding like a monster that's rhythmically knocking on a door that leads to its victim's demise. The evil laughter at 4:13 sends chills down my spine, and I love it. Le Knight Club - Santa Claus This fucking track. Dear. God. This right here is Le Knight Club’s best track by far, holy shit. This track right here is one of LKC’s dance tracks with a straight up electronic feel, and good god, does it have the right to be called a dance track, because whenever I hear it, I just wanna run to a club, hit the DJ over the head with a club, pop this piece in and go crazy on the dance floor. It starts off with two bait and switches; After the rather soothing sounds of winter winds, wind chimes, and someone, presumably Santa Claus delivering gifts (on foot…?), taking slow steps on the snowy ground, we’re given a minute of a 909 riff beat. Depending on the kind of electronic music fan you are, you’ll either find the repetition of NTS-TSS-TSS-POW-TSS NTS-TSS-TSS-POW TSS-TSS TSS-TSS-POW-TSS NTS-TSS-TSS-POW either eargasmically catchy or excruciating. If the former, just you wait, you’re in for a real treat. If the latter, don’t worry, it gets much better. If you really hate long intros, I advise that you just skip to around the 1:30 mark, where an ominous synth appears and eases you into the drop, where your ears are joyfully dominated and penetrated by the amazing combination of the kicking beat, amazing bassline that rhythmically ascends and drops, and a unique harmonic sample. I love this track to bits, it never fails at making my toes tap or making my hips move.
  4. Who likes music?? I like music. You like music. We all like music. But hey, music don't grow on trees, and it's gotta come from somewhere. Without music composers, our favorite games and films would feel pretty naked, and it's something I think deserves a ton of appreciation. With all the advancements in orchestras, digital music creation, and the sheer number of musicians out there, it can be pretty tough to stand out from the crowd. So here's a topic dedicated to appreciating our favorite composers! (It can be for music in pretty much any form, but when making this topic I mostly had games and films in mind). Personally I find it difficult to nail down one favorite, but lately I've been especially appreciative of Akira Yamaoka. Yamaoka is primarily known as the main sound designer and musician of most of the Silent Hill games. As a big fan of the first three games of the series, I can safely say that they wouldn't be anywhere near as good experiences without his sound work. He has an amazing talent over a very wide range of music - at times he creates beautiful piano pieces, other times it's some otherworldly ambience, other times it's hard rock, and sometimes it's just unsettling noise that seems nonsensical and yet sticks with you remarkably. It all pieces together to form an incredibly uncomfortable, and yet somehow beautiful atmosphere. At the end of the day his work, to me, is just strange and intriguing. It is some of the most interesting music out there. And to me that's something I can admire - I love hearing things I've never heard before, music that can't be mistaken for anyone else, sounds that no one else would even think to put together. It's the same as visual or interactive art; my favorite kinds are the ones that take me to another world. So that's one thing I like in a composer. But music comes in many forms and styles, and everyone's got their tastes. Now's a chance to introduce others to your favorites!
  5. Project Sweet Dream. More than being a part of the credits, I feel this short moved me more than anything Sonic related for quite a while. Being quite away from this fanbase for some time, I think this is quite the feat. Technically, it may not be the best feat done or the best piece of animation, but I felt that this short did what it wanted to do really well. A great way to celebrate the 24th anniversary. Everyone in the team is very proud of what this has become and how its being spread, and hey, thought I'd do my part to help out. Hope you enjoy it, like it and share it!
  6. Rock Band 4 just got announced recently! http://www.harmonixmusic.com/blog/rock-band-4-announced/ After years are waiting, we'll get to rock to success all over again! The game is currently coming to XBONE and PS4 this year, and those who previously spent DLC on the past games can redownload those songs for Rock Band 4 (For example, if you had DLC music on PS3, you can transfer it to PS4). Mad Catz has confirmed to sign on as they will be creating the plastic guitars and such! It's already been confirmed that no new features will come to the instruments. Are you going to Rock with your Band? Discuss it all here!
  7. https://youtu.be/DiL2_eHxd38 As bad a game as it was, Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric had some decent tunes in it's not so decent levels. A prime example of this is the music for the Bygone island hub world; which has 3 separate versions for exploration, speed sections and combat. Naturally; I decided to take all 3 of these tracks and weave them into one The resulting track is much longer than it's counterparts and a joy to listen to XD
  8. Hey everybody! The name's Jayhan, and I'm another passionate musician with the heart of a geek. ;D Upon my return after weeks of absence, I made the unfortunate discovery that my topic with all the songs I covered/arranged and whatnot had been deleted. As such, I'll be reposting/updating this thread on a regular basis. I'll be starting off with a cover Pamela Iris and I did together. Hope you guys like Crush 40 and Sonic & the Black Knight: Keep on rockin', folks! ;D
  9. I am sure we know about Sonic Jam, right? The Sega Saturn game was a compilation game that had four playable games: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. (not counting the two lock on games with Sonic and Knuckles) In that game, three was a hub world where the player controlled Sonic, and could complete missions and look at Sonic's history and such in different buildings. Well, the thing is, I loved the music for the overworld in Sonic Jam so much, and I also loved the music in the credits, which could be accessed after completing all hub missions. Here is the music for the hub world and credits. I personally loved this music, and I thought it fits for music in a Sonic game. I would love it if they decided to make music like this for a Sonic game again. Would any of you feel the same way? By the way, anyone know the music genre for these two tracks?
  10. Yo, guys! I've created a topic here before, LOONG ago, with some of my Sonic CD styled songs. I feel like I should be more active on SSMB though (I've been practically dead), and that I want to start by creating a proper music thread for myself. The Sonic Showcase really needs a bit more music too, don'tcha think? I'll start off by offering my Soundcloud here. Now keep in mind, I have like 5% of my actual work posted on there. Oh, and my older songs are kind of awful, beware of those. I have about three songs waiting to be uploaded there though, so look forward to them if you think my work is any good. There's also my Tumblr here, which doesn't really get much use. It's mostly reposts of my Soundcloud stuff, but it /does/ feature songs that I didn't show anywhere else. Sorry for that though, I will try to take the time and post a lot more unreleased things on it. I have LOADS. And lastly, if anyone's interested, I will post links through box.com to songs of mine that are almost finished, or were almost finished but eventually scrapped. I have some fully finished ones were never uploaded too. I'll post a tiny bit right now, actually. This one is looking to be uploaded sometime. It's a remaster of Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)'s Green Grove act 1. I'm waiting for a friend to possibly record a guitar line to go as the melody of this song, but the rest about it is pretty much finished. Here's another Sonic CD styled remix, like the ones from my previous topic and the soundcloud ones, but it's not exactly finished. I wasn't sure of it, I didn't think that it lived up to how well I managed to make the other SCD remixes, so I didn't finish or release it. I'll have you guys be the judges. It's Rusty Ruin from Sonic 3D Blast. Again, it's pretty old so finishing it now also means extra polishing on the instruments and mastering. Here's one that I would say is pretty interesting. Basically, I think I stumbled upon the very instrument library that Kazumi Tokata used to create the soundtrack for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so I did what a normal person would do and tried to compose a song in his own musical style. I dunno how well I did. An early one again. This is supposed to be a remaster of every music track in the developer menus of Wario Ware: DIY. It only has three so far of... what it was, 7 or something? I'll try to finish it in the future. Another one that I would love to finish, a Classic styled remix of Quartz Quadrant Present form Sonic CD. I'd say it's got a good base, but it's not polished AT ALL in the mastering department and it misses a heck ton of instruments. I just really didn't know what do to with the lead while handling the mastering, so it slowly drifted away from me. THIS is one that I really want to get finished. It's a remix of Byrne's battle theme form TLoZ: Spirit Tracks. It's kind of done, the only instruments that aren't untouched are the guitar and flute leads. I'm really gonna try and finish this one. Also, I'm gonna try and focus myself more towards original songs in the future. I've already did that, and have quite some songs ready, but I won't uncover them just yet :3 To end this, I would HIGHLY appreciate any kind of criticism, comment, nitpicking, anything on any of my songs, be it composition, sound or mastering wise. The ones I've shown or especially my Soundcloud ones, any of them. You do the picking. And finally, thanks a lot for reading or listening if you did. I'm still quite early in my experience with music, and I haven't really set down my style yet. I'll be looking forward to hearing anything, I hope you enjoyed my music so far.
  11. So hello there. Names...well, actually go by a lot of names. But right now, going by the name Celerina. A while back I started looking at Sonic Remixes, mostly NicoCW's work on Sonic Generations style remixes and whatnot. Inspired me to try it myself, and thus, I did so. Naturally, I'm still learning and stuff, and so I'm fairly certain I'm not the greatest. But hey, if you like SG style stuff, you might like mine. Anyways, beside the point. You're here for music, not my backstory. So here you go. Chemical Plant Zone Remix: Starlight Carnival Classic Remix: Green Forest Classic Remix: I've others on my channel as well, although I feel these are some of my best.
  12. Hello everyone! I just finished another remix. This time, it's the Quartz Quadrant Good and Bad Future themes from the US Soundtrack. It's actually more a remastered version of the tracks, that I mixed up together, than an actual arrangement. Some elements of the "Sonic The Hedgehog Boom" album version can be spotted in this one. Let me know what you think of it
  13. Hi all, It's Mesmerist here, and as many of you already know, I produce electronic music, usually house music, both as remixes for the Sonic Stadium and elsewhere. I thought I would set up a topic to showcase some of my work and hopefully receive some feedback on how to improve. I'm sorry that I'm starting this topic with something non-Sonic related, but if I can get this to be really good, it could prove to be a very big deal for me, and I'd really, really, REALLY appreciate any help I can get with this. I have been working on an electro house remix of the track "Invincible" by Borgeous for a Spinnin' Records remix contest. Spinnin' is probably the biggest EDM label in the world right now, and it would be an enormous deal if I could grab their attention by making a good showing in this remix contest. The link to the remix contest page is here: https://wavo.me/thissongissick/invincible-remix-contest. As for my offering, I have spent almost three weeks working on a remix, and I've gotten it about as refined as I can. As such, any pointers any of you could give on how to put the finishing on mixing and mastering a track like this would be greatly appreciated. A link to my remix can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/2g1bdxk3c1de9hk/InvincibleRemixWIP4Mastered.mp3. Any and all help is appreciated, and if you are too busy to help or don't have the resources to help, I understand. Thanks, Mesmerist EDIT: I've updated my track and changed the link accordingly since I first made this post. Also, I would suggest downloading the track instead of using Mediafire's audio player, since said audio player tends to distort the sound.
  14. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but sonic has definitely influenced my musical taste over the years. I thought it would be a good idea to make an electronic remix to one my personal favorite tracks Flying Battery. I hope you all enjoy! Thank you for having me : ).
  15. Just as the title says, which Sonic song makes you want to play Sonic? Like a specific song or what not, fan made or original. For me, every time I hear "Heart of Fire" by this bro on YouTube, I can't help but feel driven to play some '06. Or maybe even "Reach for the Goal" by again, another bro on YouTube. Both of these songs really make me want to play Sonic like crazy, do you have one that drives you to play?
  16. Sonic Unleashed, the Icarus of the Sonic series. So much potential, but in the end, it burned up and fell to the ground. Regardless, it's theme song is awesome. But could it have a hidden meaning? Was SEGA trying to tell us something? Well, here's my interpretation in video form. Enjoy!
  17. I've been trying to find some buyers for these albums for a while now, and as I am jobless and a new Sonic soundtrack is coming out in two months, it's become a slightly more urgent matter. I realize these albums aren't the rarest, but if anyone is interested in owning an official Sonic album, I'd like you to look here: [link removed] For those of you too lazy to look at the link, here's what I'm offering: - Crush 40 Live (Not actually a Sonic OST, I know.) - So Much More... (Main Theme of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing) (Only bought this EP because it had that theme on it. >.>) - Without Boundaries: Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack - Sonic 1&2 Soundtrack (The one with the Masato Nakamura demos for StH 1&2) - The Best of Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs - Triple Threat: Sonic Heroes Vocal Trax - True Blue: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog - True Colors: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Part 2
  18. Hey guys, We're The Blast Processors, a Toronto-based band devoted to making rock inspired by our favourite SEGA games, both modern and classic. We've been interviewed in the past on SEGASonic: Radio, but we'd love to get more involved with the community and hear your input, suggestions and requests. While it's not Sonic, we've just released a single inspired by the title theme from Hang-On. You can check it out here: "The Blast Processors - We Ride" Our first EP that we released back in the summer is more Sonic-oriented, which you can find on our YouTube channel and on Bandcamp. Please reach out, let us know what you think. We're huge Sega fans and we really want to make music that reflects that reflects our passion and the community can enjoy. Facebook Twitter Bandcamp YouTube
  19. The Alan Parsons Project? Who are they? Sounds kinda silly. I'll forgive you this time, musical knave, allow me to introduce you to the world of progressive beauty. The Alan Parsons Project is a prog rock band active between the years of 1975 and 1990, consisting of Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson, along with a revolving set of session musicians. The albums they released all followed the concept idea, in which it told a cohesive story. Albums such as Eye in the Sky, The Turn of a Friendly Card and I Robot were all positively and strongly received, thanks to the distinctive sound of 'the project'. Two of their songs, Games People Play and I Wouldn't Want to be Like You were featured on Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, and GTAV respectively. So you might have heard them there. Now, I know a lot of you might not have heard of them (a shame, really), but please, give them a listen and see what you think. I love to share what I enjoy in terms of music, so I hope it doesn't come across as preachy. This topic allowed me to gush a little, so forgive me if it isn't proper. What do you think of them? (If you already are aware of them, thumbs up) Suggested listening Eye In The Sky I Wouldn't Want to be Like You Game People Play Children Of The Moon
  20. Welcome to my musical hub! Would you like to go to the Hotel of Originals, where you get to swim with Chill House and have a nice stay over at, or would you rather go to Restaurant of Remixes? We serve you all types of cuisines from Trance to Dubstep! Oh, you're not a fan of either? Well, you can always take the Collaborations Train to other musical hubs or take a short look at the seaside with my upcoming annual Demo Reels. Follow this thread if you want to keep tabs with my music. Alternatively, you can follow me at https://soundcloud.com/gottagofas or http://www.youtube.com/user/GottaGoFas! Now, jump aboard the train tour around Station Circle! The Hotel of Originals - Check in now! The Restaurant of Remixes - Dine here now! Collaborations Train - Jump aboard now! Demo Reels coming some time soon! Hope ya guys like what ya see and do provide feedback, thanks!
  21. Good evening. Okay, I believe I briefly mentioned this in my showcase topic. I was considering using that topic for this, but figured it could get pretty confusing. Also though about using the previous animation topic, but considering how many changes I made, I thought it best to start with a new one. So, who remembers this? I'd hate to come across as dragging this out, but to be honest, an animation was going to be the next stage of this project from almost the beginning. I also wanted to keep a couple of my favourite ideas from the original animation project we had planned, while hopefully changing things in a way that will make things easier for those that have not fully mastered there chosen art form. Like me wanting to help with the animation, I'd say I'm below a beginner in terms of skill. ^^; Currently the project does not have a deadline! So what's different? Well the original suggested an episodic type of deal with stories and dialogue. This new version doesn't need dialogue or sound effects, because if will follow alone with the chosen music. It also has a basic story that I came up with, completely by accident. There's a story?? Yes, the whole thing turned into one big metaphor. I'll write it in a spoiler tag. What did you keep? One of the key ideas I think we all like from the original is that SSMB is represented as a town or city. With buildings representing different topics of sections of the board. Why did you show that pic again?? Did I not say? ...oops, heheh. The characters featured in the animation will be the same characters featured in that image. Possibly also including those in the "DLC" list and a couple of special guests too. But I can't promise everyone will make the cut. Please don't be offended if your not featured, it wont be personal. I have chosen the condition that if a character is feature in a dance segment, they wont appear in the story segments. What's the music? Well I've always had a song playing in my head when thinking about it. So I'd nominate Crush 40s Sonic Youth. But if anyone has a better idea, please share. It's not set in stone yet, but I'd suggest picking a song as one of the first things to be done as it helps determine how long the video will be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ-jrf9UuGM Also toying with the idea of a second song that could play during an end credits type section. If anyone has any ideas. We could also use a completely customized song from one of our musical members if everyone can agree on one. Here's a possible end credit theme suggested by KaBlamJamDan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrqXpYwS9nI What do you need? Well, we don't really have to assign each member with a certain task for the moment, if that makes it easier. Just do whatever you feel like. But in terms of tasks, I'd say these: Several designs for buildings and areas within the SSMB City. I'd personally like a park area with a solid gold Sonic statue in the centre and a train station, for the hype train to travel alone. Half of the video will take place in "The Badlands" an area with a similar look to the place that Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote live. So we'd need designs for that too. Designs for the dance segments, places like on stage in dance halls or on a random street. Maybe even a fancy colourful background with lots of shapes. Members that aren't confident in drawing designs still want to help in some way, if would be cool if they located screenshots or art from the games that can be incorporated into the animation. Like a screenshot of the blimp in Radical Highway. It'll make things easier for the designers if a link for reference material was just in reach. I'll add links to all the concepts, reference material and any other useful stuff in the opening post. Props, we might need special props designed too. Anything that will give the backgrounds a little more character. Mostly just designing the areas the characters will be at. Once we have a solid collection of designs, the best ones are picked and need to be draw a clean version of, so it can be used as a background. Other jobs will include the optional creating a music track if it is desired, while the animation doesn't need to begin until much later. No doubt I'm forgetting something, but lets move on. So, the reason I called the story a big metaphor is because of what the monster represents. I've named him "Doubt" and his massive size represents a wall. So the character represents a wall of doubt that prevents you from moving forward. That is also why the citizens couldn't defeat it on there own. Consider Sonic representing all video games, hobbies, TV show or whatever you use to motivate and inspire you. That's why Sonic could easily beat it. Here's a quick size guide I mocked up: I also planned to reference a peace of art Inferno created. I've been sketching very rough panels to try and show what's playing in my head. The Inferno art I'm talking about is here: I also jotted down a segment I call "Rooftop Run" featuring Gabe. These sketches don't do my vision justice. I always picture Gabe leaping from buildings similar to how Sonic jumps to each rock in the Sonic CD intro. That would look awesome, if we could achieve it. Dance segment?? What do you mean by that? I haven't properly covered what I meant by dance segment. But I suspect the other otaku of the boards know what I meant. I should still cover it for those that might not know. These gifs in the spoiler tag are pretty much what I'm talking about when I refer to the dance segments. Just like in the gifs, each dancer are doing the same moves, regardless of how many there is. Reference Material Links: Twinkle Park - http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c119/Danfield/idl3Ixx_zps210bef27.png Casinopolis - http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c119/Danfield/25isoiD_zps434790b9.jpg Radical Blimp - http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111024012819/sonic/images/8/83/H2_r4.png Design Links: KNiGHTS Building By BlastToThePast - http://i923.photobucket.com/albums/ad71/blasttothepast/NiGHTSBuilding_zpsfd3449a0.png Billboard By BlastToThePast - http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c119/Danfield/Discussionbillboard_zpse8376de7.png Sonic Statue Concept By KaBlamJamDan - http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c119/Danfield/sonic-2-hd-remake-2_zpsb15a7c5f.jpg Desert Concept By SheWhoRantsTooMuch - http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c119/Danfield/ih8qwn_zpsaa4b6301.jpg
  22. www.DjEAR.com A white rabbit from southern California who spends his days ripping up the airwaves and pumping out Hardcore jams at home. He is most inspired by the varied musical styles of Cirque du Soleil and plays the panflute in his spare time. Air-Talent OCRockRadio.com • Co-Host of a weekly 3-hour talk show with over 100+ episodes featuring live, local Orange County bands and artists. Radio DJ KSBR FM-88.5 • Host of a weekly 2-hour EDM mixshow providing the Orange County area with new, underground artists and genres. Influences J Scott G . Cirque du Soleil . Swedish Egil . Billy Daniel Bunter . Darren Styles . Ravine . Phenex . Eufeion . Auscore . Fracus . Gammer . Whizzkid . Joey Riot Go Go Bizkitt! . Brisk Dougal . Mark Breeze . Kurt . Static . Enemy . MOB . flashygoodness . Headhunterz . Avicii . Hideki Naganuma . Kohta Takahashi PAST GIGS > FuRRIDAY: Furriday - May 2013 > HOUSE OF BLUES, ANAHEIM: Cinco De Mayo Mayhem 2013 > FROLIC PARTY: Frolic in San Jose 2013 > ORANGE COUNTY FAIR: OC Fair 2012 > FROLIC PARTY: Frolic - June 2012 > ANTHERIA: Egyptian Underworld 2011 > CALIFUR 7: Post Apocalypse 2011 > ANTHERIA: Anthropolis 2010 > CALIFUR 6: Fabulous Furry Funnies 2010
  23. Rhythm Thief (Also known as Rhythm Thief R in Japan) & the Emperor's Treasure is an exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is made by Sega and cameos many of Sega's other rhythm games such as "Space Channel 5" and "Samba De Amigo". The game looks great and I'm probably going to pick it up once it comes out. Definitely one of the must-own titles for the 3DS. I haven't seen the game getting attention and it would be unwise to ignore it. Support Sega and support this IP! The game stars a boy (Raphael ) and his dog named Fondue. His father left him and left him a coin with an unique mark. A necklace on the Louvre has a similar mark so he sets out to get it. Along the way, unexplainable things happen such as Emperor Napoleon returning from the dead. It looks like it'll be a TBA 2012 release. I'm hoping it sells good and maybe Sega will go back and do more with their rhythm franchises.
  24. A topic inspired by an actual Zinos status update. Amazing times we live in, eh? Marvelous. http://news.yahoo.co...-171714762.html What do you think? Are they right? Does it bother you than everything sounds the same? Has everything been done to death, or is there still scope for originality? Personally speaking, I think that contemporary mainstream music has arrived at an all time low. Whenever I watch TV or turn on the radio, there seems to be nothing but Dance tracks, mixing Dance, Hip Hop, R'n'B, House, Trance, Rap, etc, to cover as many bases as possible, and that's just awful. That's not to say that there's no good music out there, there clearly is, but you really have to hunt it down at the moment. Perhaps some kind of musical revolution is in order?
  25. HEY EVERYONE! We're also doing Sonic remixes now! Freen in Green is a real band that does original music and all of that, but let's focus on the Sonic remixes (even though our usual music is very much influenced by Sonic anyway) Sonic Remixes Album - Freen in Green(WIP) (Act 1 - Classic Era) 1. Sonic 1 - Green Hill Zone 2. 3. Sonic CD - Stardust Speedway Bad Future (JP) 4. Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Hydrocity Zone (Modern Remix) 5. Sonic R - Metal Knuckles has to Work it Out (Act 2 - Transitional Era) 6. Sonic Adventure - Final Egg (Classic Ver.) 7. Sonic Shuffle - Pig City 8. Sonic Adventure 2 - For True Story (VS Shadow 2) 9. Sonic Heroes - Frog Forest 10. Shadow the Hedgehog - The Ark (Act 3 - Handheld Era) 11. Sonic Advance - Egg Rocket Zone (w/KingMeteor) 12. Sonic Advance 2 - Music Plant Zone 13. Sonic Advance 3/Sonic Battle - Gizoid 14. Sonic Rush - Back 2 Back (Classic Ver.) 15. Sonic Rush Adventure - Sky Babylon (Modern Ver.) (Act 4 - Modern Era) 16. Sonic 06 - Aquatic Base is Mine! 17. Sonic and the Secret Rings - Unawakening Float (Modern Ver.) 18. Sonic Unleashed - Not Sure 19. Sonic Colours - Terminal Velocity 20. Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing - Title Theme (Act 5 - Bonus stuff) 21. Sonic 2 (GG) - Scrambled Eggs Zone 22. Sonic Triple Trouble (GG) - Sunset Park Act 3 23. Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Egg Rock Zone Act 2 (Modern Remix) 24. Various - Chemical Highway Crisis (W/Tony Caline) 25. Sonic World Runner - Transit Metropolis Zone (Modern Ver.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sonic Adventure 2: Remix Album (WIP) Sonic the Hedgehog - Generations Modern Style: -Theme of Sonic: It Doesn't Matter -City Escape: Escape from the City + Mad Convoy Chase + Downtown Race 2P -Metal Harbor: That's the Way I Like It + Can't Stop? So What! (Demo) -Green Forest: Won't Stop, Just Go! (Demo) -Pyramid Cave: Keys to the Ruin + Grind Race -Crazy Gadget: Unstable World -Final Rush: Highway in the Sky -Green Hill Zone: A Blast from the Past! Miles "Tails" Prower - Electronic Pop Style: -Theme of Tails: Believe in Myself -Prison Lane: This Way Out -Mission Street: Rumbling HWY -Route 101: Kart Race! -Hidden Base: Down in the Base -Eternal Engine: On The Edge Knuckles the Echidna - Triumphant Rap Style: -Theme of Knuckles: Unknown From M.E. -Wild Canyon: Kick the Rock -Pumpkin Hill: A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup -Aquatic Mine: Dive into the Mellow -Death Chamber: Deeper -Meteor Herd: Space Trip Steps Shadow the Hedgehog - Electronic/DnB Style: -Theme of Shadow: Throw it All Away -Radical Highway: Vengeance is Mine -White Jungle: Rhythm and Balance -Sky Rail: Mr.Unsmiley -Final Chase: The Supernatural Doctor Eggman - Ambient Style: -Theme of Eggman: E.G.G.M.A.N. -Iron Gate: Remember Me? -Sand Ocean: Way to the Base -Lost Colony: Tresspasser -Weapons Bed: Crush 'Em All -Cosmic Wall: Soarin' Over The Space Rouge the Bat - Unleashed Night-Stages Style: -Theme of Rouge: Fly in the Freedom -Dry Lagoon: Bright Sound -Egg Quarters: Lovely Gate -Security Hall: I'm a Spy -Mad Space: 34ºN, 12ºE Omochao - Dance/Rave Style: -Advertise: Professor Omochao -Chao Race Megamix (Neutral/Hero/Dark) -Chao Garden Megamix (Lobby(Sa2)/Neutral/Hero/Dark/Kindergarten/Karate) Extra - No Specific Style: Menu Theme Megamix Invincibility! GUN Mobile Suit Boss VS Character Boss + Sonic VS Shadow 1 VS Egg Golem + King Boom Boo (Demo) Sonic VS Shadow - For True Story Theme of Amy: My Sweet Passion Last Story - No Specific Style: -Cannon's Core: PART 1 - Tails -Cannon's Core: PART 2 - Dr. Eggman -Cannon's Core: PART 3 - Rouge the Bat -Cannon's Core: PART 4 - Knuckles the Echidna -Cannon's Core: PART 5 - Sonic The Hedgehog -Theme of Biolizard - Supporting Me -Live and Learn -Credits Theme A -Live and Learn (Crowd Vocals Version)
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