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Found 7 results

  1. UPDATE: Thanks to all our donors, we have raised US$72 for Child's Play Charity, which should be enough to put some smiles on some kids faces in the coming year. For all those who donated, Chris should have handed out your very special forum badges. If you haven't gotten yours yet and you've donated before the event closes @ 9AM GMT (1AM PST), you will get your badge in the coming days, (weather, internet, and hangovers permitting, of course ) -Biafra Original Story follows: Well, I admit it, I couldn't resist ending the year off with swearing, and with the coming of the new year we all know it wouldn't be right without our traditional year-end live stream. This year’s New Year’s F*cking Eve is a New Year’s F*cking Eve with a difference, as we’re streaming for charity,… Child’s Play Charity to be precise. Starting at 2PM GMT on 31 December, 2013, we’ll be streaming here on SSR, and we’ll be bringing forth to you our very beautiful and well-thought out donation link on the SSR blog and encouraging all-and sundry to contribute to helping children in hospitals around the world have a much more fun stay and have toys and stuff. We also have a SSMB Forum Badge available for those who donate. To get yours when donating, just copy everything after http://board.sonicstadium.org/user/ on your SSMB Profile URL into the comments box when you donate. For example, http://board.sonicstadium.org/user/256-biafra-republic/ would be rendered below: -Biafra
  2. Hi SSMB! I am ClassicGamer76 and I am new in the forums. I just wanted you to know that I recently did a remix of "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 1. It features elements of both the MegaDrive and Master System/Game Gear versions of the game soundtrack. I'd really like to have your opinion about this piece so feel free to tell me what you think of it Thanks and see you soon in the forums
  3. Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that a new sonic fangame is in the works! The game will have a similar art style to the sonic after, and before the sequel, and will have music by talents such as s0lvo and shirojyuu! The game will be a mix between sonic rush styled gameplay, and classic style platforming, along with 3d special stages. I will be releasing updates, screenshots, and videos up here on the ssmb. But for now, I will leave you all with a beta screenshot (its in beta, so its not done 0-0)
  4. I have no clue if this kind of topic is allowed here, especially in Miscellaneous, but I've been thinking of forming together a let's play group for Sonic games as well as others (i.e A link to the past). I already have one person on board to do this with me all I need are others. I was thinking of a total of four people and each part of a let's play I could upload onto this topic to keep it going. Much like Brainscratch we would share a single YouTube account (A new one of course) where we would upload RAWS and meet up on Skype to commentate over it to make the actual part. Who's with me? EDIT: The group is finally put together and we have a new name: "Console War Regiment"! Finally a let's play group to represent the great SSMB! Featuring but not limited to in no specific order: Princess Ganondorf, Dark Star Ganon, Jovahexeon Oz, and Teoskaven. Of course if any of you want to join us feel free to give us a PM! The first few games we plan to tackle is the original Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy for SEGA Megadrive/Genesis. After that we're unsure what games we plan to commentate on so we'll leave that for you guys and gals to decide! EDIT 2: Of course every new video will be uploaded to this topic.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25273024 For those of you who are unaware of what Comic Relief is, it's a charity in the UK that distributes money to other charities. They hold a telethon every two years in which celebrities and the like encourage people to "get funny for money". Now, that all seems fine and dandy, but it's been revealed that large amounts of the money raised is being used inappropriately, in stock shares for alcohol and arms manufacturers. Now, this revelation makes me sick to the stomach. I've donated money a few times myself, hoping that it'd actually go somewhere and help those that we're shown it's supposed to help. Instead it's getting used in shares that, not only aren't charities, but are, if I'm being honest, things that really shouldn't be getting investments. I think I'll be sticking with local charities now, thank you very much.
  6. So this topic is about articles people have posted about Sonic. You can post any article, whether it be a good one, a hilariously bad one, on in between. You can also post article-like videos (You know, ones that seem like an article, but read out on a video). I will start with this AMAZING article I found on ScrewAttack. http://www.screwatta...games-were-good Such a breath of fresh air from all the mindless Sonic-Bashing that goes on in the internet, and I agree with almost everything he says. I posted a slightly more detailed comment on the article itself, and I will copy-paste it here. And Indigo's comment. I am adding it because I think...well..it's a good comment! Thoughts? Discuss! EDIT: When people post links, they will all go HERE for organization:
  7. http://th06.deviantart.net/fs8/PRE/i/2005/297/7/6/Tylky_the_Dog_by_Tylky.jpg Okay, so this is an image I drew of Tylky The Dog about five years ago. Question is, is it possible for anyone to redesign him? I'd like to be apart of this forum and I want my character to be here too. So I'd be grateful to anyone who can redesign him. I don't know any other way of asking anyone to design him for me, so whoever can do this I'll be very grateful for. I'll stay up-to-date with their art and we'll also be new friends. http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs8/i/2005/297/4/5/Elle_and_Tylky_Sonic_Advance_3_by_Elle_The_Cat.png My character is on the right, this image is courtesy of Elle The Cat, of whom I don't know where she is right now in this day and age. Thank you! P.S. If this is in the wrong area/not allowed to be here, feel free to lock/move this topic.
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